John Prine Live
Liner Notes:

Production Credits:
Executive Producer: Al Bunetta
Album Producers: John Prine, Dan Einstein, and Jim Rooney
Production Coordinator: Dawn Bunetta
Digital transfer and processing: Richard Adler at Suite 2000, Nashville, TN
Original cover artwork: Linda Smith
Graphic design: Randy Tilner, Peter Green Design
Title design: Debra Hintz/Peter Green Design
Tour Navigator, String Buster and Yodeler: Garry Fish (Thanks Garry)
Guitar Maintenance: Alan Hamel, Liers Music, San Bernardino, CA
Travel: Beth Tinker, Atlas Travel, San Bernardino, CA

Special Thanks to:
-Gary Folgner and the staff of the Coach House
-Susan Shockley, Tricia Branan and Stan Dacus at the Nashville Network
-Bill Arthos, Terry Lickona and Barbara Hood at Austin City Limits.
-Kimberly Shearer at Dean Markley Inc, for the strings and pick-ups
-Gary Haber, Bobby Engel, Maple Byrne, Mike Corns, Sandy Kanto-Fish and Connie Strawbridge.
-K and :L Chapman
-Donna Fritts, for being such a good sport.