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John Prine Biography

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Mr. Switalski  English IV - College Bound 26 April 1996
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Thesis: John Prine’s efforts as a singer and a songwriter have greatly influenced the music industry.

I. Introduction

II. The early years

    A. Childhood
    B. Postal service and the military
    C. Discovery/breakthrough

III. First recordings

    A. Success with John Prine
    B. Meaningful Diamonds In The Rough
    C. Critic disapproval with Sweet Revenge

IV. Trials and tribulation

    A. Common Sense leads to dropping a label
    B. Ending a honeymoon with Prime Prine

V. Mood Swings

    A. Folk-rock stardom with Bruised Orange
    B. Wild and crazy Pink Cadillac
    C. Soft and gentle Storm Windows

VI. More problems

    A. Low sales
    B. No label
    C. Little success with Aimless Love
    D. Death of Steve Goodman

VII. Friends Pull Through

    A. Varying success with German Afternoons
    B. A Grammy nomination
    C. Participation on Other Voices, Other Rooms

VIII. Back down to the bottom

    A. A cult for fans, and nothing more
    B. Possibility of quitting music

IX. Comeback of the decade

    A. The Missing Years
    B. A John Prine Christmas
    C. Great Days: Anthology
    D. Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings

X. Conclusion 

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    ©Brian Frain 1997-1999  


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