John Prine tattoo

Young Hippie's Newest One

Feb 7, 2007


Hey, it's Zach Eckels from Manhattan, Kansas again.


This time with an addition to my Prine tattoo..


My parents got front row, center tickets to Prine in Wichita, Kansas on February 2, 2006. After the show I was able to stick around long enough to meet Prine, and get his autograph in sharpie by the tatttoo. He just chuckled a little bit. He reallly is very humble and after four days of avoiding water, it's now on my arm for good.





John Prine tattoo

Young Hippie's New One: 

I'm 20 years old and have listened to John Prine my entire life thanks to my dad.


When I wanted a new tattoo, I decided that a peace symbol just wouldn't say enough.
(tattoo credit to Robert of Stray Cat Tattoo/ 1130 Laramie St / Manhattan KS)

Zach Eckels

Sophomore in Print Journalism, Kansas State