John Prine / Donnie Fritts / R.B. Morris
Heather Eatman / The BisQuits  / Keith Sykes

OBR16 - Oh Boy Records 1998
 1. Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
       John Prine
 2. Beautiful World
       John Prine
 3. Kokomo
       John Prine
 4. I was Right About You
       Keith Sykes
 5. Me Casa Su Casa
       Keith Sykes
 6. Betty Was Black (& Willie Was White)
       The Bis-Quits
 7. Small Town/Big Hair
       The Bis-Quits
 8. Miss Liberty
       Heather Eatman
 9. Half a Woman
       Heather Eatman
10. World Owes Me
       R.B. Morris
11. Roy
       R.B. Morris (w/John Prine)
12. The Oldest Baby in the World
       Donnie Fritts
13. Why is My Day So Long
       Donnie Fritts (w/John Prine)