Liner notes:

Produced by John Prine, Jim Rooney, and "Pineapple" Jack Clement for first Avenue Productions
Recorded and mixed at Jack Clements Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa, Nashville, TN
Remix Engineer: Rich Adler
Mastered at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
Mastering Engineer: Denny Purcell
Management: Al Bunetta
Production Coordinator: Dan Einstein
Cover Silhouette: Beth White
Cover Design: Pat Alger

Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian 3:11
Spoondevil Music/Grandma Annie Music/ Lucrative Music (BMI) 1986

John Prine: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
"Pineapple" Jack Clement, Roger Cook: Ukuleles
Roy Huskey, Jr: Upright Bass
Kenny Malone: Seashell Drum, Conga, Shaker
Lloyd Green: Steel Guitar
Roberto Bianco, Jack Clement, Roger Cook: "Men of Milwaukee" Glee Club
Rachel Peer Prine: "Sweet Whahine"

Kokomo 2:27
Produced by John Prine and Jim Rooney for first Avenue Productions
John Prine – Lead Vocals
Roger Cook, Lee Truelove Clayton, Fred Koller, Jim Rooney, John Prine – "Men of Kokomo"


By John Prine and Fred Koller

Well, I packed my bags and bought myself a ticket
For the land of the tall palm tree.
Aloha, Old Milwaukee, Hello, Waikiki
I just stepped down from the airplane
When I heard her say,
"Wacka, wacka, nooka likka,
Wacka, wacka, nooka likka,
Would you like a lei?"

Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian,
Whisper in my ear.
Kicka pooka mok a wa wahine
Are the words I want to hear.
Lay your coconuta on my tiki,
What the hecka, mooka, mooka, dear,
Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian,
Say the words I long to hear.
It’s a ukulele, Honolulu sunset,
Listen to the grass skirts sway,
Drinkin’ rum from the pineapple
Out on Honolulu Bay.
The steel guitars are playing
While she’s talking with her hands,
"Gimme, gimme oka-doka make a wisha wanna polka,"
Words I understand.


Well, I boughta lotta junka with my moola,
And I sent it to the folks back home,
I never had a chance to dance the hula,
Well, I guess I should have known.
When you start talkin’ to a sweet wahine,
Walkin’ in the pale moonlight
Ohka noka whatta setta knocka-rocka sis-boom-boccas."
Hope I said it right.


By John Prine

In a small fishing village
Northeast of Guam
Sits a fine young chap
Holding hands with his mom
As the fish swim by
So does Joe
For his body is in Guam
But his mind is in Kokomo

"Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo, Indiana"

I long to be
Inside my home
Where the rafters are thick
With men's cologne
"men's cologne"
For if I were a tree
I know where I would grow
But my body is in Guam

My mind is in Kokomo

"Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo, Indiana"

It’s a large swimming pool
That will light up at night
With cigarette girl
And groom dressed in white
"dressed in white"
As the organ plays a song
The crowd doesn’t know
For their bodies are in Guam
But their minds are in Kokomo.

"Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo, Indiana"

html and Kokomo lyrics translated by PMS*red and Mungo James Lewis 9/18/98