PJ in WA and John taken at Variety Playhouse at Little 5 Points in Atlanta in 1996

John Prine Fans Picture in a Picture Show

...Every time they click their Kodak pics
they steal a little bit of soul

PJ and JP in Atlanta
PJ in WA and John taken at Variety Playhouse at Little 5 Points in Atlanta in 1996

  After 21 years, Persistence pays off for one jumbo fan - 3/27/2004
John Prine signs the John Prine Steve Goodman sign, finally after 20 years!!
I also was fortunate enough to meet John after the show, after he'd  finished up with all the friends and family that were upstairs. His road manager was nice enough to let us into the bldg as it was getting pretty cold outside.
 I brought with me to the show a sign I've had for over 20 years. It was from a show in 1983 at the Old Style stage at  Milwaukee's Summer fest on the lakefront. The sign said "John Prine &  Steve Goodman" as JP and Steve played together and it was a great show. After the show I asked one of the roadies tearing down the stage if I could have it. He went over and grabbed it and handed it  to me. I've treasured it ever since.
  I used to live in Milwaukee for many years, and most of my JP memories are from there. I live in Green Bay now and John played here about two years ago at the Weidner Center with Dave and Jason. Todd S. opened. (and closed, like he does, when they do Paradise)., I've long wanted JP to sign it for me but haven't ever had the chance. In fact I think I emailed you a few years back asking if I mailed it to you could you have him sign and return it. You
 politely said you couldn't guarantee that he'd sign it or said it may even get lost or damaged. I got a similar reply from the folks at Oh Boy. So, not wanting to risk losing it, I didn't mail it. And I  never took it to the many shows of John's that I'd seen for fear of it getting stolen, damaged, etc.
 UNTIL MARCH 27th, that is. :>)
 I'm a big fan of Steve Palec and his Sunday morning Rock n Roll Roots show on WKLH in Milw. I also know he's a HUGE JP fan, as he's featured him alot on the show. A few weeks before the 3/27 show, I
 emailed Steve and asked if he could somehow help me with having JP autograph my sign. He then connected me with the show's promoter, Peter Jest, from the Alternative Concert Group. Peter said he'd take care of it.
  So with Steve and Peter's help (this is getting long, sorry) I got into the bldg and met John afterwards. Along with Dave and Jason, too. John was very gracious and seemed kinda tickled by the sign. We  chatted briefly then I had my wife take a pic of he & I with the sign, showing his autograph. The sign's nothing fancy; just an old pressboard, cardboardy kind thing that's faded and aged. But its sentimental value to me is beyond anything I can describe.  ~Jumbo

Dr Carl and the John Prine Fan ClubTupelo, MS 10/10/2003 - 1st Annual Tupelo John Prine Birthday Party
  Carl Kellum~president, sister-in-law~vice pres., and niece~mascot. Notice the shirts and the cake. We listened to JP CD's, watched the DVD and talked about the 13 times that Carl has seen Prine over 30 years. Carl is giving his office the 2nd Annual John Prine Birthday Party next year for his birthday - It is on a Sunday. John Prine and Lightnin'head




The photo that broke her camera
Here's a pic of Julie (Lightnin'head) and John. This was 2001 in Cincinnati. We were hanging outside when he got there. As always, he visited for a few minutes and let us get a couple of photo's. My camera hasn't worked since this picture was taken and I just figured out how to get the film out of it. Rich. (Lawton)

