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Author Topic: Thank you Atlanta
  Reeda Posted: 02-Feb-05 21:56  
    Thanks to everyone for the Atlanta, MARTA, day/night traffic and lodging information! Special thanks for all the those of you offering your homes, everyone elses homes, transportation, and called around for informtaion!!

I have learned that:
Southern Hospitality is real and true.
The MARTA i($1.75 ticket) is the only way to travel unless you want to stay in beautiful quaint Acworth.
Friday traffic in Atlanta is pure hell, no matter what time of day or night it is.
If there were a get-gether on Thursday night - most of you would come.


How's the Atl Lennox Buckhead Station sound for a Thursday night? It's 5 miles from the Fabulous Fox and on the Marta?

Anybody know the area? It looks like it has a lot of stuff... any place real close to the Baymont Inn's one could get a beer or a sweet tea? I see there are lots of restaurants. Any kind of non cookie cutter cool place?
  Spence Posted: 06-Feb-05 18:23  
    There's tons of stuff to do in that area. The Bucket Shop is about two blocks from that Marta stop and it's one of my favorite Atlanta hangouts...but, I may just like it because it has an Auburn feel to it and I'm an Auburn man. There's a lot of other restaurants within walking distance from that station as well.

  jasimon Posted: 07-Feb-05 09:03  
    He's right...That's a great area and there's TONS of cool places to hang...I'd definitely be into meeting some other JP fans...Name the place and name the time...If I can help further, just give me a shout!

BTW: ATL TIX go on sale 2/11 at 10:00 a.m.
  Reeda Posted: 07-Feb-05 09:18  
    Is there any place we can walk to from the hotel? Or someplace close to the Baymont Inn's and Suites that can be found and gotten to easily. Maybe a place that would let us eat, drink and possibly jam or something like that? (Someone always shows up with an instrument and then the singalongs begin.....)
  Southern Ferret Posted: 10-Feb-05 05:24  
    There's not really anything within walking distance if the's sort of in a No Man's Land area as far as restaurants & bars are concerned. The bars along Cheshire Bridge are mostly strip club-type places. There's one close-by called "Buddies", but I don't know anything about it.

Best bets for pre-concert get-together would either be MARTA to the area of the Fox Theatre & walk to Bridgetown Grill or Apache Cafe, or take MARTA to the Lenox Square mall area & walk to Loco's, Steamhouse Lounge or one of the other many bars/restaurants in the area.

  Reeda Posted: 10-Feb-05 11:32  
    Thanks Southern Ferret! That sounds like a plan for Friday before/after the show. Mapblast made the area look like there were hundreds of things to do/eat/drink within a mile of the hotel... maybe they meant city mile? Hope to get some people together somewhere Thursday night for a little gathering and a lot of Prine. Would be nice to meet up - Keep posting thoughts and ideas - because I'm 800 miles away and lost....
  Southern Ferret Posted: 11-Feb-05 12:28  
    You other Atlantans weigh in on this...I don't get into town all that often. But I think a great place to have the Thursday get-together would be Manuel's Tavern, downtown. It's about 5 miles from the hotel, maybe three from the Fox, it's got great food, atmosphere (it's an Atlanta institution), they're pretty laid-back, the beer's always cold, & it's pretty big with different rooms. It's also fairly easy to find (for Atlanta !!).
  Spence Posted: 11-Feb-05 15:16  
    Manuel's is a great spot. I think it's probably a mile or so from the nearest Marta station, but other than that, it be perfect.
Oh, my. I just remembered...if this thing is gonna go down on Thursday, The Sweetwater Brewery has "tours" every Thursday afternoon (4:20 PM - 'til) and it's not but a couple of miles from Manuel's. It's not what you'd expect...but it's a lot of fun. Pay $5 and get a bunch of good beer and you keep the pint glass. Lots of cool people and usually some live music. And you can bring your dog if you want.

