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updated: 6 September, 2012

Current Letters/Stories: 2011

Natoli Chiasson, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Well John you are a true inspiration. I have been listening to your music since the seventies. My brother Pierre actually introduced me to your songs. He lived in Toronto at the time and when he came back to Cape Breton he was singing your songs all the time. I'm a true fan, have all your albums and listen to your music everyday. I have introduced your music to many friends who never heard of you and they love your songs so much. Your music keeps me going each and everyday. I have seen you in concert several times over the years, last time was in Charlottetown, PEI, two summers ago. You put on some show. My whole family loves your music as well, 9 kids and my mom who has now passed was a true fan as well. My dad and I are having a visit as I write this and he is a fan too. Oh and I might add that you were one of the cutiest babies I have ever seen, your picture on the Anthology Album. I hope I get to see you again in the future. I'm working in Regina, Canada now and if you are coming to the West I will sure to get tickets for your show. Keep up the wonderful singing and god bless you for sharing your talent. Sincerely, Natoli


I am from the suburbs of IL.....Northlake, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, etc. My dad said he remembers you from the Maywood Race Track. Although I am no longer in touch with my dad I have strong memories of him singing your songs on his guitar. He mentioned he saw you at the track but he may have been eluding a few years. Because of your music I have very strong fond memories of my father. He is no longer in my life due to divorce but along with Cat Stevens I will always have a place in my heart for him and you as well. I am so lucky to have scored tickets to your upcoming LA show. You have no idea how much it means to me that someone from the burbs of Chicago and someone that can relate to heartache means to me. Although I am sad of the memories I have of you because I am no longer in touch with my dad, I am so grateful that I can share my childhood memories once again due to you and your upcoming concert. Hello in there.....:(

Andrew Scott, Stuart, Florida

Dear John, Here's one for you. First time anything like this has happened to me in 36 years of performing. I play mostly solo with the occasional duo. I've played some of your songs for years. Anyway, I'm playing a place called the "Original Tiki Bar" in Ft. Pierce, Fl. Every Sunday as a matter of fact for 2 1/2 years. Well, I have a table of 6 in front of me and it's one of their birthdays. I sing happy birthday to the woman, they're all happy through 2 or 3 sets. They tip and are having fun. I get a request from another table for some Prine. Yeah, no sweat! I decide on "Spanish Pipedream". Before the song was over, one of the men from the table comes up and takes his tip out of our jar, says something rude and the whole table gets up to leave while glaring menacingly. Really??? I have to admit I was speechless. But it was a good story for the rest of the afternoon. The rest of the audience was as stunned as we were but very sympathetic. We all had a good laugh. Just wanted to share that with you, I guess your songs really touch people! Keep up the good work as will I. Look forward to seeing you perform again soon. Your friends, Fish Head Gumbo.

Nick Jensen Kaysville, Utah

It has a while since I dropped a quick note just to say Thank You. While the times seem to keep getting harder for me and my family all it takes is to talk about the Red Butte Concert and things seem a little less serious for us. I know it sounds like everybody else that writes you but you do make a difference in my life. I just turned 16 and the first CD I played when I got my license in my dads car was MY Prine Favorites. If indeed you do read this please realize you do make a difference. Your youngest fan in Utah. Nick Jensen [email protected]



John (JACK) Margenthaler -Evansville,IN.

Your songs hit me like a bullett in the heart. I served and navy and civil service. Now I am going to be 60 and after a car accident in 2005 I'm on SSDI and V.A. disability. Thank god I still have my life. I got two great kids that I don't know ,don't see and they seem to not care. thats life. Did all those things you sing about and other than a little grass in my head thats all I do any more. Ain't life great!!

Monte Pocahontas,Ar.

JP I am a long time big fan. I saw you in Memphis years ago with Bonnie Raitt. Anyway, I sure would like to be at Jack's resort when you are around and do some fishing and whistling in Jo Jo's. Take care and keep making YOUR music!

