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  • Feb 27/28 - Key West, FL - Archer PAC at Key West H.S. Auditorium w/Greg Brown - Surprise guest, Iris DeMent
  • March 5 - Uptown Theatre, Kansas City MO w/Iris DeMent
    Spanish Pipedream, Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore, Six O'Clock News, Souvenirs, The Late John Garfield Blues, Fish and Whistle, Picture Show, I'm Just Gettin' By, All The Best, Angel From Montgomery, The Way the World Goes Around, The Other Side of Town, Sam Stone, Milwaukee Here I Come, (We're Not) The Jet Set, Let's Invite Them Over, We Could, In Spite of Ourselves, Bear Creek, That's Alright By Me, I Ain't Hurtin' Nobody, Sins of Memphisto, Hello In There, Lake Marie, Unwed Fathers, Paradise

  • ÷Mar  6 - Eureka Springs, AR - The Auditorium w/Iris DeMent
    Mar 26 - Madison, WI - Madison Civic Center w/Leon Redbone
  • Mar 27 - Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theatre w/Leon Redbone
    Leon Redbone set: 1. Big Chief Buffalo Nickel  2. Sweet Sue
    3. I Ain't Got Nobody  4. Vienna Waltz? with "Ernst" accompaniment   5. The Ghost of St Louis Blues  6. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone  7. I've Been Working on the Railroad   8. When My Girl Left Me Blues  9. Oh Susannah Dress Up That Old Piano
    John Prine set:  1.Spanish Pipedream  2.Flag Decal  3.Six O'clock News  4.Fish and Whistle  5.Grandpa Was A Carpenter  6.Glory of True Love  7.I'm Just Getting By  8.All The Best  9.Angel From Montgomery  10.Long Monday  11.Donal and Lydia  12.Crazy As A Loon  13.Dear Abby  14.That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round  15.The Other Side Of Town  16.Sam Stone  17.Bear Creek  18.That's All Right With Me  19.Ain't Hurtin' Nobody  20.Sins Of Memphisto  21.Hello In There  22.Lake Marie  23.Christmas In Prison  24.Daddy's Little Pumpkin  25.Illegal Smile  26.Paradise

  • ÷Apr   1 - Washington, DC - Warner Theatre w/Leon Redbone
    ÷Apr   2 - Reading, PA - Sovereign PAC w/ Leon Redbone 
  • Apr   4 - Richmond, VA - Carpenter Center w/Leon Redbone
    1. Spanish Pipedream 2. Flag Decal 3. 6 o'clock News 4. Souvenirs 5. Far From Me 6. Fish and Whistle 7. Grandpa was a Carpenter 8. Picture Show 9. Glory of True Love 10. I'm Just Gettin' By 11. All the Best 12. Angel from Montgomery 13. Long Monday 14. Donald and Lydia 15. Crazy as a Loon 16. Dear Abby 17. That's the way that the World Goes Round, 18. Other Side of Town 19. Sam Stone 20. Bear Creek 21. That's Alright By Me 22. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody 23. Sins of Memphisto 24. Hello in There 25. Lake Marie  26Paradise

  • ÷Apr 17 - San Antonio, TX - Majestic Theater w/Mary Gauthier
  • Apr 18 - Fort Worth, TX - Bass Performance Hall w/Mary Gauthier
    1. Spanish Pipedream  2. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore  3.Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness  4. Six O'clock News  5. Souvenirs  6. Fish & Whistle  7, Glory Of True Love  8. I'm Just Getting By  9. All The Best  10. Angel From Montgomery 11. Long Monday  12.Donald & Lydia  13.Bottomless Lake  14.Dear Abby  15.That's The Way That The World Goes 'round  16.The Other Side Of Town  17.Sam Stone  18.Bear Creek That's Alright By Me  19.Ain't Hurting Nobody  20.The Sins Of Memphisto  21.Hello In There  22.Lake Marie  23.Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone  24.Please Don't Bury Me 25.Illegal Smile 26. Paradise (w/ Mary Gauthier)
  • Apr 23 - Des Moines, IA - Des Moines Civic Center w/R B Morris
    RB Morris set: 1.???  2.Old Copper Penny  3.Hell On A Poor Boy  4.Roland the Wino  5.Better Tip Your Hat or Buttercups or Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do About That  6. How Every Empire Falls  7.Devil Woman
    John Prine set: 1.Spanish Pipedream 2.Flag Decal  3.6 o'clock News  4.Souvenirs  5.Fish and Whistle 6.Grandpa was a Carpenter   7.Picture Show  8.Big Old Goofy World  9.Glory of True Love   10.I'm Just Gettin' By   11. All the Best   12. Angel from Montgomery   13. Long Monday  14. Donald and Lydia  15.Bottomless Lake   16. Dear Abby   17. That's the Way That the World Goes Round   18. A Good Time  19.Other Side of Town   20.Sam Stone   21.That's Alright By Me   22.Ain't Hurtin' Nobody   23.Bear Creek  24. Sins of Memphisto  24. Lake Marie   25.Crazy as a Loon  26.Paradise