  Reeda Posted: 11-Feb-05 20:11  
    Hey, what about this place for Thursday night-
Smith's Olde Bar is an interesting place that's about 2.6 miles from the Baymont (about a 6 minute *drive*). They have a room (look under "Rooms") called the Atlanta room that's available for private parties & sounds like they have a cd stereo system in the room ...

.. no Marta, no highways for us foreigners ... Have any of you been there? Maybe they would let us use one of their rooms - Thursday night is 'Ladie's night' and they also have live music that night... and food....I wonder if you have to pay the $12 cover just to get in and 'not' choose to see the live music.

Anybody know?
  Spence Posted: 12-Feb-05 07:16  
    I was actually going to suggest that place as well. I've been there four or five times and I always have fun. It's also even closer to the Sweetwater Brewery if anyone is down for that too.
Dale Watson is playing there that night too.

  Reeda Posted: 12-Feb-05 15:58  
    Sooooo, have you ever been in Smith's - Atlanta Room? That would be so perfect for a bunch of Prine people to hang music - bring guitars - Do you know how it works there. Thursday nights are Ladies night - and there appears to be live entertainment in another room ...

Come on spill it - tell me more...
  ks4ey Posted: 12-Feb-05 21:04  
    I talked to a manager at Smith's Olde Bar today about possibly reserving their Atlanta Room for Thursday, April 14, the day before the concert. He said that I should call Nolen Reeves Music on Monday -- that they do the booking for the room. I think they are connected with the bar. He said that they don't charge a fee for using the room, but they would probably require some kind of comittment on food, beverages, or whatever. He kept mentioning, for example, a keg of beer. Don't know what they charge for a keg, but that might be the way to go -- buy a keg of beer and have a party in the Atlanta Room at Smith's Olde Bar. He said the room was open for 4/14. They have live music in the Atlanta Room sometimes, so I'm guessing it would be great for Prine-size gathering -- guitars, CD's, the works. Think we could muster support for a keg, if that's what they require?
  Christopher Posted: 15-Feb-05 11:30  
    Hi, I live in Atlanta, and I've been to both Smith's and Manuel's, and they're both good places for a get together. I think I read that this party's happening on Thursday? If so, I know there's this place in close proximity to Smith's called the Sweetwater Brewery. It's a really cool place where people can bring their dogs, lawn chairs, The Full Johnny, and just relax with a cold tall one (or 3 or 4). It's only open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays. You pay $5, and you get a pint glass you can keep, and (4) tickets for free beers (they have several flavors ranging from light and fruity to dark and manly). Anyway, if the weather's nice, I think it would be fun to go there before Smith's and congregate in a relaxed setting. Again, it's called the Sweetwater Brewery. Here's a link that can explain it better than I can:
  ks4ey Posted: 16-Feb-05 16:00  
    The Sweetwater sounds really good -- Wow -- a pre-Prine Party party.
  envelope Posted: 16-Feb-05 19:22  
    Smith's is okay. You don't have to pay to get into the bar. The music is upstairs and that does have a cover. I've never been into the Atlanta room. It sounds like it might be next door. Smith's is a dive but it has some character.
The hotel you are staying in is in a weird place, there's not really a close Marta station near there. You would be better served to get a hotel in Buckhead or Midtown, then you could walk to Marta and tons of restaurants. That hotel calls itself Lenox but it's not even close to there, it's in an office park. Look around some more.
  ks4ey Posted: 20-Feb-05 18:14  
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Thanks for that info, Envelope. Do you have any suggestions on motels to check in Buckhead or Lenox?
  Reeda Posted: 20-Feb-05 20:02  
    Hey Everybody.....
Ks4ey - I found this link that lists hotels... maybe one of these people will tell us if it is close to the Marta and just out of Atlanta enough and in a place where we can wander the streets aimlessly and have a Prine party at nearby bar... brewery...whatever.

