John Prine
Live On Tour Liner Notes:

Recorded and mixed at Huh Sound Theater, Los Angeles, CA Recorded by Joe Romersa
Produced by John Prine and Dan Einstein
Except "If I Could" produced by Keith Sykes
"Stick A Needle In My Eye" and "You Mean So Much To Me" produced by Howie Epstein
Mastered by:  Denny Purcell, Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
Digital editing by:  Don Cobb, Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
Design:  Roger Clayton and Rie Clayton
Cover photography:  Rob Shengold

Special Thanks to the Musicians:
The Lost Dogs Band
Phil Parlapiano - musical director
Ed Gaus
Larry Crane
Jason Wilber
David Steele
David Jacques

Special Thanks to the Oh Boy staff:
Ben Lewis, Dolly Neese, Chris Framan, Ric Taylor, Billy Prine and Dan Bunetta

The Tour Crew:
Mitchell Drosin - tour manager
Maple Byrne - backline
Steve Flatt - FOH engineer
Colm O'Reilly - FOH engineer
Jamile Rishi - monitor engineer
Barry Taylor - monitor engineer
Paul "Rabbi" Summers - lighting director
Vince Miles - truck driver
Charlie Carrit - truck driver
Pyramid Sound - sound company
Carrit Leasing - truck company
Hemphill Brothers - bus company
Bagel Rock Productions - pre-production
Karen Greenspan and Tamra Chapman - Entertainers Travel

Dedicated to Fiona, Jody, & Jack and to Tommy Whelan Prine - born October 4, 1995
Thanks to Al Bunetta and Dan Einstein - without their encouragement, this record would still be tapes in a box.