There are articles/interviews/reviews about John Prine in all of these magazines

July 1987Musicians Magazine July 1987 Oxford AmericanOxford American
Rolling Stone

cboxcash.jpg (12979 bytes)5/27/78 CashBox magazine. Ads for Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and John Prine.

Rolling Stone 1977Rolling Stone 1977 Rolling stoneRolling Stone
Rolling Stone 1979Rolling Stone 1979 Special Issue, July 3, 1972 . John Prine interviewSpecial UK Rock Issue July 3, 1972. John Prine interview
HEARSAY UKUK magazine Hearsay Issue 11 6/15/1978 FULL COLOR AD JOHN PRINE ORANGE 1/2 PAGERolling Stone June 15, 1978  Full Color ad on Bruised Orange 1/2 page
SATURDAY REVIEW OF THE ARTS: Volume 1 No. 2, February, 1973. Interview and article on John PrineSATURDAY REVIEW OF THE ARTS: Volume 1 No. 2, February, 1973. Interview and article on John Prine Robert Urich PLAYGIRL 4/80, John Prine music reviewPLAYGIRL 4/80, John Prine music review
16 Magazine 197416 Magazine 1974 Rolling Stone October 1972
Country Music magazine 1978Country Music magazine 1978 No Depression Issue #24 Nov-Dec '99 - Review of "In Spite of Ourselves" (read online)
Rolling StoneRolling Stone Rock Scene March 1981
"John Prine's Bumper Crop" his new Bruised Orange is a Vintage Harvest. 1 page article and photo
Rolling Stone CMJ

Entertainment Magazine

1971 Free PressLos Angeles Free Press: Feb 2-12, 1973 issue of underground newspaper, 48 pages. includes concert ad for KCET TV Special, One Of A Kind: John Prine

August 31, 1978 Circus. Texxas Jam appears on the cover. 1 page article about John Prine

Entertainment Weekly 4/10/92 Review of  John Prine on Austin City Limits

People Magazine June 29, 1992 Story and pictures of John Prine - " SPECIAL DELIVERY, Ex-mailman John Prine proves he can still carry a message." 2 page and 4 photos. Rolling Stone #98 from December 23, 1971 with record review 
Rolling Stone Magazine - Issue 717, September 21, 1995 - Jerry Garcia Cover - one page interview with one large photo of Prine No Depression Mar-Apr #38 2002   JP & the Landmine Tour. Mentions "The Other Side Of Town" that went over very well with the audience in Oslo and how Prine was responsible for the lion's share of the night's humor. 
Peter FRAMPTON 1976 Limited Distrib. MAGAZINE - free weekly newspaper format Cleveland Ohio music/entertainment magazine called "SCENE", that began its publication in the early 1970's as an alternative underground counter-culture rag. Distribution was limited to the Cleveland area only Cleveland concert ads for BOSTON (2 ads, tickets were $3.50!!!), Tommy BOLIN, both were at the old Agora, John PRINE, The PARLIAMENTS with The FUNKADELICS.

March 1973 issue of 16 magazine short article on Prine
The Newfoundland Herald (small run Canadian regional TV guide)-Nov.29-Dec.5,1980.Cover feature is titled 'Dolly Parton A New Mae West In The Making?'.  includes 1 page article/pic on: John Prine April 1973 Sixteen MagazineApril 1973 Special issue of 16 magazine short article on Prine
RECORD MIRROR - UK - 03/02/73   Donny Osmond on the cover and inside 1 page b/w feature on Prine