  • ÷Apr 24 - Sioux City, IA Orpheum Theatre w/R B Morris
  • Apr 30 - Oklahoma City, OK Rose State College PAC w/Todd Snider 
    Todd Snider set: (surprise guest Jack Ingram) 1)Can't Complain  2)Horseshoe Lake  3)Tillamook County  4)Trouble  5)DB Cooper  6)Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues  7)Working on a Fine Tune -with Jack Ingram  8) Alright Guy
    John Prine set: 1)Spanish Pipedream  2)Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore  3)Six O'clock News  4)Souvenirs  5)Fish & Whistle  6)Grandpa Was a Carpenter  7) Picture Show  8)I'm Just Getting By  8)All the Best  9) Angel from Montgomery  10) You Got Gold Inside Of You   11)Donald and Lydia  12)Bottomless Lake  13)Dear Abby  14)That's the Way That the World Goes Round  15)The Other Side of Town   16)Bear Creek   17)That's Alright by Me  18)Ain't Hurtin' Nobody  19)Sins of Memphisto  20)Hello in There  21)Lake Marie  encore:  22)Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone  23)Paradise w/Todd Snider & Jack Ingram
    May 1 - Wichita, KS - The Orpheum Theatre w/Todd Snider
    Opening Act: Todd Snider set:
    1. Can't Complain   2. Lonely Girl   3. Too Much to Think About   4. It's Not Alright    5.Feel Like Missing You Today 6. Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues   7. Vinyl Records     8. Beer Run
    John Prine setlist:
    1. Spanish Pipedream  2. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore   3. Six O'Clock News  4. Souvenirs ("That's for my buddy Steve Goodman) 5. Fish and Whistle   6. Grandpa Was a Carpenter  7. Picture Show 8. I'm Just Getting By  9. All the Best 10. Angel From Montgomery ("That's for Bonnie Raitt")   11. You Got Gold   12. Donald and Lydia  13. The Bottomless Lake  14. Crazy As a Loon  15. Dear Abby   16. That's the Way That the World Goes Round   17. The Other Side of Town   18. Sam Stone   19. Bear Creek   20. That's Alright By Me (or Mixed Emotions*)   21. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody  ("In memory of Howie Epstein")   22. Sins of Memphisto   23. Hello In There ("Love you Mama")   24. Lake Marie   Encore:   25. Christmas In Prison   26. Please Don't Bury Me   27. Illegal Smile   28.Paradise
  • ÷May 14 - Cleveland OH - Palace Theatre w/Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez
    ÷May 15 - Ashland, KY - Paramount Arts Center w/Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez
  • May 21 - Vicksburg MS - Vicksburg City Auditorium -w/Todd Snider
    1.Spanish Pipedream   2.Six O'Clock News   3.Souvenirs   4.Fish and Whistle   5.Grandpa Was a Carpenter   6.Far From Me   7.Picture Show   8.Flag Decal   9.I'm Just Gettin' By   10.All the Best   11.Angel From Montgomery   12.You Got Gold   13.Donald and Lydia   14.Bottomless Lake   15.Dear Abby   16.That's the Way The World Goes 'Round   17.In Spite of Ourselves   18.Sam Stone   19.Bear Creek   20.That's Alright By Me   21.Ain't Hurtin' Nobody   22.Sins of Memphisto   23.Hello In There   24.Lake Marie   enc. 25.Sweet Revenge   26.Please Don't Bury Me   27.Paradise
  • May 22 - Memphis, TN - Orpheum Theatre - w/Todd Snider
    01 Spanish Pipedream, 02 Flag Decal, 03 Six O'clock News, 04 Souvenirs, 05 Fish and Whistle, 06 Grandpa was a carpenter, 07 The Late John Garfield Blues, 08 Saddle in the Rain, 09 Glory of True Love, 10 Taking a Walk, 11 All the Best, 12 Angel from Montgomery, 13 Illegal Smile, 14 Long Monday, 15 The Bottomless Lake, 16 Dear Abby, 17 You Got Gold Inside, 18 The Other Side of Town, 19 Sam Stone, 20 Bear Creek (Dedicated to June Carter & Johnny Cash) 21 That's Alright By Me, 22 Ain't Hurtin' Nobody, 23 Sins of Memphisto, 24 Hello in There, 25 Lake Marie, 26 Sweet Revenge. 27 Please don't Bury Me, Encore: 28 Paradise (with Billy Prine, Keith Sykes, & Todd Snider)
  • Jun 20 - London, ENG - The Fleadh 2004 Finsbury Park - Bob Dylan, Counting Crows, more
    1 Spanish Pipedream  2 Your Flag Decal Wont Get You Into Heaven Anymore   3 Souvenirs   4 Fish and Whistle   5 Picture Show   6 All The Best   7 Angel From Montgomery   8 Dear Abby    9 That's the way the world goes round, with enchilada interlude   10 Sam Stone   11 Bear Creek  12 Lake Marie    13 Hello in there   12. Bottomless Lake   13. Dear Abby   14. That's The Way The World Goes 'Round  
    15. Sam Stone   16. Bear Creek*   17. That's Alright By Me*   18. Ain't Hurtin Nobody   19. Sins Of Memphisto   20. Hello In There   21. Lake Marie   22. Sweet Revenge   23. People Puttin' People Down     * New

