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January 20, 2000 by Marc Marnie
These top two are rough scans taken at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow Scotland, 

John Prine at Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow Scotland Jan 20 2000John Prine and Iris DeMent photo copyright Marc Marnie

use by permission only- marc marnie -Stagefright  PhotographyGlasgow Scotland, summer 1997

"I am *such* a fan of Prine, have been since I was about eleven & a friend played me his newly released first album, learned to play all the songs . . .  marc marnie - stagefright Photography-by permission onlygot them all on vinyl, then got them again on CD for good measure. Finally got to see him last summer in Glasgow (Scatland)(sic) and have been carrying his plectrum around in my camera case ever since. I'm usually far too worldly & professional about the business to do that shit. I even asked him to autograph my cd sleeves. Actually I asked him to pick out one (I'd taken them all) and he insisted on signing the whole lot. Really nice guy. These are not my best, it was a difficult venue, but I'm looking forward to the next time. The show, btw, was the best I've seen." "Taken last summer, only time I ever saw him live, but I'm hoping he'll be © Marc Marnie Stagefright Photography back after his FIRST trip to Scotland went so well.  My wife hardly ever comes out to hear gigs but she damn sure came to that one. Loved it. It was incredible to see so many fans turn up and sell the gig out (could have done it three times over).  The eeriest thing though was hearing everyone singing along with every word - not actually singing aloud - just a hall full of people whispering the words to themselves.  Never heard that effect before. And I've been to thousands of concerts." ~Marc