Jim Zgorski - Titusville, FL

Hey Johnny, Before I die, I'd love to hear you sing my song. "The Good Song" (Zgorski) Good looks will get you noticed Good lines will get you far Good timing's all you ever really need Good friends are hard to come by Don't matter who you are Good grief at least that's how it is with me Chorus: Good people take advantage of my good-natured ways No good deed goes unpunished, so you see If I thought it was for the common good You know I'd give away the farm Goodness knows how happy I would be Good times are for the moment Good feelings fly so fast Good sense will bring you back where you belong They tell me that the road to hell Is paved with good intent Good thing I tried to get it in this song Chorus Good thing I just remembered One of my good-hearted deeds Hey, you owe me twenty dollars from last week You told me you was good for it Now it slips your memory You good for nothin' liyin' S-O-B Chorus (Goodness knows that's good enough for me) (Goodwill gives me all my clothes for free) (It's a good deal and it looks real good on me) Good mornin' it's another day So good to see smile that way Good gravy, you're lookin' good enough to eat You know it says so in the good book If you're lyin' down with dogs Good chance you might be getting' up with fleas Good luck good try good-bye © Jim Zgorski (BMI) Titusville, FL (321) 264-8920 [email protected]

Pat Motley- Ashville, Alabama

Recently attended my 12th JP concert in Birmingham. Loved seeing JP and Emmy Lou together on stage! Even better than that was the fact that I was with a Prine virgin, having never heard any JP music before. Watching her as she discovered what my excitment had all been about was simply wonderful! Now my friend is a faithful JP fan searching for opportunities to hear/see the genius song writer/storyteller that is so dear to me. Thanks for all the years of wonderful songs and memories of unforgetable shows.

Kate McDonald-Ottawa, Ontario

No story, just a question. When are you coming back to Ottawa? Soon we hope!

Sherry Welch- Baltimore

Thank you so much for singing "In Spite of Ourselves" (both parts) last night and mentioning my daughter, Kathryn. She was thrilled! She told me that since she had grown up on your music, she kind of took it for granted until she heard you live. Your artistry and your sincerity touched her greatly. Now Mama will get to see you (again) when you come to Wolf Trap in August. Looking forward to a great concert in a great venue. Thanks again!

Sherry Welch- Baltimore

In October 2001 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In December my dad was diagnosed with squamos cell cancer. In February 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My thirteen year old daughter watched this all unfold and was our moonstone during the experience. In April of 2002 my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows and major party, whose theme was "In Spite of Ourselves". John Prine kindly autographed our invitation and it is hanging on my bedroom wall. My husband died that year in July. My dad died the following month, on the day my daughter started high school. Tomorrow night, my beautiful 22 year old will be in the audience when John plays in Lexington, KY. She is now a divinity school student at Vanderbilt. More importantly, she knows all the words to almost every John Prine song. Thank you, John for being a part of our lives for so long. If you wanted to give my girl a shout-out, her name is Kathryn Welch.


Dear John, My name is Marcella. I was just sitting at my computer doing my bookwork and listening to your many songs. To me, you are the best songwriter I've come across...and I've been around for awhile.hee hee. But, seriously, when I listen to your lyrics, I wonder "what was he thinking?, where was he? or what was he going through?". I was introduced to you by my, best friend and husband of 27 years, Blair. He was known around our small community as, "John Prine".. He was in a local band and actually, introduced your music to a lot of people..even today, he is still getting people asking him, "Who sings that?" and asking where they could go and see you...That's the sad part, in our part of the country, you are not to be found doing any concerts, which is understandable, as we are a very small community..Anyway just wanted to thank you for touching us with your music and words...You will forever be remembered by this small town called "Tignish"..You are well loved. Take good care and keep's very inspiring. God Bless~!

