German Afternoons - John Prine
Liner notes:

Produced by Jim Rooney & John Prine For First Avenue Productions
Engineered by Jack "Stack a Track" Grochmal, Mark Miller, Mark Howard & Jim Rooney
Remix Engineer-Rich Adler
Executive Producer-Al Bunetta
Production Coordinator
- Dan Einstein
in Nashville, Tenn. At Jack Clement’s Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa, and Jack’s Tracks
Mastered at Georgetown Mastering Nashville, Tenn., by Denny Purcell
Photography – McGuire
Design – Thomas Ryan Design
Oh Boy Accountant – Sy Miller
Oh Boy Tour Navigator – Gary Fish
Direction – Al Bunetta Management
Special Thanks to Jack Clement and Allen Reynolds

Keith Sykes appears through the courtesy of Memphis Records.
Sam Bush appears through the courtesy of E.M.I. America Records.
Marty Stuart appears through the courtesy of Columbia Records

liner notes prepared by jp1 fan - Thanks Nancy!