Also - I sent an email to the Sweetwater asking if they would be interested in having a John Prine night on the 14th and letting a bunch of strangers drink and take over their place for the night -
I am kind of confused about the sweetwater... is it an inside and outside place? Their site says to bring a lawnchair and frisbee.... is there also seating inside somewhere? Do they have food? Call me dense, but is it just a brewery or is there a bar that offers more stuff and an area inside too that maybe some of our more talented Prine fans can sit with their guitars, kazoos, autoharps, mouth harps and baby grandes in a sort of "play us a Prine tune" jam fashion? The Sweetwater looks like a place I'd want to go to - but is it more than a brewery and do I have to cart my lawn chairs 800 miles in order to sit in or out of the place?

Do any of you live in the area... have a 'home' bar - that would host a Prine night... all they have to do is let us play our Prine CD's or live Prine music on our own instruments as we patronize and enjoy their wonderful and friendly establishment. It would be nice to have running water and toilets... and maybe even a full bar or grill for the munchies...

I've been looking around and it's just plain difficult to figure out - We are looking for a place that will let us kind of take over, or will host a Prine night and let us just gather and meet up with one another and let it take it's course from there. Preferably a fairly decent hotel within walking or short distance to the Brewery or some place that won't mind us taking over the place - And to the MARTA that will take us to the concert the next night.... and just easy enough to get on the highway and leave town for the Birmingham concert on Saturday?

thanks for all your help...

[Edited by Reeda on 20-Feb-05 20:06]
  Lemesa Posted: 21-Feb-05 20:05  
    Been busy as hell and haven't had a chance to check in. I'll contact a friend tonight who does talent promoting and has friends in lots of local bars downtown and in Buckhead.*** Definite places to check out ---Loco Luna's( few blocks from the Fox, also open for lunch), probably not for pre prine party but a beautiful!!! Latin bar/ appetizer place, perhaps post prine couples as it can be very romantic. 836 Juniper st. 404-875-4494. They have live music, reservations for patio might be a good idea. *** Fun place who may let us take over partially is Fado-- Irish place... in Buckhead-- Live music, some open mic less than 5 miles from Fox. 3035 Peachtree Rd. 404-841-0066. ***Peachtree Tavern also about 5 miles from the Fox ( my buddy Pete is the bartender. ) They usually have live music but I'm about to call pete and find out. 1374 Peachtree Str. 404-885-1365 cool place with 2 seperate bars. *** And Smith's Olde Bar, saw some had suggested it. I always have a good time at Smith's, the shows can be $$ but typically worth it. That could prove to be a fun option for some depending on whose playing. It seems like it maybe a harder transportation option if I'm thinking right . Smith's is also one of Atl's top single spots, come to think of it I've met some really cool guys there. Too bad Roswell is out of the way, I have a handful of little local bars, one that has a guy( Marty) that plays me Prine every Thurday night(Pizza Suburb- a- Night), but unless we rent a bus it wouldn't be too practical. I'll let we know what Pete says, keep me posted. Lots to celebrate-- PMS birthday, my graduation, AND FINIALLY THE ALBUM WE'VE WAITED FOR FOR 3 LONG YEARS!!! [email protected]
  Christopher Posted: 23-Feb-05 06:52  
    The Sweetwater is a warehouse with a lawn. Mostly people just hang out by their vehicles on the lawn or in the parking lot. I don't mind sitting on a tailgate, but some people prefer to sit in lawn chairs (you have to provide your own chairs). I know of at least four (4) Prine fans that will be there on the night in question, and I'll get them to bring extra chairs for anyone else who expresses an interest in going. If there's rain, everyone usually brings their chairs inside the building (which is a warehouse more or less) where there's usually music playing off a CD player. If we're forced inside by the weather, I don't think it would be a problem for them to let us play some Prine. If the weather's nice, we can sit outside, and I know a guy who's coming to the concert (and the to brewery) who can play almost any Prine song on guitar.