Richard Upchurch

John, Lately, when I listen to "your flag decal ...", I think you need to re-write the lyrics in preparation for 2012. The new song should be "your flag decal won't get you into office anymore"

megan werner

hey john. i megan, im 20 years old and have been listening to your music my entire life. my earliest memory is of me in my mothers car while she ran into a friends house. i was sitting there for no more then a few minutes singing please dont bury me. granted i did have the words butchered considering i could barely for sentences. your songs had followed me threw my life, family trips hard times and good. in 2004 i lost my mother to cancer, her only request for funeral arrangements was that hello in there would play on a constant loop. she was a very talented writer and always credited you for her gift. you have been such a large inspiration in my life. i might not have the same talent but i know that you both would be proud. i feel that i have known you for years and i thank god for your talent please keep making me feel at home in your words. love always megan

Cliff Bowman

Good afternoon John, Well this is a first me writing to someone who I've only seen from a distance but who's music and energy has been very close to my heart. I believe the first time I had the opportunity to see you in concert was in 2001 at the Stevens Center in Winston Salem NC (2) 2002 or 3 once again at the Stevens Center this time with my date. We had seats up in the nose bleed section. Sherry had never heard your music before so it was an exciting experience for her as well as myself. (3) In Cary NC for the life of me I can't remember the name of the theater but it was outside in June or July and it was hot, hot, hot. Passing out hot. The place was packed and Sherry (Now My Wife) and I sat about 5 rows back. As always you rocked the place. (4) Time was at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte NC. We sat about 3 rows back and as always sat caught up in your words and energy. Of course you played all our favorites. Hello In There (Damn you know how to make a 60 year old man cry. So many people we pass by in a life time that need those words. Of course there's Some Humans hell were there once again. As always Sam Stone (Ex Nam Vet here) of course in the rear with the gear so to speak. But we all carry around our own little addictions. Well I've gone on here. Sadly I've noticed you won't be playing in NC this year but life goes on. Peace Cliff (At Work On The Monkey Farm)

Rock Cioni [email protected]

Summer of '72.just back fron Viet Nam.Friends took me to the Cellar Door in D.C. As a medic,did some work in VN w/ guys who got addicted to Smack. See John and he sings" Sam Stone" ";Your Flag Decal". " Hello In There" just blew me away. Thanks for the memories,John. Saw John 2 more times.

Lars Karlsson from Björnlunda Sweden

Cayamo 2011 Finally i will see and hear my idol live after 39 years! Hot seats third row in the middle! Wow i cried the first songs (i'm 58 years old!). The concert was fantastic! The night after my wife, me and our dear friends from Duxbury MA Linda and Russel went to one of the restaurants at the ship and suddenly Linda was kicking me on my foot and said "Hey look Lars, John is sitting next to us two tables away!" Russ and i runned like hell to our cabins for the cameras, pictures and the LP sleeve that Linda broght for maybe an autograph. I said to Linda let's not disturbe him in his dinner, but he's not gonna come through here. Well suddenly yuo were passing our table and i stood up and introduced myself, my wife and our good friends, took some pictures, autographs and a good chat. Your autogaphed picture is hanging on my studio wall next to Johnny Cash. Thank you John you really made my cruise 150% Lars and Tina from Sweden

Mike Cotten - Fate TX
The Fox was fabulous... you guys are a great gig and you three really have it together... Loved every sec... YOU ROCK JOHN! - Thanks!!!!

Brian Sweetman Bridgetown West Australia
Hi John, I have been singing your songs since 1972 ' When are you coming to Bridgetown Western Australia We have a great Music Club called Music Inc where so much happens. I have been playing for three years (at sixty three) and I would love you to come to our town and listen to great music. I can give you a bed and my wife can cook you up anything your heart desires. I really would like you to meet the people of my town. Your Number One Fan In A ustralia. Honx

I grew up in and lived in Oak Park, IL for thirty years. Maywood is spitting distance (well almost). I first saw John at Milwaukee Summerfest in 1975 at the Old Style stage he shared with Corky Siegel. I was 15 and on an "unexcused absence" from OPRFHS. I saw him last year (2010) at the Rialto in Joliet and yikes I was 49. I absolutely loved both shows. My favorite song at the 1975 concert was Dear Abby which is about right for 15. I treasured every minute of the 2010 show. Loved Jason Wilbur's madolin. John embodies the 1970s for me and really connects me to that time but I love his personality and his music even more now than I did then. Keep rockin John, don't ever stop, we need your music.

