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John Prine and the ramblings from his webmistress

Prine show diary:

#44prine arrow03/12/2016 Nashville, TN

#43prine arrow03/11/2016 Nashville, TN

#42prine arrow11/01/2014 Milwaukee, WI

#41prine arrow09/14/2013 Cedar Rapids, IA

#40prine arrow12/18/2012 Nashville, TN

#39prine arrow04/13/2012 Champaign, IL

06/17/2011 Davenport, IA

#37 09/17/2010 Madison, WI

#36John Prine Chat House 05/13/2010 Maywood, IL

#35John Prine Chat House
09/12/09 Kansas City, MO

#34John Prine Chat House02/27/09 St Louis, MO

John Prine Chat House02/09/08 Whitewater, WI
#32John Prine Chat House03/10/07 Davenport, IA
#31John Prine Chat House08/26/06 Des Moines, IA
#30John Prine Chat House05/10/06 Madison WI
#29John Prine Chat House05/08/06 Wausau WI
#28John Prine Chat House01/28/06 St Louis, MO
#27John Prine Chat House10/01/05 Nashville, TN
#26, 25John Prine concert in GA and AL04/14-16/05 Atlanta, GA & Birmingham, AL
#24John Prine Chat House10/06/04 Des Moines, IA
#23John Prine Chat House04/23/04 Des Moines, IA
#22, 21John Prine Chat House03/26-27/04 Madison & Milwaukee WI
#20John Prine Chat House09/05/03 Champaign, IL
#19John Prine Chat House04/19/03 Cedar Rapids, IA
#18John Prine Chat House04/18/03 Peoria, IL
#17John Prine Chat House09/13/02  Kalamazoo, MI
#16John Prine Chat House05/19/02 Green Bay, WI
#15John Prine Chat House05/18/02 Rockford, IL
#14John Prine Chat House09/28/01 Lincoln NE
#11, 12, 13John Prine Chat House4/4--7/01 Oshkosh, Milwaukee & Madison WI
#10John Prine Chat House09/29/00 Ames IA
# 9John Prine Chat House02/26/00  Maywood, IL
# 8John Prine Chat House11/20/99  Chicago, IL
# 7John Prine Chat House11/13/99  Nashville, TN
# 6, 5, 4John Prine Chat House06/07-10/99 Crushfest  Madison, LaCrosse & Milwaukee, WI
# 3John Prine Chat House08/16/97 Wogstock  Indianapolis, IN
# 2John Prine Chat House03/22/97 Peoria, IL
# 1John Prine Chat House1995 My Prine Story & start of the Prine Shrine


~ ~


Rambling the road with John Prine

#44prine arrow 03/11/2016 Nashville, TN with Iris DeMent

#43prine arrow 03/11/2016
Nashville, TN with Chris Smithers

#42prine arrow 11/01/2014 Milwaukee, WI

#41prine arrow 09/14/2013 Cedar Rapds, IA

#40prine arrow 12/18/2012
Nashville TN with the WholeDamn Family at the Station Inn....somebody pinch me

#39prine arrow 04/13/2012
Champaign, IL (a toast to friendships, life & singing Bad Boy all the way through!)

#38John Prine Chat House
06/17/2011 Davenport, IA

#37prine arrow 09/17/2010 Madison, WI

#36prine arrow 05/13/2010 Maywood, IL

prine arrow 09/12/2009 - Kansas City, MO - Wake up and Stump the Band!

#34prine arrow 02/27/2009 - St Louis, MO - I didn't get kicked out and our Johnny just keeps getting better and better!

#33prine arrow 02/09/2008 - Whitewater WI - Through snow, and sleet, and blizzard, and sub zero temps Prine Delivers.

#32prine arrow 03/10/2007 - DAVENPORT, IA - excitement abounds all around in our hometown!


#31prine arrow 8/26/06 - Des Moines, IA - Great show, and I do have a pile of notes & photos to get written down for this


#30prine arrow 5/10/06 - Madison WI -


#29prine arrow 5/08/06 - Wausau WI - No better way to spend a birthday - I'm still basking in the afterglow of the concert and will write this one up (hopefully)


#28prine arrow 01/28/06 - St Louis, MO - There's nothing Blue about St Louis at the Touhill Auditorium with Maura O'Connell


#27prine arrow 10/01/05- Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium with Mindy Smith  


#26prine arrow 04/16/05 - Birmingham, AL - Alabama Theatre with Keb'Mo' 


#25prine arrow 04/15/05 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre with Keb'Mo' (party photos)


#24prine arrow 10/06/04 - Vote For Change Des Moines Iowa Civic Center


#23prine arrow 4/23/04 - The Drama getting to Des Moines - Iowa Civic Center


#22, 21prine arrow 3/26 & 27/04 - We just really wanted to get away to The Other Side Of Town in Madison & Milwaukee WI.


#20prine arrow 9/05/03 - The Show Must Go On - the concert that brought me and my best friend full circle with Prine in Champaign, IL.


#19prine arrow 4/19/03 - Cedar Rapids, IA - I'm still kicking myself and finally wrote this one 8 months later.


#18prine arrow 4/18/03 Peoria Revisited- a great concert - 5 new songs, and a Prine party to boot! 


#17prine arrow 9/13/02  Beyond the concert ticket price at Barnett's "Pork Chop and Beaujolais Soiree" in Kalamazoo, MI


#16prine arrow 5/19/02 At Bay in Green Bay they love him too only in a quiet way....


#15prine arrow 5/18/02 Rocking in Rockford IL.


#14prine arrow 9/28/01 Finger Lickin' in Lincoln NE. 


#13,12,11prine arrow 4/4,6,7/01 XXX in Wisconsin - Oshkosh, Milwaukee and Madison.


#10prine arrow 9/29/00 It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times - Ames Iowa


#9prine arrow2/26/00 Wrestling with Maywood Memories  - I took notes!


#8prine arrow 11/20/99 Welcome to Steve Goodman Way!  Hey, he can spell my name right!


#7prine arrow 11/13/99 - We spent a month that weekend in Nashville.


#4,5,6prine arrow 6/7,8,10/99 Crushfest Madison, LaCrosse, and Milwaukee, WI gatherings.


#3prine arrow 8/16/97 Unwagged Wogstock Tail gathering in Indianapolis


#2prine arrow 3/22/97 Prine, PMS*red & Peoria - first time I met him


#1prine arrow 1995 My Prine Story and the start of the Shrine

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