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Dave Jacques playing bass for John Prine in Austin, TX, 2005

John Prine often introduces Dave Jacques as one of the hardest working musicians in Nashville. "Everybody wants him" says Prine, "I'm fortunate to have him on tour with me." As more of Prine's introductions go, Dave once worked in a shirt factory ("And now he's wearing one!")




Dave JacquesWhen not on tour with John Prine he's playing back up with the likes of Steve Forbert, Nanci Griffith, Emmyloy Harris, Lucinda Williams, Patti Griffin, Tommy Womack, Will Kimbrough, Amy Rigby, Greg Trooper, Elizabeth Cook, Jeff Black and so many more.

Jacques is one of the most "in demand" players in Nashville and a quick google search shows that he's played on the following albums - other than John Prine:

  • Daddy:  At The Woman`s Club (Live)
  • Stephen Simmons: Last Call, Drink Ring Jesus
  • Jeff Finlin : Somewere South Of Wonder
  • Pieta Brown: In The Cool ; Pieta Brown
  • Adrienne Young & Little Sadie: The Art Of Virtue
  • Greg Trooper: Making Through The World
  • Dana Cooper: Made Of Mud
  • Kate Campbell: Twang On A Wire
  • Richard Ferreira: Somewhereville
  • There's more, a lot more....


Archved Dave Jacques News

Missing bass player signals a new addition to the John Prine family
Posted by By Dave Walker, TV columnist, The Times-Picayune
May 02, 2008 8:29PM
Categories: Jazzfest

John Prine opened his Gentilly Stage-closing set Friday with "Spanish Pipedream," which contains the lyrics, "Blow up your TV, throw away your paper," advice I can only halfway officially endorse. Then Prine explained that he was missing his usual bass player, Dave Jacques, because he was having a baby. "Actually his wife's havin' it," Prine said. "He's just standing around not knowing what to do." About halfway into the set - just before "Dear Abby," and as the rain began to intensify -- Prine wondered how the delivery was progressing. "I bet Dave's had that baby by now," he said.
12/02/2007 - SORRY GIRLS, HE'S TAKEN Dave & Lemesa Jacques - CONGRATULATIONS!
John Prine's long time dreamy bassist Dave "Shakey Legs" Jacques was married to Lemesa "Steady Hands" Erdman this past Saturday Dec 2, 2007 in Nashville, TN.


- We wish them "All the Best" - Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jacques!


(Now who are the boys going to live vicariously through?)