Eddie Marie - Columbia, SC
Thank you, John Prine, for your music. It makes the world a better place for me and many others. I was in the third row front at the Fox Theater in Atlanta on Feb. 25. The man in front of me said the last time he had been in the Fox was in 1948 when he was 8 years old. I guess it took someone pretty special to bring him back. Love you.

Cynthia - Austin, TX
John, Single mom with a wonderful kid. She loves to sing "The Accident" along with me. Please come back to Austin, TX soon. Prefer the Paramount but will take what I can get :-)

Susie Weigel - Auburn, Alabama
One more thing...after talking with my brother yesterday, I found out that the Oh Boy offices are just around the corner from where our dad grew up. His childhood house was at 1807 South Street (now Chet Atkins Place). A parking garage now stands where his house once stood. He still misses that house and those memories. His "Paradise," I think. Thought you might be interested in how the street looked back then. Here's a pic from him (back left) and his brother (on his right) with some friends at the corner of 18th Street South and South Street: Cheers, Susie

Susie Weigel - Auburn, Alabama
Dear John, I have to be honest and let you know that I hadn't heard of you until this past fall, but I think the way I was introduced to your music is a memory worth sharing. I'm not as good as you about knowing what to leave out, so please excuse the excessive details.... I'm a 35 year old mother of three, and I'm originally from Huntsville, Alabama. I'm the youngest of six kids (and the only girl). My parents and two of my brothers still live in the Huntsville area. This Fall, my mom who has been suffering from dementia for several years was also diagnosed with breast cancer. So I left the kids (8, 6, and 3) with my husband to go and help my mom after her surgery. Turned out she wasn't much in to being helped (I tell myself she had gotten used to helping us so much that she didn't feel comfortable having me cook for her/wait on her), so I stayed with my brother, Pat, my last night in Huntsville. It's not often that I get the chance to visit with my brothers without the kids being around, so Pat, his wife Debbie and I ended up listening to and talking music, dancing, and reminiscing until early morning. Our conversations that night started because as I was on my way out the door before I left my home in Auburn to head to "Huntsvegas", I had grabbed a few CDs for the car to listen to on my unusually quiet drive to H'ville, and it felt like years since I'd really been able to listen and enjoy music and lyrics, some of which I hadn't really noticed before. So I'm driving and thinking and listening, and a Bob Dylan Live CD I had put in had a great recording of "With God on Our Side" with Joan Baez that I hadn't really payed attention to before. I listened to it over and over on that drive. So, I'm telling Pat about it, and Debbie had never heard the song, and Pat has every album under the sun, so he put it in and we started the night off with that. We listened to all kinds of music that night, but it was that song that led Pat to ask me if I'd heard of you. I hadn't, so he put in "Hello In There," a song that reminded him (and me) of my mom and what she and we have been going through. Then we listened to "Some Humans" and on and on it went from there. A week or two later Pat sent me Fair and Square along with some song notes and a photo of you and Pat outside the Alabama Theater. It didn't arrive at my house until two months later (mid-December) 'cause it ended up in a neighbor's mailbox. The neighbor probably would have kept it if it hadn't been for some bizarre circumstances that led to me having my name in the paper: . The neighbor brought by $5 for Mr. Penny and the package that she'd had for a couple of months. I started listening right away while wrapping Christmas presents, and I was hooked. Right after Christmas, we were driving through downtown Atlanta after dropping my in-laws off at the airport and as we passed the Fox Theater I saw your name marquis. My husband bought us and Pat and Debbie tickets the next day for my birthday, so we saw your show the other night. Loved it. The kids stayed at the hotel with a friend of mine who lives in ATL, but the next morning they were curious to know: "Did he play the 'throw my brain in a hurricane' song? 'She can do 14 things at once'? (they like this one 'cause it's their way of saying "why can't you do that, mama?"), 'the Greyhound song' ?(I know it's by Blaze Foley, but your version is spectacular and they love it)?. Anyway, you played most of our favorites and we had a great time, and I think I might even bring my boys to see your show sometime. We could make it to Huntsville next weekend, but I'm pretty sure the playlist will be the same, and they'd really hate to miss "Please Don't Bury Me"--it's their favorite. Do you think you might add any of these songs (or even "Some Humans" or "Other Side of Town") to your playlist on your next tour? Let me know and we'll be there for sure. Thanks for making my days more meaningful with your music. You put things into words that I've felt for so long but that I've never have the gift or cleverness to express. I'm glad I got to know you through my brother--and I hope to see you live again soon. Great, great show! -Susie Weigel

