Leonard Hogg's Lost Dog and Mixed Blessings tattooLeonard  AKA  "Old Hippie" Hogg adds another
John Prine Tattoo to his collection!

"Here's a photo of my new Prine tattoo based on the art work from Lost Dogs And Mixed Blessings. It came out pretty good eh.

The lady (Nadine) that did my tattoo just drew it from the cover art, she draws cartoons so it was pretty easy she said, she tried to get the colors just right, except for the lost dogs it's kinda light purple, she did it to contrast the other colors. It took her about 2 hours and it was $160. We played JP music the whole time. Talking about smelling the daisies, who ever said "more fun that a barrel of monkeys" has never smelled a barrel of monkeys.

peace & love eh....


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