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JOHN PRINE CHAT HOUSE:  Official Chat House of the Prine Shrine. Easy to use and great for those who like to control their own page loading. Monday nights the joint is hopping! Come on in and chat up some John Prine!


READ the transcript of the chat with John 1/26/00 on Sessions at West 54th



click here to go to the John Prine Shrine Main Message BoardOH BOY RECORDS PRINE SHRINE MESSAGE BOARD : Everything discussed on Oh Boy's Artists and company along with John Prine Trivia, questions, stories, make your concert connections here, figure out the lyrics, chords, wonder about the whatfors and howscomes of Prine



Click here to go to the Prine Live Show classifiedsJOHN PRINE LIVE MUSIC TRADERS Trade for live Prine music. No selling, just trading. For those who have all of Prine's music, and want more - for their personal Prineomaniac pleasures.


MISHEARD LYRICS  It's a Happy Enchilada and You think You're Gonna Drown....Have you been singing the wrong words to your favorite Prine songs? You're not the only one. Go ahead, confess....




MY PRINE STORY AKA I GET LETTERS current stories and letters about/to John Prine or or the Prine Shrine.




PRINE E-MAIL LIST at YahooGroups - like a chat but on your own time & in your own mailbox, The whole list receives e-mails from each other. Prine is why this list is together, but many topics and subjects are covered- Note: you will get lots of mail with this one!




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