Heather from Alberta, Canada
Hi John We appreciate your music and sure hope you come to Calgary again. My son-in-law moved home to the east coast a few years ago so he won't be able to come to the show with us. We took Birch to The Jubilee in Calgary to watch your concert about 4 years ago. We grinned the entire time. I will buy Birch and Tim tickets for Halifax if you include it in your next Canadian tour. They grew up singing John Prine tunes but didn't learn your name until they came out West!. Thank you for the laughs, the warmth, the tears and for allowing us to share your music. We love you John.

Dear Mr. John Prine, I have probably an unusual request. From the time our second son was about 5 years old, he was singing some of your songs. He grew to be a true hard core Prine fan. Sincerely, I tell you he is a good man. He always had to work extra hard in school and has been an extremely hard worker since I can ever remember. He probably made poor decisions like the rest of us through out his young life (he is now almost 24 years old), but one that cost him some freedom. When younger he made a poor choice, but believe me John, it is like non other than most of us have ever made, the law just simply didn't catch us. So, he is now paying what the government says (well actually what one female judge decided) is his dues. He must be away from those of us termed free for at least 5 years. John, I am asking you make contact with him if you see appropriate and to your moral merit, via writing. If you are interested please let me know and I will provide you with my son, Drew's, address. Thanks for caring, Drew's Mom, Sherry

Gary E Allen
Dear John Hello how are you? I have enjoyed your great music since the early 70's. I want to share a poem I wrote and see what you think of it as song lyrics? Best to you Gary E Allem email [email protected] Consumed Why don't we drink till we drown our sorrow? Raise our glasses to a new tomorrow Cry all the tears still trapped inside Struggle to get our hands untied The scent of summer roses so bittersweet Remove our masks so we can finally meet Bolt the doors to the spirits of night Dance with me in the flickering candlelight Feed the hunger that lives deep within Where my flesh ends your touch begins You make the music while I keep time While we make love to another glass of wine Form our connection under the moon and stars Time to discover exactly who and what we are Seal any doubt with your fiery kiss A recreation on earth of heavenly bliss Free our hearts so they can now take flight Crossing all boundaries of an endless night Let the grape nectar take its toll Allow mutual passion to consume us whole Gary E Allen 2005 ©

Roger Kiemele
OK I know you are thinking groupie story but.....My 54 year old amigo Rick Ryan has been a quadraplegic for 30 some years and now he went and got himself CANCER!. F*ck. As if sittin' in a wheel chair for three decades ain't bad enough. Of course we all been fans since the mid 70's. Concerts, reciting lyrics, etc. Heck, Ricks even got himself a b/w photo of JP circa 1978 in his living room. He would probably like hearin' from you. Best regards, Roger. Ricks at : 1561 Glenbeigh Ct. Woodbury, MN. 55125

paula buck - burnsville, nc (35 m. north of asheville)
#1 on my bucket list = to sing HELLO IN THERE with JOHN PRINE (i dont suck). it was the first song i ever heard by MR. PRINE. played by a friend when i was about 15 (i'm now 54). , it brought me to tears, and i'd never heard it before so, i asked him if he wrote it.. he replied "i, john prine wrote it". it still makes me cry when i hear it, though i love 'em all. that lead me to the album PRIME PRINE, which was the first of the now extensive collection. i bought them all, replaced them with cassettes...replaced THOSE with CDs...and loaded those onto the ol' IPOD, and have added to that songlist as itunes has gotten new stuff. i've seen him 15+ times (first time back when there WAS an ASHEVILLE MUSIC HALL...many braincells ago). i've found lifelong friends through that music...descovering that the folks that like JOHN PRINE are folks i prefer to hang out with...without exception. so, if you're in asheville, john...and you feel so inclined....i'd be more then happy to help you out on that ol' tune...or any of the older ones, for that matter. brightest of blessings to you...and yours, paula mcwhirter-buck

