Ruth Ann Peacock's John Prine Tattoos

"Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery - with a Blue Umbrella on my shoulder "


©2010 RuthAnn Peacock

Soo, Pms red tells me I should write a story about my John Prine tattoo's, My sons have multiple tattoo's and since they've basically been paying their artist's mortgage for the past year, they urged me to get one for free. So, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a free tat and I have always wanted a blue umbrella in honor of my favorite ... See Moresinger/songwriter John Prine. Soo I went and got a blue umbrella and of course it had to be on my shoulder. I loved it but no one could see it unless I took my shirt off, so I decided to get another one that was more visible.


After reviewing all my John Prine choices, I decided to get an Angel From Montgomery on my leg. I tried to figure out what I wanted my angel to look like, because no one has actually seen the angel from Montgomery. My good friend Pms red was the one who suggested that I get Peacock feathers for wings, which was a genius idea and it took off from there. I wanted her eyes closed and looking down with her hands together praying and Montgomery across the bottom.


Paul, tattoo artist extraordinaire, at Steve's tattoo drew my angel, and the rest is history. I am going Thursday to get some blue color in her dress and the letters more prominent. More pictures to follow.

I'm already trying to think of another unique John Prine tattoo if anyone has a suggestion.