  • ÷Jun 21 - BBC2 Radio UK - Mark Radcliffe show -John Prine live in session 
    ÷Jun 22 - Manchester, ENG - Manchester Uni/Academy w/Jason Wilber 
  • Jun 24 - Edinburgh, SCO - Queens Hall w/Roddy Hart
    1. Spanish Pipedream   2. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore   3. The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness   4. Souvenirs   5. Fish And Whistle   6. Picture Show   7. I'm Just Getting By*   8. All The Best   9. Angel From Montgomery 10. Long Monday ?*  11. Bruised Orange 
  • Jun 27 - Killarney, Co Kerry, IRE -  Killarney Summerfest - Fitzgerald Stadium supporting Kris Kristofferson
    John Prine:1. Spanish Pipedream 2. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore 3. Souvenirs 4. Fish And Whistle  5. Grandpa Was A Carpenter   6. Picture Show 7. All The Best 8. Angel From Montgomery 9. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness 10. Sam Stone 11. Bear Creek 12. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody 13. Hello In There 14. Lake Marie
    Kris: 1. Shipwrecked In The Eighties 2. Darby's Castle 3. Broken Freedom Song 4. They Killed Him 5. In The News 6. Anthem '84 (dedicated to George W. Bush) 7. Jesus Was A Capricorn 8. Duvalier's Dream 9. The Heart 10. Here Comes That Rainbow Again 11. Help Me Make It Through The Night 12. Casey's Last Ride 13. Nobody Wins 14. The Second Coming (W.B. Yeats Poem) /Slouching Toward The Millennium 15. Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) 16. The Circle 17. The Sabre And The Rose 18. Daddy's Song 19. Jody And The Kid   20. The Pilgrim: Chapter  33   21. To Beat The Devil 22. The Final Attraction 23. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down 24. The Silver Tongued Devil And I   25. For The Good Times 26. Paradise (w/John Prine)   27. The Great Compromise (w/John Prine) (dedicated to George W. Bush)   28. Me And Bobbie McGee (w/John Prine) (Crowd singing Happy Birthday) 29. Thank You   30. A Moment Of Forever   31. Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down   32. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
    ÷Aug 13 - Winnipeg, MB, CAN - Centennial Concert Hall w/Greg Trooper 
    ÷Aug 15 - Calgary, AB, CAN - Calgary Blues & Roots Fest at McMahon Stadium- w/Dr. Ralph Stanley, David Byrne, Clarence Clemons & The Temple of Soul, Rosanne Cash, more
    ÷Aug 18 - Highland Park, IL- Ravinia w/ Leon Redbone
  • Aug 20 - Grand Rapids, MI - Meijer Gardens/Sculpture Park w/Leon Redbone
    1. Spanish Pipedream   2. Flag Decal   3. Six O'clock News   4. Souvenirs   5. Fish and Whistle   6. Grandpa Was a Carpenter   7. I'm Just Gettin' By (new)   8. All The Best   9. Angel From Montgomery  10. Long Monday   11. Dear Abby  12. That's The Way The World Goes 'Round  13. Sam Stone  14. Bear Creek Blues  15. Sweet Revenge  16. I Aint Hurtin' Nobody  17. Hello In There  18. Paradise

