John Prine and the ramblings from his webmistress

Prine show diary:

#46prine arrow04/28/2018- Champaign, IL

#45prine arrow
11/11/2016 - Davenport, IA

#44prine arrow03/12/2016 Nashville, TN

#43prine arrow03/11/2016 Nashville, TN

#42prine arrow11/01/2014 Milwaukee, WI

#41prine arrow09/14/2013 Cedar Rapids, IA

#40prine arrow12/18/2012 Nashville, TN

#39prine arrow04/13/2012 Champaign, IL

06/17/2011 Davenport, IA

#37 09/17/2010 Madison, WI

#36John Prine Chat House 05/13/2010 Maywood, IL

#35John Prine Chat House
09/12/09 Kansas City, MO

#34John Prine Chat House02/27/09 St Louis, MO

John Prine Chat House02/09/08 Whitewater, WI
#32John Prine Chat House03/10/07 Davenport, IA
#31John Prine Chat House08/26/06 Des Moines, IA
#30John Prine Chat House05/10/06 Madison WI
#29John Prine Chat House05/08/06 Wausau WI
#28John Prine Chat House01/28/06 St Louis, MO
#27John Prine Chat House10/01/05 Nashville, TN
#26, 25John Prine concert in GA and AL04/14-16/05 Atlanta, GA & Birmingham, AL
#24John Prine Chat House10/06/04 Des Moines, IA
#23John Prine Chat House04/23/04 Des Moines, IA
#22, 21John Prine Chat House03/26-27/04 Madison & Milwaukee WI
#20John Prine Chat House09/05/03 Champaign, IL
#19John Prine Chat House04/19/03 Cedar Rapids, IA
#18John Prine Chat House04/18/03 Peoria, IL
#17John Prine Chat House09/13/02  Kalamazoo, MI
#16John Prine Chat House05/19/02 Green Bay, WI
#15John Prine Chat House05/18/02 Rockford, IL
#14John Prine Chat House09/28/01 Lincoln NE
#11, 12, 13John Prine Chat House4/4--7/01 Oshkosh, Milwaukee & Madison WI
#10John Prine Chat House09/29/00 Ames IA
# 9John Prine Chat House02/26/00  Maywood, IL
# 8John Prine Chat House11/20/99  Chicago, IL
# 7John Prine Chat House11/13/99  Nashville, TN
# 6, 5, 4John Prine Chat House06/07-10/99 Crushfest  Madison, LaCrosse & Milwaukee, WI
# 3John Prine Chat House08/16/97 Wogstock  Indianapolis, IN
# 2John Prine Chat House03/22/97 Peoria, IL
# 1John Prine Chat House1995 My Prine Story & start of the Prine Shrine


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thank you kiss kiss


I'm PMS*red  Page Mistress Supreme and other anagrams - Prine's Mistress of the Shrine (because it sounds kind of dangerous) and unorganized keeper of the pages.  I smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish... and have my knees nailed to the drugstore parking lot... I need to use notes and liners and always cheat at trivia. If you have a question or a need, I'll do my best to find you an answer...or I'll ask the middle (wo)men. 

These are the people who fill the Shrine with continuous information and ideas they have righted my wrongs and I'm so thankful for their knowledge and friendship... if it weren't for them there wouldn't be a Shrine!


MR NATURAL (Mr Wonderful)
if you take an inch - give 'em back a mile
Without him,  his knowledge and his great big heart, the Shrine would not be located in such a spacious and fast moving (no silly annoying blinking ads) site!  He is not only gracious in the fact that he is hosting this site "just because he wants to give something back" to Prine,  but also because he is giving us all sorts of goodies to share with you all.  If you should get a chance to chat with this man.....   bow in awe......  I do! 


JP1FAN  (Shrinestress)
engaged to a fellow on the lay away plan 
John Prine's #1 Fan and sharer of  shrine 'stressing,   she's a good dog just the same, always fetching the mistress her papers ... in her spare time she likes to go froggin' but is not allowed to bring them to the Shrine.  She's a little peculiar but it ain't no sin. We'll call her the Shrinestress - Queen of the fireworks. 

BURHEAD  (the webmister)
he's there when the other one's ain't
The reason why I can be webmistress of the Shrine,   a man who cooks, cleans, irons, takes care of kids, helps with the teams, and can tear apart and reassemble a computer in a matter of days!  My best friend and voice of reason... amongst other good things.

SAMBOOKER  (Chord Man)
leans on the jukebox
Resident chord-maker to all John  Prine's songs for the Shrine.  He did them so good the first time... he did them a second time in a different style.  Need to Play that favorite John Prine song on the gitbox?  Check out Sam's Chords in the Music site.  


