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Paducah | Louisville

Sat October 25, 2008 John Prine in Paducah, KY at the Carson Center. opener: Kate Campbell. Back Up Band: Jason Wilber & Dave Jacques

By: Bug Griz
Another great JP show. Band was tight, music was impecable, sound extra impressive considering my locaton under a balcony. Classic songs sung by a true master. 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, dang, can I be that old!! It all sounds so current!

By: DetectDave
This was totally awesome concert in a beautiful venue. John started out rockin' the crowd and didn't stop for two hours. If he's within 250 miles, I'll never miss another concert.

Susan in Tulsa
Paducah was great and it was a thrill to see John's brother.....Love Ya Okie Sister



Fri November 14 John Prine in Louisville, KY at the Louisville Palace - opener: PAt McLaughlin - Surprise appearance by Jim James. back up band: Jason Wilber, Dave Jacques

By: Jeffrey Lee Puckett
Jim James returns from the dead - My Morning Jacket's Jim James made a brief and fairly pain-free return to the stage Friday night at the Louisville Palace when he joined John Prine on "Paradise" to close the legendary songwriter's show. It was James's first public performance since he fell from a stage Oct. 7 in Iowa City and was seriously injured......

By: jumpkutz've been waiting since high school to see this man, and I can honestly say it was more than well worth it. From "Spanish Pipedream" to "Paradise" everything was magical. I only wish I hadn't waited so long, but now that I've been to his show, I'm looking for more opportunities to see him wherever and whenever. A true American treasure that should be honored at the Kennedy Center by the President some day.

By: Sondra
Oh my gosh! I think I just witnessed Johnnie's best show ever! Even thinking about it now I am near speechless. I can't remember the exact order or all the songs but he played Sam Stone, Souvenirs,Picture Show, Donald and Lydia, Hello In There, In Spite of Ourselves, Angel from Montgomery (tears, tears.. so good), Glory of True Love, Dear Abby, Long Monday, Taking a Walk, She is My Everything, People Putting People Down, Please Don't Bury Me and of course he was in KY so he closed with Paradise. Jim James from My Morning Jacket joined John, his band, Pat and his wife to sing Paradise and it was awesome. Great show. Great time. Great man!

By: Jeffrey Lee Puckett
November 14, 2008 - Full Concert Preview is here
   A musical storyteller
   Prine crafts great songs from simple elements
   John Prine was 24 when he released his first album, but his songs sounded as if they were in their mid- to late 50s.
   It still seems unlikely, if not impossible, that a 24-year-old mail carrier from Chicago could write with such insight about an aging couple living out their golden years in shadows and loneliness, or see into the heart of a veteran trying to dull his pain with heroin.
   Prine's secret has never been complicated. He's a good listener and a keen observer, but, more important, he can tell a story. His best songs are constructed exquisitely and delivered with absolute certainty; you couldn't change a line or detail without the rest of the song suffering.
   Prine has always made it look easy, which is why songwriters both fear and worship him. Louisville's danny flanigan describes Prine's style as "radical simplicity."
   "He sings simply, plays the guitar simply, writes about simple real-life issues that we can all relate to and totally understand, yet somehow it has this large effect," flanigan said. "We joke about it, but it really is three chords and the truth, truth with a capital T."
   That might be the crux of it: When you hear a classic Prine song, you know that you're hearing the truth. It's usually a universal truth told through specific stories, as when loneliness, desire and the human need to connect becomes "Donald and Lydia," and it's often a truth you feel as much as hear.
   Prine, who performs tonight at the Louisville Palace, has been making records since 1971. He was discovered by an odd cast that included Roger Ebert, Kris Kristofferson, songwriter Steve Goodman and Paul Anka, whose collective interest helped bring Prine to the attention of Atlantic Records.
   "John Prine" was an instant classic, ranking No. 458 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, thanks to songs such as "Paradise" and "Angel From Montgomery." He's never made an average record. "Bruised Orange" is genius, and the overlooked "Pink Cadillac" and "Storm Windows" should be checked out. "The Missing Years" is his last truly great album, but 2005's "Fair & Square" has plenty of vintage moments.
   It's a body of work with substantial, lasting influence.
   "Several of my songs have been written with his voice," flanigan said. "I oftentimes reach for his vocal delivery, and fall short, of course. On many occasions when writing, I've asked myself WWJPD? Seriously."
   Tim Krekel, who has written more No. 1 hits than Prine (three to Prine's zero), has been listening to -- and learning from -- Prine for 30 years.
   "I love the ever-present humor in John's writing," Krekel said. "He's able to take almost any subject and make it accessible to everyone. I owe a lot of the tenor of what I write to him for that very reason. If you want to reach someone, friendly persuasion is, I think, a good way to go.
  "I guess the most obvious Prine-influenced song of mine would be 'Glimpse of Paradise.' Always steal from the best. I like to think of it as a homage."
   Prine will perform his own "Paradise" tonight, along with nearly every other of his standards. He's generous that way. Showtime is 8 p.m., and tickets are $42.50 and $52.50; call (502) 361-3100. The Louisville Palace is at 625 S. Fourth St. You might spot a half-dozen songwriters in the audience, all of them shaking their heads.

By: Greg Crist usual!



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