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December 12, 2008 John Prine with opener Iris DeMent at the Rose State Performing Arts Center, Midwest City, OK. Back up Support: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques

By: roaminoklahoman
i bought my tickets online so we had 3rd row seats in the center of the concert hall. iris dement was great. she sang like and angel and is a wonderful piano player. john was fantastic. it was amazing the music that came out of a 3 piece band. jason wilber blew us away with his guitar playing. john and iris sang 4 songs from the in spit of ourselves and when he came out for an oncore he sang several songs from his christmas album. it was a perfect concert except for the annoying people hollering out requests and when a few dumb asses laughed during donald and lydia. thanks john we love you come back soon.

By: MurryB
We had a great time- Thanks for coming to OKC - Long time fans all got together and appreciated a true songwriter.


December 13, 2008 John Prine at the Brady Theater with opener Iris DeMent at the Tulsa, OK - Back up Support: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques


By: Mike B.
John Prine put on a fantastic concert as usual. He was in good voice and seemed to really be having a good time. The crowd was much appreciative as John beat on that guitar for two hours! Iris DeMent was absolutely mesmerizing as well! Great concert!! What can anyone say, 10 minutes with John Prine is as good as it gets! Two hours was fantastic! Thank you John and Iris!! The folks here in Tulsa, OK appreciate you and wish you back soon!!

By: Frank, Stillwater
I saw John Prine at the Brady Theater in Tulsa last night and it was a really nice concert. He said it was his last concert of the year and he was "really Christmas'd up!" Iris DeMent opened and joined him for duets later, including the hilarious one from his album of duets. He only had a bass player and rhythm guitarist (Jason Wilber) backing him. Wilber was doing his own concert in Tulsa Sunday. I thought John's voice was much better than the last time I heard him, in the Spring of 2003. I think he sounded as good as he ever has. The concert was a nice mix of old songs and recent ones. He didn't do "Your American Flag . . ." though. Like the first time I saw him, at Cain's Ballroom (home of Bob Wills), he did not take a break, playing straight through for about 2 hours. He gave his sidemen a break in the middle. He talked about his musical influences, and about getting a transistor radio when he was 12. He said that he listened to it incessantly, sometimes going to sleep with it under his pillow. He talked about Chicago radio stations, saying that there were several that had good rock and roll and also country then. He surprised me (and maybe the rest of you about the same age who grew up in Chicago) a little by saying that his favorite was WJJD, and he did not mention WLS. I wish I could have asked him about this. He also talked a little about listeners misunderstanding lyrics, citing the time he was asked to play his "Happy Enchilada" song! It was a very nice evening.

By: kandlekorn
2 hrs.,best christmas present this city could ever ask for,have only been a fan for 30+yrs.Hope a return is in our future.Thank You for the songs!

Susan in Tulsa
I 'm hoping the Tulsa concert will top Little Rock as I'm sure it will just because it's in my hometown. And on top of it all I get to see Iris Dement. Keep it up John....Love Ya Okie Sister

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