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#46prine arrow04/28/2018- Champaign, IL

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11/11/2016 - Davenport, IA

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#42prine arrow11/01/2014 Milwaukee, WI

#41prine arrow09/14/2013 Cedar Rapids, IA

#40prine arrow12/18/2012 Nashville, TN

#39prine arrow04/13/2012 Champaign, IL

06/17/2011 Davenport, IA

#37 09/17/2010 Madison, WI

#36John Prine Chat House 05/13/2010 Maywood, IL

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09/12/09 Kansas City, MO

#34John Prine Chat House02/27/09 St Louis, MO

John Prine Chat House02/09/08 Whitewater, WI
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#31John Prine Chat House08/26/06 Des Moines, IA
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#26, 25John Prine concert in GA and AL04/14-16/05 Atlanta, GA & Birmingham, AL
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The Prine & DeMent set in Whitewater WI

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John Prine & Iris DeMent concert dates  

John Prine set list

  1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Picture Show
  3. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
  4. Please Don't Bury Me
  5. Storm Windows
  6. Souvenirs
  7. Fish and Whistle
  8. Glory of True Love
  9. Taking a Walk
  10. Angel From Montgomery
  11. Long Monday
  12. Mexican Home
  13. Bottomless Lake
  14. Crazy As A Loon
  15. Dear Abby
  16. Sam Stone
  17. Milwaukee Here I Come
  18. (We're Not) The Jet Set
  19. Let's Invite Them Over Again
  20. We Could
  21. In Spite Of Ourselves
  22. Bear Creek
  23. She Is My Everything
  24. Ain't Hurtin Nobody
  25. Hello In There
  26. Lake Marie
  27. Unwed Fathers
  28. Paradise

Iris DeMent set list:

  1. Living on the Inside
  2. Sweet Is the Melody
  3. Song about her mother "Mama's....
  4. That's The Way Love Goes - Lefty Frizzell
  5. He Reached Down
  6. Whole lot of Heaven shining in this river of tears
    (switched to guitar.... )
  7. Was the night I learned how not to pray
  8. This Loves Gonna Last



      We had been looking forward to this concert since we purchased the presale tickets from Music Fans Direct back in October 2007. The thought of another nice back road drive to my favorite area in Wisconsin to see my favorite artist whooshed me past any holiday stress. Iris DeMent was posted as the opening artist and I knew it was going to be special. Her perfect pitched old tymie betty boopish voice sooths his rough edges and it's like the waves hitting the sand. I grew anxious and hopeful for this one.

      Weather reports had us packing snow boots, long underwear, blankets, shovels, charcoal, candles in a can, and of course the best emergency food - a couple pounds of M&M's and Popcorn Charlie's Caramel corn with peanuts. 

      Interesting drive of cars on the side road, hawks sitting on fence posts, felled trees under the weight of our recent storms - everything else was just under a blanket of whit e.

      We we arrived and parked in downtown Whitewater (pop: 17,000) around 11:30am - there was a Freeze Fest going on somewhere. There was music bouncing off the colorful brick buildings and we headed in that direction to witness a Polar Plunge "Freezin' for a Reason". I watched the young people jump in, and my husband liked watching them get out all wet and cold into the 28 degree weather. Hey, I thought the ones dressed in football gear were pretty cool, heavy and wet.

      We were eating at Karina's Mexican Restaurant when we saw Prine's van arrive into town. Only 8 more hours and the concert will begin. I looked around for some kind of Prine sign, a tee shirt, a hat, loud ipod...nothing. We ate until we were painfully full and tried to walk it off, wandering into "Reflections of the Past" a great little vintage clothes shop - aw geez, we were just too full to want to do anything - It was nap time - yeah, nap time. We checked into our hotel room and awoke to dueling cell phones... and to lots of snow falling on lots more snow outside.

     The phone rang and rang again and it was the Prine fans arriving to town. We arranged to meet around 6pm. We all got a little turned around, this bar was at the other end of town, and by the time I called Darlene to figure out where we were, she and Shane had switched bars.

     Anyway, We all made it to Rick's East side tap, Kathy and Thom Carroll made from Northern Wisconsin, along with Jikes and several from the Burlington crew and proceeded to enjoy. Time passed quickly and Crusher still hadn't arrived, we began to worry and Shane suggested that maybe we should call the police to go out and find him, and at the very least get the concert tickets that he was holding for everyone, Crusher called wondering where we all were, he had been down the street at the wrong bar. Finally we were all together, sharing stories, pictures and rocks all in anticipation of the show. It was a good crowd ...maybe about 30 or so people there for the Prine show, the rest were there for a birthday party. Good night to stay inside and try to keep warm.

     Prine shriners waiting for the buzz It was nearing 7:00 and that was the magic hour, if we didn't head out to the venue, then we risked the chance of being very late and missing Iris. Kathy and I scooted out  and got to the venue as the wind was kicking up, the snow was coming down, and Whitewater's streets were slick as ice. As we drove around a curve, a salt truck came sliding towards us...not a comforting sight.

  The lobby was full of lines to buy merchandise, tickets, gift shop items and liquor... I met up with Ranger Mark and Crabby Char and others I knew from the Shrine. It was like old home week.

The lights flickered, and we headed in to our seats. Second row slightly left of center - next to Shane and Crusher, it couldn't have been better. Young Auditorium is one of those places that is more wide than deep, so everyone was closer and able to see John. The stage was big, and the view was great.

  Iris walked out to her piano in a purple velour skirt and blouse, it shimmered in the stage lights and played real well from our seats. Her outfit was complete with thick sparkly socks and 2-toned cowboy boots. She thanked everyone for coming and talked about the weather and glad everyone made it safely...

Iris sat down to the Steinway and began to play, ooooh, that piano sounded so good - add her voice, and it was well worth freezing our butts off to hear.

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