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Jason Ankeny (note Merle Travis error) is a virtual John Prine biography - full of everything a Prine fan could want!


~ ~

January 26, 2000 - 6pm EST

John_Prine: Thanks a lot, glad to be here!

BrandiO says: How has the music industry changed since you began in 1971?
John_Prine: Well, one big thing I have noticed is that it's harder for a new person to get started today than it was when I got started. That's the largest change I've noticed.

sheeza says: Have relationships with your immediate family inspired any songs?
John_Prine: Well, if they have, I try not to let them know. Usually not. I try and keep away from even my distant families in the songs, let alone my immediate family.

curious99 says: What are some of the best moments you had as a musician?
John_Prine: Playing live.When everything is going right and you're having a great time,and the crowd is having a great time,it's the very best of everything

marilyn56 says: So many musicians are crossing over into the big screen. Have you thought about acting?
John_Prine: Well, yeah, actually I did some acting last year, but the movie still hasn't come out. It's a Billy Bob Thornton movie called "Daddy And Them". Laura Dern, too. Andy Griffith plays our dad.

EZGuest543 says: What are your interest outside of music?
John_Prine: Well, mainly I like to go fishing. And I enjoy the time I spend with my boys, Jack and Tommy.

tommy says: What's in your CD player right now?
John_Prine: Tom Jones Duet's record.

prinefan says: Do you have an archive of songs that you've never released?
John_Prine: No, I don't. (laughing) Everything I cut I put out.

bubbles says: Who are some of your favorite artists?
John_Prine: Jerry Lee Lewis. Van Morrison. Bob Dylan. Hank Williams Sr. Iris Dement. Lucinda Williams. Steve Earle. I can keep going.... Bonnie Raitt. Paul Brady.

francis8 says: What's your favorite album of all time?
John_Prine: Boy, that's tough! I really like Van Morrison's album Avalon Sunset. I probably bought about a dozen of those.

nataliejames says: What is the songwriting process like for you?
John_Prine: It involves a lot of waiting until I feel like writing something, or something makes me want to write a song and then once I get involved in the process, it's very quick. It's more a matter of editing, and getting the song to where you think it ought to be.

websurfer says: What do you think about MP3's?
John_Prine: I think it's great. I think anytime people can get ahold of music it's great. I don't encourage people bootlegging, I am not talking about what MP3 does, but when people get bootleg tapes, and if they can hear you, they can eventually go out and buy your record.

kingchatter says: Do you surf the web? Is so what's your favorite web site? Also, do you have a web site where we can get info on you that is official?
John_Prine: Well, when I go to the web I read the papers in Ireland, and I like looking at Irish real estate. Not that I do anything about it, but I like looking at it. And I would suggest that both of the Oh Boy websites or the John Prine Shrine: and

dharma says: What music artist(s) would you like to work with in the future?
John_Prine: Let me see..... I am really stumped!

Max says: I'm a big fan and want to know when you'll be back to St. Louis again?
John_Prine: In the fall of this year. I don't have a date yet, but please keep checking the websites for the date when we do get it.

seeker831 says: John, I'd like to know if your wife sings with you on any of the songs on your new "In Spite of Ourselves" CD?
John_Prine: Yes, she sings on "Till A Tear Becomes A Rose". She sang on four different concerts, at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, and she sang with me in Chicago, at the Old Town School of Folk Music. She enjoys that, and last week she sang in Dublin, Ireland with me. It's been working out great so far, we sing in the kitchen too!

Reeda says: So John, what has happened to that first Sivertone guitar that started you on your musical fame? Do you ever drag it out and play it for "Old Times Sake"?
John_Prine: I do every once in a while, it's hanging up in my living room. I had somebody do the whole guitar over again. It cost me about 350 dollars to get it done, and the guitar only cost 32 dollars when I bought it new!

Reeda says: how did your high school years influence your song writing?
John_Prine: Gee, I don't know.... I wrote a few songs back then.

Reeda says: Is Fiona the lady in the picture of you and a woman and a convertable in the Missing Years liner notes?
John_Prine: She sure is! That's my wife.

Reeda says: John, you are described as a folk artist...but that is your first album, you have covered a little bit of everything from Rockabilly (Pink Cadillac) to Rock (Lost Dogs) to Country (In Spite) - how would you classify yourself? We tend to think you are a hard folkabilly on a roll artist...grin
John_Prine: Well, I like everything, I like all different kinds of music. And to categorize myself, I don't know. I try to write good music. That's about as close to a category as I would care to get.

jp1fan says: Question: Why did you not record the 'Saddle in the Rain' verse that you sang on Farm Aid
John_Prine: Because it's not done.. Someday, when I think I'm finished with it, I'll record it.

