Indianapolis, IN
On the Road with WOG and John Prine

Indianapolis, IN
Columbia MO
Indianapolis, IN
Knoxvillel TN
Bristol TN
Greenville SC


John Prine Shriners first Prine party!!

the meeting of the Minds, Minded, and  Mindless
from the John Prine Chat room for the Indianapolis concert on August 16, 1997

The Concert Review

WOGstocktails - The Wogstockers wag their tales

afterWOGstockchats - tongues and tails were wagging

WOGstockgallery -  1-PMS*red's  -  2-Kathy47's -  3-Bear's    4-Janiskc's -  5-Space Monkey's 

WOGstockchat - the chat about the start of something great

WOGstockshirt  -they're all gone...but still seen at Prine concerts!!

What is WOGstock  - who in the heck came up with this idea and why?

WOGstockpeople - finally I got all the notes up...

WOGstocksong - thanks to Rick Vanover we have an official song


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