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LYRICS - Find them by album or song, completely reworked database includes notes, chords, liners, lyrics, what albums the songs appear on and more.

CHORDS - Nearly All the chords to all of the songs he has published.

LINER NOTES - Liner notes and credits for all Prine's albums

DISCOGRAPHY - Information  on each of John Prine's  albums

John Prine at the Library of Congress 2005PRINE GUITARS - Information on the guitars John Prine has used over the past years.

PRINE COMPILATIONS - I found it pretty surprising that there were so many

AWARDS - Accolades John Prine has received over the years.

JOHN PRINE COVERS - So many musicians do a Prine song or two on their own albums.

QUOTABLES -  What the celebrities have to say about John Prine.

NAMEDROPPERS - Other Artists mention John Prine in their own choice of medium.

JOHN PRINE SINGS ON OTHER  ALBUMS  If you own all of Prine's solo albums, then maybe you want to collect these. 

LITTLE KNOWN PRINE SONGS Songs that Prine co-wrote but doesn't have on any of his albums

PRINE 45's  - Do you have any not listed on this page? Let me know the details

REPERTOIRE - look at all those songs!

RADIO and MIDIS - Online stations that play John Prine more than once in a Blue Moon!


REVIEWS - Current and Past concert and Album Reviews

SET LISTS - From the 1970's to the present - always in a state of update.

iTunes and Napster!  - All of your favorite John Prine tunes from Oh Boy Records can be had.