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il. - wi. - co. - in. - ky. concerts : 2008
By: crusher

  All shows this year have been very good shows with John feeling good and wearing his happy feet each night...each show was special in it's own way.
   Chicago I was fortunate enough to spend about a half hour visiting with Steve Goodman's Mom, what an honor that was for me!!!  We talked about so much, she shared some good stories about growing up in Chicago, the old neighborhoods they lived in, how it's all changed...good stories of Steve and John in younger days when I first got to enjoy their music. It was a wonderful visit to say the least, she is a real interesting lady!!!
   In wisconsin 40 of us got together on a Feb. winter night for a snow and ice storm with temps of 30 below zero wind chill, it was so very nasty outside but with great music and warm hearts like Reeda, Darlene, Char and many others inside. It was a great night to be in Whitewater Wisconsin. Lots of hotels sold out that night, and the next day it warmed up to about minus 25 and we all made it home safe!!
   The show with EmmyLou at RedRocks ampitheater outside of Denver was just amazing. John was just ON that night, as was Dave and Jason...the music sounded so very nice, it's an amazing place to see John Prine play his treasures. The trip included 2 nights of camping in a "yurt" (igloo shaped canvas tent on a raised deck) near Redrocks at "Bear Creek". and 2 nights camping in rocky mountain national park in my cot-tent with only 1 night in a very chili snowstorm. I laid down in a thunderstorm and woke to 3 inches of snow! The second night it was rather warm, only got down to the 40's (outdoor showers were ALMOST warm)... every chill I felt was so very much worth the show at Redrocks, thanks so much John !!!
   The last 2 shows were on a solo road trip a couple weeks ago so I'm still recovering. Things come back to memory each day. I remember sound checks and dinner where we all talked about how much we all love Reeda ... I think we might have called her too?? (yes you did :) twice
- maybe an Indiana show coming up this month, I think Char might be going and need company at the show!!!
Wish you could have all been there.... stay warm and safe everyone! ~ crusher


Roger Ebert's Journal
Date: November 6, 2008 5:21 PM
By: Roger Ebert

"John Prine made me cry when I first heard him sing "Sam Stone," and that was a long, long time ago, when he was still carrying the mail in Maywood, Ill. I do not believe in psychic powers, but sometimes I feel like I'm prescient. I said to my pals at my table, "He is the best singer-songwriter in America. That song is a great short story." He Is, not will be, because that first night I also heard his "Old Folks." If "Sam Stone" made me cry, "Hello in There" is the one song I've ever seen make Chaz cry."
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Venue: Captain Cook Hotel - Date: 1973
By: Captain R.T. Pedersen

just a thanks for all the years of great stories and songs... I saw John in Anchorage Alaska in 73' I think at the Captain Cook hotel and have been a fan since, sincerely Captain R.T. Pedersen

Venue: bjcc, birmingham al
Date: 1978?
By: Mike
He was with Mac Mc Anally. Good Show


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