  • ÷Aug 27 - Vienna, VA  - Wolftrap Farms Filene Center w/Kris Kristofferson 
    ÷Aug 29 -  Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Folk Festival - w/Eliza Gilkyson, Tom Russell, Natalie MacMaster, Taj Mahal, David Olney & the Boys, more
    ÷Sep 21 - Chico, CA - CSU Laxson Auditoriumw /Mary Gauthier
    ÷Sep 22 - Santa Rosa, CA - Burbank Center w/Mary Gauthier 
  • Sep 24 - Hanford, CA - Fox Theatre w/Mary Gauthier
    1. Spanish Pipedream 2. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore 3. Souvenirs 4. Fish & Whistle 5. Grandpa Was A Carpenter 6. Picture Show 7. Pretty Good 8. I'm Just Getting By 9. All The Best 10. Angel From Montgomery 11. Long Monday 12. The Bottomless Lake 13. Dear Abby 14. That's The Way The World Goes 'Round 15. Crazy As A Loon 16. The Other Side Of Town 17. Sam Stone 18. Bear Creek 19. That's Alright By Me 20. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody 21. The Sins Of Memphisto 22. Hello In There 23. Lake Marie Encore: 24. Sweet Revenge 25. Some Humans Ain't Human 26. Paradise
  • Sep 25 - San Luis Obispo, CA - Cal Poly Arts Christopher Cohan Center w/Mary Gauthier
    1 Spanish Pipedream, 2 Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore, 3 Six O'Clock News, 4 Souvenirs, 5 Fish And Whistle, 6 Grandpa Was A Carpenter, 7 Taking A Walk, 8 All The Best, 9 Angel From Montgomery, 10 Long Monday, 11 Donald And Lydia, 12 The Bottomless Lake, 13 Crazy As A Loon, 14 That's The Way The World Goes 'Round, 15 Sam Stone, 16 Bear Creek, 17 That's Alright By Me, 18 Ain't Hurtin' Nobody, 19 Sins Of Memphisto,20 Hello In There, 21 Lake Marie, 22 Sweet Revenge, 23 Some Humans Ain't Human
    24 E: Paradise
  • Sep 27 - Santa Cruz, CA - Civic Auditorium w opener Mary Gauthier.
    01 Spanish Pipedream   02 Your Flag Decal Won't Get You into Heaven Anymore   03 Six O'Clock News   (Army Fight Story)  04 Souvenirs (Army Inspection Story)   05 Fish & Whistle    (Grandpa Story) 06 Grandpa Was a Carpenter,    07 I'm Just Getting By,    08 All the Best    09 Angel from Montgomery    10 Jesus: The Missing Years    11 Long Monday    12 Donald & Lydia    13 Dear Abby    14 That's the Way the World Goes 'Round/Happy Enchilada  15 Sam Stone    16 Bear Creek    17 That's Alright By Me   18 Ain't Hurtin' Nobody   (Band Intros)    19 The Sins Of Memphisto   20 Hello In There     21 Lake Marie   22 Sweet Revenge   23 Some Humans Ain't Human    24 Paradise   

