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updated October 4, 2017
A big Prine Shrine Thanks to Spin for the start of this page.

Dan Reeder
Dan Reeder (11/01/2003)
New artist discovered and praised by John Prine 
"Over the years I have received many tapes, cassettes, mp3's and CD's. I have listened to them all eventually. Eventually is the key word here. I presently have a cassette in my car from nine years ago that I will listen to one of these days. Most of them are awful or even worse, mediocre. It appears that most people that send this music are trying to guess what other people like or I get their version of a John Prine song. Believe me, that is the last thing in the world that I want to hear. What I'm listening or looking for, is someone that is trying to entertain themselves. That is what I was trying to do thirty-five years ago when I started writing. Entertain myself. Explain things to myself and then perhaps there might be a chance that someone else might enjoy it. This is what I heard when I first heard Dan Reeder's CD... a fellow trying to entertain himself and he thought he would share it with me. He was right, I am entertained. I Love this CD. This guy is having fun with music and words and in return I am enjoying him, enjoying himself. All of us here at Oh Boy Records take great pride in saying... Ladies & Gentlemen, here is Dan Reeder." ~John Prine
- Order, listen, see, and read all about Dan Reeder here


Infamous Angel
Iris DeMent

"One night after receiving a copy of "Let the Mystery Be," I was listening to the tape while frying a dozen or so pork chops in a skillet. Well Iris DeMent starts singing about "Mama's Opry," and  being the sentimental fellow I am, I got a lump in my throat and a tear fell from my eyes into the hot oil. Well the oil popped out and burnt my arm as if the pork chops were trying to say, "Shut up, or I'll really give you something to cry about."  Of course, pork chops can't talk. But Iris DeMent's songs can. They talk about isolated memories of life, love and living. And Iris has a voice I like a whole lot, like one you've heard before--- but not really. So listen to this music, this Iris DeMent. It's good for you. And if pork chops could talk, they'd probably learn how to sing one of her songs. Then we'd all have something to cry about
Songwriter, musician & president Oh Boy! Records"


MERLE HAGGARD Oh Boy Records Classics
Merle Haggard - 10/17/2000

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