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John Prine at THE DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC on October 3, 2008. Back-up Band: David Jacques and Jason Wilber. Opener: Josh Ritter


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John Prine at the DARAmerican songwriting legend John Prine brings his amazing talent to D.A.R. Constitution Hall tonight (8 p.m.).
   Born in 1946 in a town not that far from the Windy City, young Mr. Prine discovered his love for songwriting and the guitar at the tender age of 14. His debut, eponymous release reflected lessons learned performing on stages with Chicago folk singer Steve Goodman.
   The album offered wall-to-wall genius in songs such as "Sam Stone," "Illegal Smile," "Hello in There," "Paradise" and "Angel From Montgomery."
   Nothing much has changed since then as Mr. Prine has consistently churned out memorable lines using a technique of honoring clichés with his tongue slipping off his cheek.
   During the '90s while writing what may have been his best song in two decades, "In Spite of Ourselves," John battled cancer, won a Grammy Award and Artist of the Year at the Americana Music Awards.
   He's amazing with a full band and out of this world as a solo performer. Don't miss your audience with John Prine!

By: Norm, Lynda & Rachel Biggar
We saw John and band in London Ontario previosly. We decided we had to see him again and if he ever played near our friends house in Maryland we would go. So our John Prine vacation took us to Washington DC to see him at the DAR. We were not disapointed as John,Jason and Dave did a terrific job. We had great box seats to the left of the stage right at the edge! (Sorry I was the one who yelled out "shadows" first I think I was a bit early...I think even John glanced over) We cant get enough of John when he tells his stories....he could tell them all night. It was a little bit of a different venue than we were used to as they had alchohol for sale. Dont see that so much in Canada. It meant that John had to take a break part way through....good part of that was you got to look forward to him coming back again! I think what we thought was really cool was the buzz of everyone quietly singing along with a giant whisper! I guess John held off singing "Some Humans Aint Human" maybe because the election was closing in! If there was any thing not so good at the concert it was that during Johns electric guitar stuff the sound got a bit muddy. We will see John again someday....we hope he makes his way up north again to see us up here in Canada again....and maybe catch a few fish! Norm, Lynda and Rachel Biggar

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