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Donna's Memories at a Glance
of Dirty Hearts, Broken Windows and Blue Umbrellas

It was time for a new tattoo. For those of you addicted to body art (like me) that means something to you, y'all understand.  It's like wearing a scrapbook, memories at a glance, or 'yeah there is something you can take with you when you go'!   Bingo! It hit me... a blue umbrella. But not on my shoulder. Too easy. I wanted it on my inner thigh!  I got asked alot, "why there?" Two reasons: I'm frequently referring to riding Crusher's bike as "would love to have a blue Donna's tattooed thigh of Dirty Hearts and Broken Windows umbrella between my legs!" So I thought in case I never get to ride his Blue Umbrella, well.... you get the picture... And secondly, when my husband Steve asked me why on my thigh and not on my shoulder, I told him "My blue umbrella will rest upon your shoulder!" He blushed such a pretty crimson.
   Bear said once that I was pretty "randy" for a married woman! Wonder what she meant? haha...
   Anyway, I went to Mike (young fella whom I trust completely with my skin) and told him I wanted a blue umbrella. I also told him that I eventually wanted a tat visualizing my favorite Prine Line "Broken hearts and dirty windows make life difficult to see." We talked about it, he left the room, and a few minutes later he came out with the design that you see.
At first he had a 'real' woman with facial details, etc. I opted for the silhouette of a woman... kinda represents all of us don't it?
   So, here's the cool part (maybe).  While Mike is 'needling' me, a fella called Jim comes in, looks at the tat and says, "Hmm, outside looking in? Wait! Is that a broken heart and dirty window? John Prine?" Yea! It worked!  Those who know, will know, those who don't- will be told!
   He proceeds to tell me that he worked on the production of John's first album, has all of his records, signed by John, and I'm 'welcome to em' if I 'want em'! Answer? "Hell yes, I want em!"
   When he leaves the room I ask Mike if he's full of sh**! He laughs and says that Jim is who he says he is, but there may be a little sh** mixed in!  Well, if I get the albums remains to be seen.  I've called Mike a couple of times but will eventually try to find this Jim and show him how pushy a Parking Lot Priner can be!

Will keep you informed...