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A dime store folk fiction story inspired by the song:
Leonard Hogg's Sam Stone story inspired by the John Prine Song

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"Blue umbrella Rest upon my shoulder
Hide the pain While the rain makes up my mind
Well, my feet are wet From thinking this thing over and 
its been so long since I've felt the warm sunshine..."

Mungo had nothing for John to sign...so he did the only thing a Mungo would do..... had John sign his tattoo....of a blue umbrella.  Even thought it was freezing at the Strawberry fest...blutatoo2.jpg (6377 bytes)(notice Bear has on heavy clothing and a cap) ... Mungo refused to put his shirt on.... see as "Vanna" Bear points out the letters of John Prine's fresh autograph under Mungo's Blue Umbrella (nippy huh Mungo?)(good thing we didn't get any "nippy pics" or the kiddies couldn't see this) 
Yep, that's a positive Prine ... under a tattoo of a Blue Umbrella
Mungo's ppermanent Blue Umbrella over John Prine

yep...Mungo's nuts about John Prine's music.... yep...he's at a tattoo parlor John Prine's Blue Umbrella upon my shoulder
... nope  - he is not drunk....

John Prine Blue Umbrella Upon my ShoulderNow there is John Prine forever
under his Blue Umbrella resting upon Mungo's shoulder

Okay, so now you know...you saw it....it's real...and our Mungo has proved to us
that you could never have too much John Prine....
mungo's tattoo and body copyrighted by mungo!

copyright by Mark Durban for the John Prine ShrineEvery Time He Clicks His Kodak Pics copyright  - Mark Durban
He Steals a Little Bit of Soul.....  

"The B/W photo's were taken when I was a senior in High school in 1973. I was in a photography class and they were the first B/W photo's I had ever taken. I wish the quality were better. They were taken at the "Troubador" in L.A. That is the club where Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Randy Newman etc. all got their starts.  The color photograph was taken at the "Roxy" on Hollywood. He was promoting "Bruised Orange" album at the time. Note the Hawaiin shirt. These were taken before he started wearing black...."
~Mark Durban (aka Mungo James Lewis)                  
copyright - Mark Durban for the John Prine Shrine  copyright - Mark Durban for the John Prine Shrine    copyright - Mark Durban for the John Prine Shrine
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all photo's on this page by Mark Durban for the John Prine Shrine
  and (use only by permission )

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