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This page is subtitled "The Tom and Warren List" Thanks guys!
updated 03/06/04

*This in from Eddie O'Strange of Blue Smoke Music Company
- I Just Want To Dance With You - a local version, ie New Zealand recording, of [I Just Want To] Dance With You by John Grenell. On Ode label - that's the NZ company called Ode, no linkage with the American label. It was recorded in 1989 and released on an album called "Silver" which celebrated John Grenell's 25 years of recording. The same set of songs plus Welcome To Our World [a version of Welcome To My World] was released about 3 years later under the new album title of "Welcome To Our World" after that song became an unexpected hit via its use as a 3-minute television commercial. 


*Thanks to Tom Doig for clearing up that 
- Todd Rundgren... Same name, but this one is written by Rundgren himself.
Sweet Revenge - Mitchel Torok, Mexican Joe in the Carribbean... written by someone called "Redd" I believe. I could be wrong.
Angel From Montgomery is not what the "Angel" song on Dave Mathews "Everday" album that we all figured it to be.  BUT DMB does cover it quite often on tour!
- Sam Stone on George Faith's Album "Loving Something" seems to have been written by Faith also.


*Thanks to Warren Methot for checking out these titles and clearing them up:
Dear Abby by the Dead Kennedys on the album "Bedtime For Democracy" is written by Biafra and only shares the same title name as John's song.
--- Lenny Bruce's "Dear Abby" on Carnegie Hall Concerts obviously was not the Prine song, Lenny died in 1966 5  years before John came out with the song.
- Souvenirs on Tom T Hall's album "We all got together and.." is a completely different song only the titles are the same.
- Paradise on the album "Broken Blossom" by Bette Midler is not a cover of John's song. It is a completely different song written by (Botkin/Garfield/Nilsson).


More from Warren Methot - MP3 downloads of Prine Covers
- Hannaward Pass (An Alabama Band) does "Angel From Montgomery" 5min 18sec available as a mp3 download.
- McGuffey Lane (a Columbus,OH band) does "Hello In There" 5min 15sec available as a mp3 download.
- Paisley Yesterday does "Angel From Montgomery" 4min56sec available as a mp3 download.
- R.E.M. did "Hello In There" 4min 25sec at a 1991 Swedish concert available as a mp3 download.


Here is an interesting Cover story from  Tom Hatch -  
"...the person who was one of the first (if not the first) to record a Prine cover. Bob Gibson recorded Sam Stone in 1970. He was based in Chicago and had a Prine demo tape of the song. According to Gibson's autobiography, his album, "Bob Gibson" on the Capitol label #ST-742 was released two weeks before John's debut album. Gibson's version lasts 6:11 minutes and features a group of singers on the chorus. It's too bad that the album does not go into great detail about who is featured on each track, but there aren't many songs with a group. Some of the names mentioned in the liner notes include Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, Denny Doherty, Spanky McFarland, and David Crosby. Any or all could be on the cut. John knew Sam Stone was on the record but an A&M executive prevented the album from being sold in order to protect John. Gibson states that John has apologized to him because he knew Stone was being recorded. The book is Bob Gibson: I Come for to Sing by Bob Gibson and Carole Bender. I purchased it from Rediscover Music. the album


 *Thanks to Visalia for clearing this one up
there is definitely an error on the album  "PRINCESS POO-POO-LY HAD PLENTY PAPAYA"...on Mary Ellen Bernard's "Point Of Departure" Album (says it was written by Kohler, Prine, and Owens - my guess is that it is possibly Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian) 


Bootleg Covers:
Hello In There
Under the Moonlight - Natalie Merchant ('Big Day Out Festival, Glasgow 6/3/90) 
From the Borderline - Bingo Hand Job (REM)
People Puttin People Down
Live From Italy - Bob Dylan