MARTA bus route #27 will take you there. It's on Ottley Dr (the dotted circle on the map this link will take you to: )

Again, my friends and I will almost definetly go, so if anyone wants a ride or needs an extra chair, just let me know ahead of time, and I'd be happy to accomodate you. By the way, this is looking like it's going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait. Seven more weeks!
  envelope Posted: 23-Feb-05 12:36  
    Reeda, I checked the link you posted. Any one of the hotels that has the word Buckhead in the name is walking distance to the Marta station and practically any cuisine you want to eat. As Lemesa said, Loca Luna is a cool bar, but you wont hear any Prine there, but it is a good place to gather with a large crowd.

Fado probably wouldnt be adverse to letting people jam in their place, they are all Irish and Brit and dont mind people letting their hair down. You would definitely have to get a cab to Smith's but it isnt very far. Fado's or Smith's would be my first choices over Peachtree Tavern.
  pjmutchler Posted: 24-Feb-05 09:44  
    I didn't find much I could personally afford in Buckhead. I did find two hotels in downtown within walking distance of the Fox: Check out Renaissance Atlanta Downtown on West Peachtree - $93 a night and Holiday Inn Atlanta Downtown on Int'l Blvd - $93 a night. Did not check availability on either. Is this of any help?
  Lemesa Posted: 24-Feb-05 16:53  
    PJ- I'll ask around about affordable lodging in the area but I'm betting it won't get too affordable in that area. My friend Pete who bartends at Peachtree Tavern said he'd be able to get at least the back bar/ room for everyone. He'd just need to know a ballpark number to tell the owners. I guess I'd need to get him a ticket to, just to make it fair. Anyway let me know if I can help. I'm going to see what I can find out about the Mambo Room which is directly across the street from the Fox.
  porsche1980 Posted: 24-Feb-05 19:11  
    sounds like fun on the 15th looking forward to it! Just thought I would ask anyone know a nice single lady that is into JP? I am 36 and divorced and would like to meet a young lady that is cool enough to be a shriner!
  pjmutchler Posted: 25-Feb-05 04:57  
    Thanks, Lemesa. I have called several, several hotels in the area (Midtown, Downtown, Buckhead) and they all seem to be booked for those dates. I'm thinking we're better off to stay where we already have reservations and just start looking for a place to party.

  pjmutchler Posted: 25-Feb-05 04:58  
    Hey, Porsche...I'm a nice single lady wayyyyyyyy into JP, but also wayyyyyyy too old for you! Darn! lol
  crusher Posted: 25-Feb-05 16:07  
    Hey Porsche1980,
heck with that date stuff, you'll have more fun if you bring me...
Then Reeda can set us both up with dates after the show.
What do you think ???

should be a great Prine Phamily gathering !!!
have fun....

  flemsnopes Posted: 25-Feb-05 16:56  
    There is a bar and grill in Marietta (Hemingway's) owned by a Prine fanatic (me). If Marietta is not too far for the pre-Prine party, I will supply the draft beer and munchies and Prine music.
  Reeda Posted: 26-Feb-05 00:30  
    Okay, this is where I stop whining about traveling distance. Flemsnopes are you for real? Heck, we're coming from 800 miles away - I wonder if that really is too far. Are you talking about Thursday April 14th? Are you really for real (am I nervously wondering where my heavy duty Depends are?)

Crusher... you better be up for late night phone calls.

Porsche - welcome... and don't believe Crusher - I'm not a matchmaker - but I can guarantee that you will find a some great people who have great taste in music if you join us at the Pre Prine gathering you will have a wonderful time and all the rest will come in time.

I think we're going to just stay at the Baymont... after several of us searching - their were price or amount of rooms available problems and we'll make do - since there are a bunch of us at this hotel.. heck, we won't even notice that we're in Atlanta...

If flemsnopes is for real - then a true bar and grill owning Prine fanatic offering music, munchies and refreshing beverages - somebody pinch me -

Christopher - I'm thinking I do want to do the Sweetwater Brewery Tour - this place has just got me tooooo curious to not want to stop in, ya know?

Okay Flemsnopes... tell us more - Welcome... thank you... and are you really for real?

