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Sat 12/06/08 - John Prine In Wilmington, DE AT THE Grand Opera House - opener: Chip TayloR. Back up Support: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques

By: Charles G
My friend Melanie grinned and said, "He is just having SO much fun." I have seen John numerous times over the years, but this was special. The other reviewers are right on about his energy and the outstanding playing by Jason Wilber (who was awesome opening for and backing Iris DeMent the very next night as well) and Dave Jacques. We got a great set with some firsts for me -- 'You Got Gold' and 'Picture Show'. We got an extended, extra-funny intro to 'That's The Way The World Goes Round' and 'Christmas In Prison' as one of the encores. I first heard 'Sam Stone', 'Six O'Clock News' and others in 1971 and it's like a timeless river...they just keep getting better and better. Thanks are a National Treasure. 'All The Best' -- Always

By: Queen Liz

WOW! is the only way to describe this concert. Incredible. John kept us rocking for two hours. I have never seen so much energy...his two band members are outstanding musicians. The only less than wonderful part of the concert was the opening act. Outside of two popular oldies, the rest of the set was bad news.

By: Tom Logan

John come out rockin' with Spanish Pipedream and played straight through with almost 2 hours of awesome music. We felt like he was playing just for us due to the great venue. The crowd loved him and gave several standing ovations. He's still the best!

By: Kathe
I hope this is not the last time I will watch you in person. No other singer-songwriter can tap into my soul.





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