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Take a look at my heart...

[Actual Tattoos]
Here are some graphics that you might want to print out and take to your local tattoo artist. If you do, please take a picture and let's see
...Share 'em!
Scan a photo or draw a sketch in any paint program.  Send them as an attachment, anyway you can save them.  Email us if you need the picture for a larger view - print and take to your tattoo artist.
JOHNSIG.gif (8375 bytes)
Daniel Patmore original Marc Marnie original Prine Shrine logo tattoo
blue lost dog tattoo
lost dog
Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings Tatoo Original spotted lost dog tattoo
original lost dog used from his tour
John Prine Space Monkey tattoo
Space Monkey
Thanks to Mark Durban for this drawing
John Prine tattoo
worth a try...
John Prine tattoo
this might work

Anyone wanting a Prine tattoo contact Jeff Hamilton at  [email protected]
" I will give you a great price, John yours is fr