[Edited by Reeda on 26-Feb-05 00:39]
  pjmutchler Posted: 26-Feb-05 05:51  
    This is awesome! I've heard really good things about Hemingway's, but since I don't go to Marietta very often, or actually to bars very haven't been. But I'm READY! Thanks for the offer. As Reeda says, I hope you're really for real, 'cause this is a very, very cool offer. Thanks!
PJ in Atlanta

  pjmutchler Posted: 26-Feb-05 05:52  
    Crusher, I'm finally gonna get to meet you after all these years! I'm on my way to Kroger right now to get some Depends.
PJ )
  flemsnopes Posted: 26-Feb-05 17:38  
    I would be very happy to host the pre-Prine party (can anyone name a greater songwriter?), especially since business won't let me attend the show. I will supply beer and munchies for all Prine fans. Will there be a way to get an approximation of turnout at least two days beforehand?? That would be helpful.

Mike Burke, owner/manager, Hemingway's Tropical Bar and Grill
29 W Park Sq.
Marietta, GA

[email protected]
  flemsnopes Posted: 26-Feb-05 19:39  
    Here's another thought: can anyone recommend a Prine cover performer? Several of my regular acts include a few Prine songs but maybe someone out there can perform the entire opus!!
  Lemesa Posted: 26-Feb-05 21:17  
    Hemingways. Hmmmm. I'm pretty close to Marietta, what night do you have people playing Prine? I unfortunately do not know anyone who plays alot of Prine songs, we may have to import someone. If any of you local Atlantians have ever heard Donna Hopkins Band, she does an incredible Angel from Montgomery. Very excited to meet everyone, Crusher I sure wish you'd come!
  Reeda Posted: 26-Feb-05 21:17  
    I had a mini head count of about 25 - but I'm not sure if they were thinking Thu or Fri before the show. Now that there is a place and we can actually announce some plans... I have a feeling that there will more - um, how many does your place hold? Post it to your calendar - this is going to be fun.

You won't really need to actually hire someone to play - but if you find an all Prine cover artist - well, who could resist? There are quite a few musicians in this group, and we've always encouraged everyone to bring their instruments/comb and paper/voices ... and many do... it usually turns into a wonderful Prine singalong/performance/share - everybody that can - does - and those of us that can't will try anyway.

Whoooo hooooo... Thank you! thank you and thank you - If you are positive then I am too and will start putting it up in the Prine Shrine!
  Lemesa Posted: 26-Feb-05 21:58  
    PJ in Atlanta, I think you and Lemesa in Roswell should go check Heminways out, hell...we could even screen the music. LOL.
  gypsyman Posted: 27-Feb-05 08:05  
    Regarding Atlanta hotels, one place you might want to consider is the Georgian Terrace. It's a fabulous old hotel right across the street from the Fox. As a historical note, I believe it's where Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable stayed when "Gone With the Wind" premeired in Atlanta (Loew's Theatre maybe?). I got a $155/night rate including breakfast. Call them directly or visit their website, though. Travelocity lists it at $209 or something.

Manuel's is a good place. I prefer Moe's and Joe's, but may check out some of the others mentioned here. Enjoy!
  pjmutchler Posted: 27-Feb-05 08:46  
    Lemesa, sounds like it could be interesting. I'm right off Roswell Road in Dunwoody. Doesn't take all that long to get to Marietta taking 120.
  jasimon Posted: 27-Feb-05 11:57  
    Hi Shriners:

I'm Julie, I live in Atlanta (Mableton), and if Flemsnopes is for real, everybody, let's GO FOR IT and meet at Hemingways in Marietta....I've never been but think it's on the square...and how could a bunch of JP fans go wrong?!?!?

Reeda, definitely count us in (2) for Thursday night! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!
  Reeda Posted: 28-Feb-05 12:53  

I started a new thread for Head counts so Hemingways can get a rough idea of how many people are coming... this one is long and seems to take some time to load up... and now that the Party place and hotel are set... Whoooo hoooo... time to get those taxes filed early and clear the calendar for the Hemingway's Prine party April 14 and the Atlanta Prine Concert April 15 !! Whoo hooooo

Thanks Everyone;)

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