LAWTON (the other Chord man)
He straightened his apron and burnt my eggs. 
With a pair of binoculars and a good ear, Little Dickie will transcribe a song quicker than he could sniff Lightnin' Head's undies.


  click and visit the
LISA HILL (dreamin just comes natural)
of the Skyewalker Hostel - in the Isle of Skye, UK for dreaming up and recording the official


OLD HIPPIE (illegal smileman)
If you see him tonight with an illegal smile
He's a keeper, a Canadian Priner, true blue and full of help for the Shrine, he checks it a few times a day and offers all sorts of help on information and he has a particular fondness for the Top Ten lists. He and his wife have gotten themselves several Prine type tattoos between them... yep, he's sittin' on top a rainbow.


UNCLE SKIP "Don't Ride my Ass" LITZ
He's left on a New Train. He made us happy, got us all shook up.
Cheers Uncle Skip I am so thankful for sharing the path with this man for 5 or 6 years. He was a true music supporter and educated me and the Prine Shrine on all sorts of subjects, including John Prine. Fondly remembered and sorely missed. The friends that greet you will be simple and plain when you step down from that new train. RIP Uncle Skip!z

was sitting in a diner With a girl named Flo
Crusher holds the world record for seeing John in concert...I think at this writing he has seen at least 80 concerts. Crusher held the second Prine Shrine fan gathering "Crushfest" in 1999.  He'll sit in a diner, a bar, a stoplight and make friends with anybody....just an all around nice guy with a big heart...(just don't let him do your laundry)


KATHY47(48...)  (Prine Shrine Poet)
has seen her downs and seen her ups
She's sweeter than saccharin at a drugstore sale...Constant Ball of motion, Fine Prine Trivialist, connoisseur of Prine souvenirs, hander-outer-of -great-hugs.  Major Prine defender and married to real Prine pro (he's the Quiet Man who speaks up when when it comes to answering really tough Prine questions. (also Kathy 47's patient chauffeur)

Buy us a record And learn how to dance (drive)
Spin has been the man behind the scenes...always ready to do a search, find directions or maps (just don't ride in the car with him)  You'll find him tending to the John Prine Shrine chat room ready to welcome the newcomers.  Genuine to the bone, and won't steer you the wrong way (ahem, unless he's driving a van in Nashville in the middle of the night) 


talked slow Like real wet paint
If it weren't for Trout many articles would go un-read.  He runs the "Prine" email list and is a wealth of information and conversation.  Has run into John on several occasions while he is out at his favorite haunts

WOG  (Wise Old Geezer)
he's got a left handed manner
Oldest Chat buddy of the Webmistress. Held the first Wogstock at his home.  John Prine knows him by sight and Wog once followed the entire "Live on Tour" tour just to see how different the concert was - city by city...and WOW- did he find all kinds of differences and a few lost Dogs!  He's got muscles in his head that ain't never been used! See his Reviews and memorable trips through many cities in "On the Road with Wog" in Roadshrines and in the "Six O'Clock News." 
MUNGO JAMES LEWIS (my favorite fireman)
keeps it up all night
 The Fireman - Insane Innuendoist in this bunch that know all this really weird stuff and minute details. He's not the kind to hesitate, be too shy, wait too late. He can answer just about anything ~without liner notes!~   PMS*red adores him and he serenades her with  lessons in great music and 'Sees Chocolates'.  Is better at pocket pool than he is billiards! ;-) 
While out sailing on the ocean, While out sailing on the sea.....
Can't forget to thank my Northern Ireland friend Desi.  He has spent many a night pouring over the records and discs in his store looking for songs and appearances that Prine has done.  I would have been lost without him and you can see it all in the MUSIC section of the shrine.  It really is amazing.


BRINY (that's professor to you)
could open me up a lemonade stand
Better known as professor...or the Senior Spankophiliac.  Briny is the Peter Pan of Prine. - He's got the mind of a child and a body peeking over the hill... The man with the child's eye, that never quite got over bugs, but has eye enough to take some really excellent Prine photos.  He also swears that my meatloaf  would solve the world's problems.
she wouldn't say yes but she couldn't say no
She keeps a head full of hope and a heart thats so full of wonder.  One of my favorite anonymous people.  Rivals Mungo, Wog, and Kathy47 in the Prine knowledge department.  Can tame a rattlesnake, shoo a mountain lion, and cop a cheap feel of our favorite folk rock artist.  Honest to a fault and keeps the Shrine's P's and Q's minded.  Gives Wog a hard time... (because he deserves it) ... but can't seem to ward off any 3 leafed weed, or motionless scythes.

GQ (the man with the words in his hand)
he's gonna buy half a dollars and sell 'em to France
Wry Wordster and Instigator of Much -  Often wanders around the chat room quietly, on a white horse.  He's been a bad boy, been long gone, been out there, hasn't phoned home, hasn't given us a clue where he's been - He's been a bad boy again .

He's seen miniature dogs in coffee cups
I thought he was a computer geek... turned out that he is a musician!  He sends goodies our way and is always available for some interesting chats.

he's got competition wherever he goes
A brave young primate, outer space knew him well.   Keeps track of the chats and can show you the ropes in the Prine Shrine Chat rooms.  Provided many entertaining hours at Wogstock and is actually talented! Adds the P to your ool and is a fine Southern Gentleman.