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Go to the Prine Shrine's All Net Picture show and cruise through the "Pro's On Prine" links, they have new and vintage Prine photo's available on their sites.





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A humorously dark novel written by a Prine fan (can you spot all the Prine references in the book?)  


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Find this Fillmore  Poster here 

John Prine Posters, concerts download, vintage tickets and clothing for sale at
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The Postman Delivers: A Chicago Musicians Tribute Chicago musicians' cover versions of Prine's music The Postman Delivers: A Chicago Musicians' Tribute To John Prine Vol. 1

Prine lends his version of "This Guitar For Sale" on Twistable Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to Shel Silverstein    


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a note on eBay and others selling John Prine items  
  eBay sells a lot of "Prine" as "Rare" or "Imported" and people pay high prices for these things. Bootleg CD's are sold as "Rare" and "Imported" (rare because it is illegal to sell bootlegs and imported because they got their copy from some other place than home). Please take a look at the "Traders" section in the Prine Shrine - and familiarize yourself with these.

  Other items such as Press Kits are simply the media files downloaded and printed off. Press Kit photos always have the Oh Boy logo or Al Bunetta's name and information on them.

  Autographs of John Prine are often times gotten by folks who are not fans - but by folks who stalk and approach John and ask for an autograph"with no name" (now what fan wants an autograpned photo without their name on it? Jerks!

  Promotional CD's like the current 25th anniversary CD, shouldn't be sold on eBay, as well as many other Prine items. If you see any of these items being listed, please report them to eBay   and simply just don't buy them.

  I don't know how many times I have seen some poor Prine fan get taken on a "rare live cd" - Get to John Prine's shop and buy your own "rarity" brand new..... or check the Traders section of the Prine Shrine and trade among friends. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE JOHN PRINE RIP-OFF ARTISTS.
Thank you.

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