This is my tribute to John Prine
Enjoy the Pictures!

  I have been a Prinester for decades but it wasn't till he came back on tour with Bonnie Rait that I finally got to see him in concert. Since then I have seen him many times and loved every show. I have seen him in just about every configuration, large electric rock band, big acoustic "jug" band, smaller versions of similar etc. But the show that I will never forget was when John graced us with his presence at a KPIG Fat Fry. It was my birthday and my wonderful wife Abby got us tickets. John was the headliner. There were 5 or 6 other bands playing that day but I don't remember any of them. I hardly even looked at the other bands, just kept hangin around the back K stage patio hoping for a glimpse of him. Then all of a sudden, there he was! I said hi and asked if I could take a couple of pictures, and he said sure! I hung around takin pictures and listen to the conversation until it was time for him to come on stage. It was four o'clock and he went on stage right on time.

  All 5000+ came to their feet in a roar and never sat down.
It was just John and Phil Parlapiano (that master of just about every instrument) It was one loooooong standing ovation and the feeling in the air was one I will never forget. John was supposed to play until six o'clock (how fitting hehe) but at six, he didn't stop, Six thirty and he didn't stop,
  By now it was getting dark and KPIG had already played his "encores" on the radio but still he didn't stop. He finally closed the show around seven o'clock with a powerful version of paradise, playin by the light of a couple of little lamps on the stage. Not one of the 5000+ had left! I couldn't help it, tears were streaming down my cheeks and as I looked around after paradise there was not a dry eye in the house.. It was simply amazing. I grabbed Abby and said, we gotta get back stage and get an autograph. He was so nice, a guy named Rogelio was there and knew John from the early 70's in Chicago and wanted a picture taken with John.
John got up and asked everyone hangin 'round if anyone would take  the picture and send Rogelio the pictures. Can you imagine that? hehe, well, we took the picture and became good friends with Rogelio Then we got our autographs, paid our respects and had our own pictures taken. Whew! what a day!

I would like to tribute this lil 'ol page to my wife Abby (I would not have married her if she was not a Prinester too! :) and to Ilona, without whom I may have never discovered John, (I hope you have enjoyed your autograph :)
- Mr Natural