Elizabeth Crosby- Nova Scotia
Over a year ago,I took my husband, Andrew, to see John Prine at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax. It takes a heck of alot to get a rise out of my husband, I never seen him so excited or so pleased. I really wish John Prine would come back. We love him here in Nova Scotia Canada. I want to take my kids this time, so they can see the man "John Prine" Life is Good. All is good...Thank you John for everything...all my best... Elizabeth

Dot, Naples FL
Hello John & TGIF, My hubby and I LOVE your music and playing it by our pool with a cocktail and friends is the best way to wind down after a crazy day!! We decided we couldn't wait any longer to see you live so when I checked your tour dates yesterday to see how far we would have to travel this summer and saw you were playing 30 minutes away in Ft Myers Fl. I almost shit myself :-0 I hired a band last yr for my hubby's 50th surprise bday party and they learned and sang "In spite of ourselves" which we consider "our song" and it was incredible but imagine how awesome it would be if you actually sang it on May 11 @ BBMan?? Whaday think? See ya soon!! Dot Evans

Linda Bradley Bend Oregon
Dear John, We need you to come to Bend and play your music. I have been talking about you for years and have seen you in Cleveland and twice in Portland. Please bring your band to Bend! The folks will go wild with you, I promise! And my salon will give you all free hair cuts! See ya soon, I hope, Linda Bradley

Please come to Bay Shore, Long Island, New York - the Boulton Center on Main St would be a perfect venue!!!! We'd LOVE to see you!!!! xoxoxxo

Hi John, I'm 34 years old. I've been listening to your music all my life. My father was a huge fan and still is. I've seen you 14 times in my life and not once have I heard "They Ought to Name a Drink after You". I'm coming to see you at The Fox in Atlanta in two weeks and it would be great if you would please play that song. Thanks, Jason

Myryja-Whitehorse, Y.T. Canada
The first time I ever heard of John Prine was on an 8 day river canoe trip, as part of a school program learning and camping along the way. anyways as we were just cruising along the river my teacher started singing a song it was so ridiculous and silly I couldn't believe it was a real song and that my teacher had just made it up as he was paddling down the river.....he insisted that he did not and all the credit went to John Prine... turns out the song was called "Please don't bury me." I loved that song so much I had my teacher teach me it and I still remember that song. One of the best moments on that trip was when the two of us started singing "Dear Abby" just awesome! Really hope to see John sometime soon this year!

Kris, Muhlenberg County, KY
Hi John. We're in Key West tonight (Feb 11th) and just found out you are on the island!! Can't believe we missed your show. All four of my grandparents lived in "Paradise." I even have pics. Wish we could buy you a drink!

vickie james, kirby, ar
A 1969 Rock Creek/Huntington High sayin'......We will put that in the John Prine Shrine with a net under it and bank on it. Just goes to show ya .............Indiana wisdom. There really is a John Prine Shrine and musical genius never goes out of style!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS

Leonard..Cabin Creek WVa [email protected]
I've been married to the GREATEST WOMEN for 25 yrs. Since day one we've been Prine Timers! John, you've gone on EVERY camping trip to every camp site in West Virginia, and every where else we go. I drive a school bus in Kanawha Co. WVa. I often make up song's to entertain-annoy the crap out of my kid's. They're a captive audience, they can't leave till I say!! Anyway, my wife, Elaine and I have been foster parent's-adoptive parent's for those with special need's for 24 yrs. We've been blessed!!! We are coming to your concert in AshlandKy. on 4-2-11. That's what my wife want's for her birthday #....not going there!! If there is anyway that she could meet you, it would mean more than you'll ever know. That's at the top of her BUCKET LIST!! Heck, I may even sing you my latest bus..e..okey song about the preacher and the gay, 2 guy's I work with. Anyway, thank you for your time and your music. May GOD continue to BLESS you, your fellow HILLBILLIES, and PROUD of it!!!!!