Charlotte's Blast From The Past
charlottes1970.jpg (19392 bytes)   Pretty sure this picture was from a show at the Rainbow Music Hall at Evans and Monaco in Denver, Colorado. It was a great venue. Small, great acoustics. (No longer there, unfortunately.) What made the show with John unique for me was that David Lindlay was with him, playing all kinds of unusual instruments. I think the tour must have been a result of Bruised Orange but I'm guessing.
  I lived in Denver between May of 1979 and about September of 1980 so I'm gonna make a wild guess and say it was February of 1980. 
  My girlfriend who was with me thinks my info was pretty accurate. We talked about David Lindlay and the idea that John may have been wearing an Hawaiian print shirt. Also, she said it was hard to tell whether it was smoky in the room or just inside our heads. (That's our excuse.)  
  Thanks for the memories. Charlotte
The Amazing Life of Stan LaundonJohn Prine and Stan Laundon at the Opera House, Newcastle, England, December 7, 2001.
Stan Laundon has an excellent collection of photographs and memorabilia in his collection - enjoy them and please do make comments - he appreciates it. Click the photo to visit his complete gallery and to see his Prine photos from his trip to Newcastle, UK in December 2001 visit his "Stan Laundon's Sharing Memories: Stars" photo album at .his website
 " Last week I traveled from my home in Spain to England - the first time in six years -to see John Prine in concert. I have been retired in Spain now for almost eight years - having worked for the BBC for 23 years before moving out here. Twenty-one of those years I had the pleasure of presenting a country music programme and, as John Prine was one of my favourites, it was quite obvious I would play many of his records and songs over this period. Imagine my delight when, through the internet and the JPShrine, I discovered he was due to play England! Well, it cost me a return airline ticket, hotel accommodation and concert tickets - but it was worth every penny. John was on stage for a total of 140 minutes - two hours and ten minutes - and his concert, to me, ranked in the top four I have seen in the 43 years I have been following country music. After the show, John made himself available to those fans who stayed behind to meet him. He was a gentleman through and through! He signed autographs, spoke to people and posed for photographs. Friday, December 7th in Newcastle will be one night I personally will never forget. Still a fan at 58? Of course I am.  ~Stan Laundon, España."
Meagan Sinclair the littlest biggest John Prine Fan

8 year old Mega-Prine Fan Meagen Sinclair spent days making this "John Prine Rockz" poster and took it to see him in Ottawa, August 2001, if you look close - the little drawings are from a JP song.  

    I just wanted to let you know that you made my day and many of my friends day, when you sent me the newsletter of January 24th (you see it took me a little time to reply, as I wasn't sure I should, but each day at work when I get a little bummed out I look at your e-mail and I smile and grin and get giddy knowing that I will see John again on Saturday, August 25th)
  John Prine and Zita B I had not seen John live since about 1974 or 75 when he was here in Ottawa, Canada, except for the Landmines Concert that was held here last December - where I was lucky enough to see him and get my picture taken with him.
   But that was really not enough for us, and to know he is finally coming to our Folk festival is the best news ever, next of course to the news we had when we heard John was going to be okay after his bout with cancer and after his throat operation.
   I don't know if he truly understands how important he is to so many people - when I was a single  parent bringing up my son and was going through some bad times - I would just put on the record player as loud as I could and play the following verse of "Bruised Oranges (Chain of Sorrow)" You can gaze out the window get mad and get madder throw your hands in the air say "What does it matter?" but it don't do no good to get angry so help me I know for a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter you become your own prisoner as you watch yourself sit there wrapped up in a trap of your very own chain of sorrow.
   I would sing along and cry and get all the mad, bad stuff out of me and then I would feel so much better.
   John was my private Shrink, I didn't need anything else but to listen to a few of his songs and I would be my happy old self again.
   So, what started out to be a quick thank you, you have now had to listen to my ramblings on, but on closing if I could just ask you the next time you talk to him, that you tell him we all think about him often, and not just when we hear he is coming to our town!
   Finally, if picture could talk, this one would say "I'm the happiest girl in the whole Canada" I know that is not the name of the song, but that is how I felt when this picture was taken.

Old Hippies Paradise Prine Birds
Now there might be a lot of unintentional things named after and for Prine's songs but I know for a fact that this Canadian named his coops after John.  The ever Prine Quoting Leonard Hogg aka Old Hippie can find a Prine quote appropriate for any occasion, that is why his "Paradise Loft" deserves a mention....