    ÷Sep 29 - Arcata, CA - HSU CenterArts w/Mary Gauthier 
    ÷Oct  02 - San Francisco, CA - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival,  Speedway Meadow Golden Gate Park
    ÷Oct  06 - Des Moines, IA - Vote For Change Tour  w/Bonnie Raitt, Keb' Mo' (special appearance by Neil Young)
    ÷Oct 15 - Paducah, KY - Four Rivers Center w/Leon Redbone 
  • Oct 16 - Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium w/Leon Redbone
    1.Spanish Pipedream  2.Flag Decal  3.Six O'Clock News  4.Souvenirs  5.Grandpa Was A Carpenter  6.Picture Show  7.Pretty Good  8.I'm Just Gettin' By  9.All The Best  10.Angel From Montgomery  11.Long Monday  12.Donald And Lydia  13.Bottomless Lake  14.Crazy As A Loon  15.Dear Abby  16.That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round  17.Other Side Of Town  18.Sam Stone  19.Bear Creek  20.That's Alright By Me (John on electric)  21.Ain't Hurtin' Nobody (John on electric)  22.Sins Of Memphisto  23.Hello In There  24.Lake Marie   encore  25.Sweet Revenge (John on electric)  26.Some Humans Ain't Human  27.Paradise
  • Oct 23  - Toronto, CAN - Convocation Hall w/Ron Sexsmith
    1. Spanish Pipedream   2. (missed)  3. Souvenirs  4. Far From Me   5. Fish & Whistle  6. Grandpa Was A Carpenter  7. Picture Show 
    8. Just Getting By  9. All The Best  10. Long Monday  11. Donald & Lydia   12. Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian   13. Crazy As A Loon   14. Dear Abby   15. That's The Way That The World Goes Round   16. Sam Stone   17. Bear Creek Blues   18. Alright By Me (??) 
    19. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody   20. Sins of Memphisto  21. Hello In There   22. Lake Marie    Encores   23. Sweet Revenge   24. Some Humans Ain't Humans   25. Paradise 
  • Oct 24 -  Toronto, CAN  - Convocation Hall w/Ron Sexsmith
    1.spanish pipedream  2.flag decal  3.six o'clock news and whistle  5.far from me  6.souvenirs  7.grandpa was a carpenter
    8.pretty good  9.angel from montgomery  10.i'm just gettin by 11. let's talk dirty in hawaiian  12.dear abby  13.that's the way the world goes round  14.long monday  15.sam stone  16.ain't hurtin nobody  17.sins of memphisto  18.bear creek  19.lake marie  20.hello in there   encore 21.sweet revenge  22.some humans ain't human  23.paradise

  • ÷Nov 10 - Eugene, OR - MacDonald Theatre w/Shawn Camp
    ÷Nov 11 - Klamath Falls, OR - Ross Ragland Theatre w/Shawn Camp
    ÷Nov 13 - Spokane, WA - Metropolitan Performing Arts Center w/Shawn Camp
    ÷Nov 14 - Yakima, WA - Capitol Theatre w/Shawn Camp
    ÷Nov 16 - Missoula, MT - University Theatre w/Shawn Camp
    ÷Nov 17 - Bozeman, MT - Willson Theatre w/Shawn Camp
  • Dec 03 - Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater w/Iris DeMent
    1.Spanish Pipedream  2.Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore  3.Six O'clock News  4.Souvenirs  5.Fish And Whistle  6.Far 7,From Me  8.That's Alright By Me (new song)  9.Grandpa Was a Carpenter  10.All The Best  11.Angel From Montgomery  12.* Long Monday (new song)  13. Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis  14.* Bottomless Lake  15.* Crazy As A Loon (new song)  16. Dear Abby  17.# Sam Stone  18.Milwaukee Here I Come (with Iris DeMent)  19.We're Not The Jet Set (with Iris DeMent)  20.Let's Invite Them Over Again (with Iris Dement)  21.We Could (with Iris Dement)  22.In Spite Of Ourselves (with Iris Dement)   23.Bear Creek Blues  24.*I'm Just Getting By   25. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody  26.The Sins Of Memphisto  27.Hello In There  28.Lake Marie   ENCORE: 29.Sweet Revenge  30.*Some Humans Ain't Human  31. Unwed Fathers (with Iris DeMent)  32.Paradise (with Iris DeMent)   *= John solo acoustic   #= John solo acoustic, then Jacques and Wilber

  • ÷Dec 04 - Grand Junction, CO - Avalon Theatre w/Iris DeMent
    ÷Dec 07 - Durango, CO - Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall w/Jason Wilber
    ÷Dec 09 - Aspen, CO - Snowmass Conference & Events Center w/Jason Wilber
    ÷Dec 11 - Colorado Springs, CO - Historic City Auditorium w/Jason Wilber


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