Josh Coggins - Charlotte
My dad and I got to see John Prine together last year, and it was a very special bonding moment for us. My story dates back to when I was around 5. As a kid of divorced parents, I grew up visiting my dad every other weekend. He was a John Prine fan, and as all Dad's do, he passed the love of his favorite music to me. Our favorite song was Please Don't Bury Me. I can picture the moment, even today, of me standing up in the front seat of his Silverado truck singing that song together every Friday evening on the drive back to his house. Of course, we always got a good laugh when I had to refrain from saying the curse in his "kiss my ass goodbye" line. For the rest of my days, the songs of John Prine will always be near and dear. Cheers to the legend!

Jim Zgorski - Titusville, FL
Dear John, Before I die.... I'd like you to record a song I wrote. When my good friend The Greek heard this song, he said, "That's a John Prine song". Now mind you, I'm not physically ill. So at this time there is no urgency. But before I die I'd like to hear you sing this song. It's called "The Good Song". Just tell me where to send it. Thanks. P.S. The sooner the better (You never know)

Jack Edmonds/ Greenvile SC
My oldest brother Fred turned me on to your music back in the late 70's. He said you were a friend of a friend. At any rate your music was just about our only real connection and I am very thankful for that! I will seeing you for the first time in Greenville and am very excited.

Eleanor Walsh
We are very much looking forward to your Portland Maine appearance. Scott and Eleanor Walsh Fire an Spice Trading Company Casco, Maine We operate a roadside BBQ mobile kitchen near Sebago and absolutely enjoy singing along to favorites like " In Spite of Ourselves " as we enjoy cooking for tourists and locals looking to experience a bit of Americana. Thank you John Prine! See you on April 29th

my only "story" is that I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN NORTHAMPTON MA THIS APRIL. I have followed you career in awe ever since I first heard Sam Stone. I am a Nam Vet and was so moved by that song. Thank you John.

Mike Block Burlington , WI
My memories are all because I was turned on to John Prine by his #1 fan Tom " Crusher" Reynolds in the late 70's. We sang alot of J P's songs around the camp fire and on road trips . I didn't make the concert scene until the 90s . I was (still feel) honored to see John's show(s). I will always be a fan of Johns and I have Crusher to thank for that. I never got the chance to thank Tom for these and many more great memories. I am writing this today because Crusher passes away on this day last year. To everyone that met Crusher you know how he is missed , and if you get a chance today , pull out one of your "Crusher moments" , look up & smile.

Sheila Davis-Picayune, MS
Dear John, i am a big fan of yours. i played your music as my children were growing up. My son Wes Davis works at Levy's in Nashville and had the honors of waiting on you. Please extend your tours further to the south, New Orleans, Hammond, Gulport. i was in Bad Bob's Saloon in Robert La. last week, as we were leaving Illegal Smile was playing, I told my date that's a John Prine song we can't leave now. The owner "Bob" said you are welcome at his place anytime you are in the area. Hope to see you soon, Wes' Mom Sheila

I invited a friend of mine to a Arlo Guthrie concert and he said sure because John Prine was also playing. When we got to the Uptown Theatre Arlo came out and played first. I was very pissed off Because I did'nt know that John was the headliner. I was a Big fan of Arlo Guthrie and had never heard of John Prine. I bitched to my friend all the way through Arlo's set. He just laughed at me and told me to calm down that John Prine was a great singer/songwrither. When John Prine came out he just floored me. I had never heard anyone like him. Every song I heard that night spoke directly to me. It was like I had discovered my twin and he could really sing. From that day forward I was a fan of John Prine.




Hello John! Would you please bring emmy lou and the rest of your tour group to California in 2011? Don't forget about us.....


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