Click on the pictures to see  Mike Curme's homepage...where the larger picture of his little pumkin is...it is just too cute! 

Jay Sunde and John Prine in Ashville, NC
I saw John Prine for the first time in Ashville NC early this year. I've loved his music for years and that was the first chance I had to see him. The show was amazing!!! I've wanted to visit Austin TX for a long time & when I saw that he was performing there one weekend I thought it would be awesome if Me & My Dad could fly down to see Austin & the show (Since my dad introduced me to JP). Well we flew down, ate great food, & saw the show Saturday night. I brought along my camera but it wasn't working so I didn't get any pictures at the show. So Sunday we're going to fly back to VA & at the Austin airport we grab a sandwich & sit down to eat. My dad says "I'm gonna run wash my hands". So I have a few bites of my sandwich & look up to see my dad sprinting out of the bathroom w/ his eyes bulging & Pointing like crazy at the door!!! I had no clue what was happening but a few seconds later...JOHN PRINE walked out. I was so shocked. My dad had spoken w/ him already so John came over & shook my hand and told me thanks for coming to the show. I told him that it was just awesome & I loved his music! So I told him that my camera wasn't working, and asked if I got a disposable could I get a picture w/ him. He said sure & I frantically ran to get one. He had gotten some ice cream w/ Dave Jacques when I saw him again & we were talking. I told him that my camera broke and I couldn't get any pictures at his show, and he said "Aw, this is better anyway!" It was just so awesome b/c he was friendly and down to earth. And by the way, at the show, Iris showed up as a surprise (she wasn't scheduled & didn't open) in the middle of Johns set to do "Milwaukee Here I Come" & others from the "In Spite of Ourselves" Album. Such an amazing weekend.
Gerry and JohnGerry with John Prine
This was taken at the Mariposa Folk Festival in September of 1991. I don't mind you using my first name but please don't use my last name or the cops in Ames will come after me  ...hehehe Gerry 
(hehehe to you, too Gerry)
Julie, John and Walt in the Lone Star State
Walt and Julie in Texas with John Prine  Walt and Julie and John Prine in Texas

Joe, John Prine and HomerBackstage at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA.  After about an hour wait in the rain, the eleven of us that held out that long were invited inside by John.  He apologized for not asking us in sooner.  There really wasn't much time to just shoot the breeze, the  theatre security was trying to hurry us along so he could get home.  Of course all the things I imagined saying to John in my fantasy meetings went completely out of my head.  All I could was tell him the ticket I had to the show was a gift from my sister Cindy, operating the camera, and Joe, in the photo.  I also thanked him for all the smiles he has given me over the many years I have been living with his music. On April 15th John Prine put on the best show I have ever had the pleasure to experience.  The enrergy level, both from John and the audience, was far above anything I had ever experienced before. The smile John (first name basis now) had on was as big as mine, so I know he had a good time too.  The next time we meet there will be more to say, I'm sure.  THANK YOU JOHN PRINE!  ~Homer

Mr Prine's Opus copyright by Randy Knudson
Mr Prine's Opus...an inventive plea for Prine by Randy K

