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Merrill Auditorium, Portland, Maine
April 19, 2002

By: Tom
Well, it took me twenty years of being a Prine fan, but I finally got a chance to see the man himself in concert. And what a great concert it was! My fears of my own expectations being too high were unfounded - JP and his sidemen were well worth the wait and the drive from New Brunswick Canada. Thanks, John! Hopefully it won't be another twenty years til I see you again!

By: R
My first live JP show. Great stuff. It was more than I was anticipating. The concert was full of gems. Even songs that we have heard a hundred times (and I am sure JP has played for many years) were delivered with amazing freshness. JP seemed to really enjoy the crowd which was very excited. He had us all hanging on his every word. He had us smiling, frowning, thinking, and laughing. Simple stuff that hits home on so many levels. Highlights for me were "All the best", "Bottomless Lake", "Hello in There" and Greg Trooper's song about Ali?? Well worth the 5 hour drive from Canada.

By: jay1919@hotmail.coom
Great show, the crowd was a bit on sing along side. Guess that goes with the longevity thing. But JP was always eager to please and the crowd got a lot in return. Played for nearly 3 hours, covered everything.

By: The Blue Umbrella
Drove 10 hours to catch the show that was as memorable and entertaining as could ever have been expected. The playlist for the night was a "best of" including Dear Abby, That's the way the world goes around, Grandpa was a Carpenter, Spanish Pipedream, Hello in there, etc..etc..etc..the trio performed for over two hours, we had great seats in a grand old auditorium, I look forward to the next time I have the opportunity to catch Prine live. Cheers John.

By: Tim Beidel
 1. Spanish Pipedream
 2. Six O'clock News
 3. Souvenirs
 4. Fish and Whistle
 5. Grandpa was a Carpenter
 6. Picture Show
 7. Far From Me
 8. All the Best
 9. Angel From Montgomery
10. Dear Abby
11. Jesus The Missing Years 
12. That's the Way that the World Goes Round
13. The Bottomless Lake 
14. The Other Side of Town 
15. In Spite of Ourselves 
16. Sam Stone 
17. Bear Creek 
18. Sins of Memphisto 
19. Hello in There 
20. Lake Marie Encore 
21. Ain't Hurtin Nobody 
22. Great Rain 
23. Please Don't Bury Me 
24. Paradise

By: jonquil-jon
  Actually, John Prine is scheduled to play here on the 19th. I was there on the 18th for Bonnie Raitt. Towards the middle of the set, Bonnie was just finishing Angel From Montgomery when John walked onstage. Unfortunately, the song was over. Nevertheless, Bonnie Raitt was clearly very happy and very surprised to see her old friend.
  For the encore, Bonnie brought him out and did Angel From Montgomery again---this time a duet. Magic