Springsteen Prine, & Dylan (Rolling Thunder Revue) AKA also known as the next Bob Dylan,  the new Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan (thanks Eddie Wessellhoff)


Springsteen (accompanied by girlfriend Karen Darvin) attends Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review gig (which included Joni Mitchell ’s debut in the troupe). The Rolling Thunder Tour had begun on Oct 31st. Also attending (like Bruce, as viewers only) were Patti Smith and John Prine. Dylan’s film crew was present and shooting backstage, but no footage of Springsteen has ever surfaced.


We asked who is the woman - is she 

and Laura sent in the clue that sent us looking for another photo... sure enough, it was Karen Darvin. Don't you agree?

From : Laura
  The woman in the photo is Karen Darvin, Springsteen's girlfriend at the time.
She later had a multi-year relationship with Todd Rundgren and is the mother of his two oldest sons (Rex & Randy). Her nickname was "Bean".

Regarding your photo of John, Springsteen, Dylan and the beautiful unidentified woman it is a composite of at least two photographs. I have seen the photo of Dylan and Springsteen together before with a different background. The woman I recognize but the name escapes me presently. I work as a commercial photographer and graphic designer. As a part of my job I am sometimes asked to manipulate or alter photographs. After you do it long enough it becomes very easy to spot an altered photo. This is most definitely one. It's a wonderful concept though. I would loved to be a fly on the wall during this meeting were it to actually happen. Respectfully, Phil Farmer

No it's Not!
I'm sure that pic of Springsteen is NOT a composite fake -- that is the same woman in the pic with todd -- good call on the I.D. When I was younger -- hah -- I was supposed to interview Todd backstage at Wohlman skating rink (if I remember correctly, alzheimer's is setting in). There was this woman -- the same one in your pics -- pushing a baby carriage with a screaming blonde kid in the the stroller.  It was a shocker to me -- she seemed pretty good-looking to be a mom, but of course I knew it had to be Todd's wife.  Tall with a miniskirt. We had a chat and I was impressed with her patience!   donna -- p.s. -- thanks for a cool site

From: Kevin:  Hi Reeda,  You may recall I emailed you a photo of John Prine with Dylan and Springsteen a while back. I said I would try and get the woman in the photo identified.  I've just heard from Buddy Miller that Al Bunetta told him she was Bob Dylan's wife. I think he was splitting up with his wife Sara around then so I don't know if that is her or a new wife .  regards  Kevin