    I had a dream last night that you dropped by to say "Hello in there." Everybody was there, all your old friends, Sam Stone, Barbara Lewis, Robert the Sailor, Iron Betty, Donald Lydia, Lulu Walls, your Alabama Angel, Maureen, and even Billy the Bum limped on in. They all joined you in the chorus of The Hobo Song. However, I could not tell if Billy was honored or offended, like I said it was a dream.
    It's been almost twenty years since you last played at the Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids IA. Can you remember way back then? I have been trying to figure out how we could entice you back, but it's far from me on what it would take. Would one red rose do? Or how about a flag decal? new storm windows? a blue umbrella? A new train? a faster boat to China? a straighter piece of time? a fresh orange? None of these souvenirs doing the trick? I think I have it. You not know that Cedar Rapids is known as the City of Five Seasons, so we could give you that one extra season, you have been looking for, so maybe now you can figure out the other four.
    You might be wondering just where the heck Cedar Rapids is? Well it's just down by the side of the the road on the edge of the great midwest, somewhere in between the jungles that Sabu hated and the place you call home and delivered all that junk mail. Some say its a million miles from paradise, unless, of course, you have played on the field of dreams, in which case you could mistake this place for heaven, which is highly unlikely, but you never can tell. I thing that's someone else's story.
    Just give me one good reason and I promise I won't ask you anymore why you cannot make it. But being a contemporary man I will walk away and someday understand. But I don't think that you know that I think that you don't know just how many fans you have in the land where the tall corn grows. But if you can not make it, everything is cool, we all know that's the way that the world goes round. You will not have to worry our wish is all the best as you keep strolling down the highway because you know it's only the thirsty that hunger to roam. I am sure that there will be some sour grapes as we live through life's in-betweens. Some people will be bummed, while others will be way down into an all night blue, and some may even join the late John Garfield in his blues. As for myself, I have always been a quiet man, but I have sat down at the table and screamed, hollered, and cried, and I've commenced to carryin' on till I almost lost my mind. But i will most likely be a bad boy, imbibing on a drink they named after you just killing the blues and I will probably end up with some illegal smile. But when the day is done, I will not get wrapped up in my very own chain of sorrow because we all that this is nothing but a big ole goofy world.
   But if you could make it we would all be happy as clams.
All the Best
The Happy Enchilada Club
Randy Knudson, President
Cedar Rapids, IA

In Hopes of meeting Prine 9/29/99     ©Hope Evans 1999
My husband took the pictures. I was too blown away (dontcha just love the tears?) to even think about taking HIS pictures with everyone! Aren't I thoughtful? I asked him later if he was mad because I didn't even offer to take his pic with John, and he said, "No, this is your dream. I understand."   Isn't he dreamy???
Hope and Crusher at a Prine concert
Our Burly Prine fan Crusher with Hope.  Jon and Eric look on.
Hope and David Jacques
with the talented 
David Jacques.
Jason Wilber with Hope
with heart throb
Jason Wilber
Hope and her autographed Prine
and with 
you know who...
© Rich Lyons 1997 Rich Lyons concert souvenir
D. Terry Fish and John PrineMy Quest to meet him finally ended. One of the highlights of my life!  My girlfriend found out about John (through me) a few years ago & says he's the happiest man she's ever seen... I can't pull her away from his music.  I first saw John in '75 in Minneapolis, at the State Theater on Halloween night. He played alone and Steve Goodman played  lead in a couple of songs. Great concert ~ Terry
copyright Marj Kibby
Aussie fan Marj Kibby found this among her Prine  paraphernalia:

"Cleaning up I came across this photo of Prine hanging out at a gig at the Exit In in Nashville in the summer of 78.  The colours have really faded, I wonder what the chances are of finding the negativess??  - Cheers, Marj"

John Prine & my son Kyle - it was the best birthday present he ever got at five years old. Taken at Joan C. Edwards playhouse at Marshall U., Huntington WV for Mountain Stage spring of 97 
we love john alot
 thanks  ~ keven & kyle shedlock
November, 1996
.John Prine, Baby Ruth, and her husband at a Davenport show.
Ruth and Ray in 1995- this was the first time she got to be in a picture with him!  and I'm sure it certainly is  not her last!   (wink wink nudge nudge eh? Ruth, won't we be seeing you in Wisconsin at Crusher's Lake Marie Festival?)
© Tim Dunphy 1997  © Tim Dunphy 1997

My dad, Tim Dunphy took these down at the U of IL in Champaign-Urbana 20 some years ago.  He couldn't remember the exact date - understandably so :)  He's a huge John Prine fan and has passed it down to me.  erin dunphy. ©Tim Dunphy