Pink Cadillac by John Prine
Liner Notes:

For maximum listening pleasure play it loud.
this is a Non-Dolby Recording. 

John Prine
Rhythm, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lead Vocals
Tom Piekarski
Howard Levy
Keyboards, Harmonica, Saxophone
Angie Varias

This album was recorded from January through May of 1979 in Memphis, Tennessee. What we tried to achieve here is recording of a five piece band with a vocalist playing and singing good honest music.  We played and sang and recorded five nights a week for two and a half months and ended up with 500 hours of tape. Our only criteria for what we wanted on this album was that (1) it didn't bore Knox Phillips, who is a highly opinionated , basically fair and hones person.. (2) it made Jerry Phillips' leg shake; Jerry is an ex-professional, most perfectly formed midget wrestler and has a very honest and opinionated leg. (3) that I would hear something on tape that made me feel half as good as I do when I play the music in the first place. With these three factors of our recording criteria condensed into this one album of 10 songs, Knox, Jerry and myself looked the record in the eye and recognized it as the old friend we always though we would meet.  We then played the record for Mr. Sam Phillips, who early on in the proceedings produced an evening of our non-stop playing, which provided us with a continuous spiritual direction throughout the recording.  Mr. Phillips, upon hearing the condensed recording told Knox and Jerry and I that what we had here was basically good and honest and that I had met the song and the song had met me.
                          ~John Prine
P.S. Once again John Prine thanks Jack Clement for the summer of '77.

Additional Musicians: 
Jerry Phillips
Rhythm Acoustic Guitar on Ubangi Stomp, Cold War, Down By The Side Of The Road
Leo LeBlanc

Pedal Steel Guitar on "Ubangi Stomp, Cold War, Down By The Side Of The Road
Billy Lee Riley

Rhythm Acoustic Guitar, Vocal on No Name Girl
Phyllis Duncan, Helen Bernard, Beverly White

Vocals on Killing The Blues, Down By The Side Of The Road
Unidentified westbound driver
on Automobile May 18, 1979

Produced By Knox Phillips and Jerry Phillips for Southern Rooster Productions
Saigon and How Lucky Produced by Sam Phillips
Recorded by
Richard Rosebrough at Sam Phillips Recording Studio, Memphis Tennessee
Mixed and edited by Knox Phillips, Jerry Phillips, Richard Rosebrough, and sometimes Prine
Mastered by
Larry Nix at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee and Terry Dunavan, Elektra Sound Recorders, Los Angeles California
John Prine's services provided by First Avenue Prod.

Alan Gendler for running at my pace
John Burns for prodding and inspiration
Allen Reynolds for the advice
Becky Phillips for the banana cream pies and her two sons
The people of Memphis for their hospitality.
The cop who gave me a warning ticket.
Lenny Berman
Mike Ladd
Emory Smith
Stephanie Skjold-Kuhlenschmidt


Special Thanks to Mark Leviton, Bonnie {Pritchard, Dave Tedds, Micky Kapp, Howard Thompson, Gary Casson, and Don Bachrach
A Very Special thanks to
Hale Milgram and Ellen Citron (and a tip of the Oh Boy hat) - J.P. & A.B.
Digital Editing and Mastering:
Robert Vosgien, CMS Digital
Production Coordinators: Dawn Bunetta, Dan Einstein
Compact Disc Graphics: Unicorn
Produced under license from Elektra/Asylum Records