These songs are beautiful. They have been faithful companions throughout the years, never letting me down and constantly making me new friends, even when I was sleeping.

I re-recorded these songs so I could have my own master recordings of the songs. This collection of newly recorded versions was originally intended for European release only, as I have always wanted to be popular in Germany.

After we mixed, sequenced and listened to the songs, all of us at Oh Boy decided that perhaps we should release this in the U. S., as I would like to be popular there as well.

I hope you enjoy these recordings. If not, I promise to not re-record these songs for another 30 years.

John Prine
Oh Boy Records

Produced by Jim Rooney and John Prine

Recorded and mixed at The Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa, Nashville, TN

Recorded and mixed by David Ferguson

Mastered by Denny Purcell and digitally edited by Eric Conn at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN.

Cover Photo: Wendi E. Lombardi, hand tinted by Naomi Gross

Design: Angela Haglund for Second Sight Design

Addition recording engineered by Mark Miller at Jack's Tracks, Nashville, TN

Special thanks to "Cowboy" Jack Clement and Reeda Buresh


John Prine - vocals, acoustic guitar

Jason Wilber - electric guitar, mandolin

Dave Jacques - upright bass, electric bass

Phil Parlapiano - piano, mandolin, accordian, B-3 organ, mandolin

Paul Griffith - shaker, tambourine, drums

Pat McLaughlin - harmony vocals

Stu Basre - pedal steel guitar

Shawn Camp - fiddle