Reeda says: What's it like being a new daddy?
John_Prine: It's wonderful, really wonderful. I'm having the time of my life with the two boys.

Ric says: Hey John. You made a comment once when you were playing The Tampa Theatre (I think on your German Afternoons tour). You said somebody famous once told you not to ramble on about your songs before you played them. That it is a form of apologizing for them. (Of course, we feel differently). I remember thinking at the time it sounded like something Bob Dylan would say. Am I correct in thinking that??.
John_Prine: No, it wasn't Bob Dylan, and I don't know who said it. Actually, I don't even remember saying that! Sometimes I just ramble on, because I ramble on. And then other times, when people want me to ramble on, I can't think of anything to say.

chuck says: John, i have been a huge fan sine the first time i heard far from me. with the success of in spite of ourselves any chance of a solo album of you doing old country songs
John_Prine: You know what? I would bet so, but I don't know when. I can do an album like that in one afternoon.

Ric says: Hey John. One song I always hear people holler out requests for during your shows is "One Red Rose", but you never sing it. Any chance of hearing that beauty someday?
John_Prine: Well, yeah, I actually do sing it. I may not sing it all the time, because I have a lot of songs to sing. I sing that song quite often, just not every show. If you tell me what city you're from, I'll try and sing it in that city next time!

chuck says: does it bother you in some way that you best songs seem to come be written after some trauma in you private life specifically everything's cool
John_Prine: No, it's something I've noticed myself. My buddy Steve Goodman, he used to say "it's easier to write, when you want to write a sad song, you have all the time in the world to write it, because you want to be by yourself. And when you're happy, who wants to sit around and write a song?"

jp1fan says: Do you have a home in Mexico? Or what is the story behind that song?
John_Prine: I've never been to Mexico. I just like the sound of the name.

Ric says: Hi John. "In Spite Of Ourselves" is such a great song, not to mention the rest of the great cover duets. If you don't get a Grammy, there's something wrong with this big old goofy world. Can we expect an album of original material any time in the near future?
John_Prine: Yes, I'm sure, probably the next record will be a bunch of new songs.

JackJ says: John, i'm a big Phil Parlapiano fan; never thought he could be replaced. But each time I see Jason Wilbur, he's better than before! Will you team up again w/ Parlapiano anytime soon?
John_Prine: Yeah, I don't know exactly when, but we're still playing with Mr. Squeeze just about all the time. You know, I wonder if this isn't Mr. Squeeze writing this letter, asking this question! If it is, Hi Phil! :-)

Reeda says: Talk about Lake Marie if you have a minute....lots of questions on what it is about...

Ric says: Hi John. I like you, my wife likes you, my kids like you, my Mom likes, you, my inlaws like you, my dog even likes you. How do you manage to come across to such a diverse group of musical tastes, generations, and species?
John_Prine: I don't know, I'm just lucky I guess. Even the dog likes me!

jp1fan says: Do you think you will do the Everly Homecoming again??
John_Prine: Yes, sure we will. It might even be this upcoming year.

Wowie88 says: Hello! Do you have a schedule of where you will be playing at next? I would really like to have one.
John_Prine: They will be putting it up on the site soon. They are telling me, actually, that they are up now. Everything through May is up now. I'm a busy guy, I better go pack!

Dale says: Now that put out In Spite of Ourselves, When are you gonna record spme more original music?
John_Prine: Probably the next record.

Wowie88 says: What would you say is your favorite song that you have done?
John_Prine: Far From Me.

SonySessions says: We are almost out of time for tonight John, thank you for joining us. Do you have any last thoughts you would like to share with our audience?
John_Prine: I'm in a restaurant in Amsterdam, and they are getting ready to throw me out of here! So I need to get out of here before I get in "Dutch!" If I need to get bailed out of jail, I'll call one of you!

SabeCCC: To purchase John's albums or for upcoming tour information, please check at and click on the John Prine links.
SonySessions: On behalf of John Prine and Sessions At West 54th, we would like to thank you for joining us tonight. Be sure to watch John Prine's Sessions At West 54th performance this weekend on your local public broadcast station. Check your local listings for details or visit For more information about John Prine visit for a complete discography and upcoming tour dates!

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