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Photographs show the laughs recorded in between the bad times
Garry Fish's Picture Show of Prine

John Prine's Past Official String Buster, Yodeler, & OH BOY Tour Navigator Private photo album.

The subtitle "....photographs show the laughs between the bad times." made me wonder....hmmm, Honestly, I really never had a bad time when I worked for JP and boy did we laugh alot!! ! ~ G.F." 

Rocka Billy Prin, Garry Fish, and John Prine at the tribute to Steve Goodman John Prine, Johnny "Carl Fire" Burns and Bonnie Raitt at the Steve Goodman Tribute in Chicago hotel room shot before the Tribute to Steve Goodman  in Chicago Phillip Donnelly, John Prine, and Garry Fish on the bus ... somewhere
Phillip Donnelly, John Prine, Garry Fish and Jerriy Douglas (Union Station) at the Strawberry Festival John Prine, Garry Fish and Johnny Lee Schell (from Bonnie Raitts band) at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ Garry Fish, John Prine, and JD Souther at the Rainbow in Denver, CO Garry Fish, Joan Baez, John Prine & David Bromberg at the St Paul Riverfest
photo of Nicolette Larson, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt and Garry Fish photo of Garry Fish, John Prine and Lyle Lovett in London sometime in the 1980's Arlo Guthrie, Garry Fish & John Prine - photo courtesy of Garry Fish
Garry Fish worked with John Prine in the 1980's, he's been a  valuable source of information and entertainment to the Prine Shrine - we would like to thank him from the tip of our fez's for so graciously sharing some of his highlights. If you would like to use or have comments on the photos above - please drop Garry an email at gfish8000 at sbcglobal dot net

Thom Wolke

Bruce Springsteen, John Prine & Garry Fish in Tarrytown, NY 1989 (or The Next John Prine, Fish's Boss, and the Fish Yodeler)

The Boss Bruce Springsteen, John Prine & Garry Fish - photo copyright by Thom Wolke
�Thom Wolke 1989 
contact Thom Wolke regarding this photo anduse at www.twincloud.com

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace took this photo of JP, Kris K and I at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

�Dave Wallace

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