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Tue May 13 - Nashville, TN - Belcourt Theatre - 1925 Hall for Gilda's Club Nashville Benefit Concert "An Evening with John Prine" Back up Band: Dave Jacques & Jason Wilber. Surprise Guest: Funky Donnie Fritts


Trout - The Prine Shrine's "Man on the Streets" in Music City
   It's been a while, but I'll try and give you a couple of the highlights.
   I went straight after work, so I arrived really early. Parked in the lot and looked up at a big black Cadillac with John Prine in the drivers seat. I believe they had just finished the sound check. He was starting to pull out, so I waved and he stopped. I told him "Reeda sure wishes she could be here." There was that big Prine smile and he said "I wish she could be here too!" We spoke for a moment and he headed off.
   I walked around to the front of the theatre and found "that guy" who had my ticket. He said that he wouldn't be able to sit with me, as "Norma" had gotten him a "golden circle" seat. It was one of the front 7 or 8 rows and the seat included a signed poster and "meet & greet". Ends up "Norma" is the lady I've met at several music shows around town. (She's the one who introduced me to Cowboy Jack and is a friend of "that guy" also.)
   I looked up and there was Dave & Lemesa sitting at the stop sign. Lemesa was in the back seat with the baby, so I didn't get to hold the baby, but I got a quick glance before they had to leave, and he's a heartbreaker!
   The show was a benefit for "Gilda's Club Nashville" which provides meeting places where men, women and children living with cancer and their families and friends can get together for support.
   Apparently Fiona is pretty active in the organization and John said Fiona had asked him to do the show, he added "I never say no to Fiona". Because of the reason for the show John talked more about his cancer than usual. He talked about how it is hard for people to talk to you when you have cancer. They'll kind of drop their head and say things like... "Well John, how's your... situation... ?". I always told them "My "situation" has cancer too."
   As usual I didn't keep any kind of set list, but I think it was pretty well the normal show... over two hours of pure John Prine.. It doesn't get any better than that. I do think because of the special nature of the show, John talked a little more which made it really special. And the "solo" part of the show seemed a little longer. The crowd really inspired that. I saw many songwriters and people in the business in the crowd, so John had a house full of friends.
  "Funky Donnie Fritz" sit at the side of the stage during the entire show, and was probably the most appreciative fan in the building. He joined John, Jason and Dave for a song or two.. John did "The Oldest Baby In The World" (which Donnie co-wrote) and dedicated it to Donnie.
   It had been a while since I'd been to a show, but it looked to me like Dave might have a new electric bass guitar.
   Jason also sang a solo verse or two of "Paradise" (which was very good).
   All and all.. It was a fantastic evening...
   Thanks to "that guy" and John Prine.

Jennifer Gay
On Tuesday, May 13th 2008 Prine performed live at the request of his beautiful wife Fiona to benefit the Gilda's Club.
Full review here:

March 7, 2008 John Prine at the Orpheum, Memphis TN. Guest Artists: Kane Welch Kaplan. Back up Musicians: Dave Jacques and Jason Wilber

By: DonnaDonna

Donna and Eric with John Prine marquee   What a night! Memphis usually gets one snow a year, and sure 'nuf it came the day Johnny was comin' to town. Like he said, he's not gonna complain about snow cuz he's written alot of songs inspired by it! He was so nice to thank us for facing the weather to come to the show and wished us a safe journey home at the end.
   God bless presale tickets! My son, Eric and I had third row center, aisle seats. I thought about my friend Crusher - only the best aisle seats for him! I remember my "noticketdonna" days when I'd take my chances on gettin' a ticket and always ended up with the best! Columbia MO show was my fave I guess, John had a ticket waitin' for me at the box office and Crusher sat in the balcony with me. That's when we discovered he had pictures of his sons on the table behind him, remember that?
   Ok, back to the present - I tend to wander in and out of Prine memories. Eric and I were "audience watching" and I told him I often wonder what their life stories have been knowing that everyone of us sitting there have lived alot of life with John's music a major part of whatever we were going through. Eric said something that I thought was pretty profound (of course, he's my son so I think EVERYTHING he says is pretty profound), but he Kane Welch Kaplan plus one backstage at Prine showsaid John's music was his "childhood soundtrack". Pretty cool, huh?
   John was in a super good mood and his voice was in great form! Maybe it had something to do with him saying that Fiona, his wife was meeting him Saturday in Little Rock.
   Jason and Dave were great, as usual. I always love watchin' Dave play his bass', the look on his face is like he's makin' love to his instrument (or is he thinkin' about his wife, Lemesa? giggle).
   Jason's guitar licks are just the best. I love bein' around people that haven't heard him before, they react in such awe!
Here's the set list ('specially for you, Char):

  1. Spanish Pipedream
    Picture Show
    6 o'clock news
    Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
    Please Don't Bury Me
    Souvenirs - my favorite - go see my tattoo
    Fish and Whistle
    Glory of True Love
    Takin' a Walk - Dave and Jason sang great backup, made the guy sittin' next to me gasp and sigh
    Angel From Montgomery
    Aw Heck
    All The Best
    You've Got Gold - mentioned that he cowrote this with Keith Sykes and Keith couldn't be there cuz he was stuck in the snow somewhere. Eric and I wondered about his presence, cuz Keith is always at the Memphis Prine show.
    How Lucky Can One Man Get - I think that's what it's called, from the Pink Cadillac album.
    Sam Stone
    Bear Creek
    Sweet Revenge
    She Is My Everything
    Ain't Hurtin' Nobody
    Hello In There
    Lake Marie
    Encore -
    Killing The Blues
    Paradise ( Muhlenberg County) - Jason sang the second verse.


 Donna with Kane Welch Kaplan Opening act, Kane Welch Kaplan were way cool! There was some great chatter between audience and them, and they commented that John Prine brings just the best kind of audience (I'm paraphrasing). Their harmonies were exquisite, Fats on the big mandolin because he didn't have the Turkish Udu (?) with him was just amazing. I highly recommend you buy their cd's! They did a meet and greet in the lobby and were just the nicest guys. I told them the picture Eric was taking of me with them was gonna go up in the Prine Shrine. Y'all just don't laugh when ya see it, looks like I'm makin' a bucky beaver sort of face - oh well! haha
   The show seemed shorter than most others I've been to in the past years, and not near enough of the stories we all love to hear. There were more short intro type stories. But, as many of us have said, if he just stood up there and read the phone book, we'd laugh, cry and be happy enchiladas!
   He was in such a darned good mood (Fiona on his mind? giggle). He was so animated with some his songs, and in his usual way made you feel that he was singin' directly to you.
   But, gotta tell ya - I've seen John tons of times, most of those with my Shrine friends, but last night when he sang Hello In There, I had an epiphany. The theatre was so quiet you could hear a plastic drink cup fall (and we did) when he sang that song. The message was never stronger to me than last night. I realized that he could have been singing about himself AND many of us now. It felt to me that he was singin' it with a sense of urgency for us - "Be Nice, please, it's very important" was how it felt. I will never forget that particular performance.
   Crusher, Eric said to tell you hi, Mitch too. I had a brief chat with Mitch. I've got a little surprise from me to you, so look for it in the mail. I'm gonna try to hold off till your birthday, but don't know if I can. Well, I can tell ya, I won't mind doin' chores today - got a Prine song in my head, a flutter (thanks for that word, jpp) in my heart, and some happy feet! BigOleDeltaHugs from a snowy Memphis Midtowner. Reeda, pics on the way. Pray for Peace everyone, DonnaDonna


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