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Prine & Snider play to a most appreciative audience

May 17, 2002 pg 2

About 40 people stood around after the show, waiting to hear if there would be a meet and greet... hoping to meet John and the band, when a very official man who looked like Dan Akroyd came strolling down and asked to see the "Triangle"... "If you don't have a triangle, you have to leave" - Julie, Rich, and I had triangles... whew...and John's brother-in-law had just passed out a bunch of "triangles" to John's old friends and neighbors, but didn't have one for himself. The official looking guy told him he would have to go, and the group he was with told him, that he was John's brother in law and go check.... The official went to check, and was prepared to throw this white haired gentle looking middle aged man out to the streets...that is when Rich handed Julie his pass and told her to give it to the man.... Rich, has a big heart and if the man needed a shirt... he probably would have taken it off and had Julie give him that also.

30 minutes passed and we were led to a great room complete with round banquet tables and a piano. We could look through the windows below to the adoring fans with albums and souvenirs in tow, waiting in the cold freezing weather by the back door. Again, we warmly waited about 45 minutes. I chose this opportunity to talk to John's brother-in-law... little did he know that I was the mouth of the Midwest and little did I know, that he was too...

Friendly guy, and he must of figured that I was some sort of relative or family friend because I could keep up with names, places, and dates as he talked of them. We talked of heart attacks, wheelchairs, brothers, skiing, dead wives, ex wives, occupations, bridges... we talked a lot about bridges and how they moved... tee hee... I think this guy was really the brother of the husband to the sister of the wife of John... 

The room got quiet, and we heard voices from the doorway... John strolled in all apologetic. "They told me to go out front where you were first, so I did, and no one was there, I just figured you all got tired of waiting, so I went and packed my stuff up....then they told me you all were here.... thanks for waiting"

Julie and I were off in the corner, watching the friends and neighbors reminisce with John, my buddy took off and stood right next to John while he talked of fishing in the cold weather and not really catching anything, but having fun just kind of spinning in the lake.

I noticed what I thought was a familiar face, covered with hip hop Kangol cap and felt that adrenaline rush make my feet and hands do a happy dance... The cute little familiar face headed across the room towards and it was Al Bunetta.... he just looked adorable...I threw my arms around him, just tickled to death to see him. I've heard his voice many times, but getting to talk to his face is way more fun. He's one of those no bullshit people... I mean, in his line of business he has to do a lot of BS'ing... but he is honest when it comes to telling you the truth, and I just love that... reminds me a lot of my dad - just say what you mean and cut the crap. Anyway, we sat and talked with Al, he just made me giggle... the hat, the cute shoes that he bought right after his quadruple bypass... his hookers and handguns story, his photo in the anthology - which he took Julie's booklet and drew himself some hair on... Just delightful... Rough around the edges and smooth as silk inside...You just can't mess with Al unless he wants you to.

Oh yeah... the family and friends of John were done with him and we got a chance to have our few golden moments. I pulled out my notebook and started hammering with questions. I think that was the cue for the security people to come in and tell John that he had to go. It always seems like that.. I'm just a walking security magnet. John is looking great, I mean, sometimes after shows he looks like he just wants to crawl into his hotel bed and sleep for 12 hours... but tonight's show must have been that little 'mother's helper" to keep him stoked. I had on my Prine Shrine apparel,  pulled out letters of my Prine Shrine bag... and John's eyes widened with "Jeez, you get more mail than me" I said "this is your mail" with a few explanations of what was in the bag for him, he took the bag of stuff. It's all kind of a blur... once those security people say it's time to go, I start talking in triple time and get real nervous. I told John we were going to do Green Bay also the next night and invited him over to our hotel room to meet the rest of the group that came.... one of these days I have faith that he will feel froggy enough to actually take me up on it. Once I offered to play Scrabble (figuring that any man who sits at the kitchen table with his mother doing crossword puzzles, has got a Scrabble game or two up his sleeve) He said "I'll see you tomorrow night then" meaning, yeah, come back and talk to me tomorrow when I'm not so rushed.

I was able to say hello to Jason Wilber, he's still the young un in the group, looking fresh as a daisy and not at all tired from the show. I had to tell him that I have had his CD's for quite some time, and I guess I have listened to them in the past, but never really "heard" them.....until the last few weeks when I gave him my undivided attention - wow... he is fabulous... those of you who don't know that, should.... so get his music, I believe he only has two CD's "Behind the Midway" and "Lost in Your Hometown" - the way I worded my appreciation for his music sounded totally stupid.... he's just so clean cut and young looking, it throws me. He grinned and said thank you... and he meant it.

To his left with that satisfied smile he always seems to have was Dave Jacques, in his vintage clothing and mild mannered ways. If "Illegal Smile" had a character... it would be Dave Jacques, and I don't mean illegal smile in a drug way... I mean the guy really has this grin going on that only he knows why. Dave's eyes were literally bleeding... it had to hurt... it wasn't a stoner's bleed... last time my eyes looked like that, I had just had a baby, knowing that that couldn't of been his reason, and having no tact.... I asked him what was wrong with his eyes. He said he was tired, he'd been flying (good god man, wear goggles next time) - The music world is lucky to have a man like this on their side. He seems to just love music for what it is, and what he can do with it. no wonder he is in such high demand.

With that Al came up and offered to walk us out, ride us down the elevator and to the door... and he did. He said, "wait right here, I'll be back" and Julie and I looked at each other, wondering if we really should, if he really would, and knowing that he could get caught up in conversation with anybody about anything, we headed out.... I don't think he came back down for us...after all, he was the first one to have to fly out in the morning back to Nashville, or California, or whereeverthehell - we just knew we were pushing our luck.

Down the street at the bar were our friends that we ditched.... they had been standing out in the freezing cold waiting for a back door chance at a meet and great.... needless to say, we felt bad, we felt real bad the whole time we were hobnobbing with the boys in the band...


but not that bad.....

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