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Crusher's John Prine Lake Marie Fest 1999



John Prine Prine Shrine Crush Fest party for the Prine Man Practically everyone was there at our John Prine Crush...fest,
Bikers, hikers, campers and pests (skeeters)
Big burly men with hearts of gold,
Old folks and young folks in singles and pairs,
Through rain soaks and long tokes we all came to share.

The frogs all joined in to the songs that we sang,
They needed some tunin',  but who gave a dang?
Though no sausages on the grill were a sizzlin'
(on account of a whole awful lot of drizzlin'),
We had our bonfire, stories, and songs
Way into the morning we all sang along...

©1999 Wildflower aka Sue McMullen



Crusher, PMS*red, Baby Ruth and Jike went to all 3 of the Wisconsin shows, met up  with a load of people and had big Prine fan gathering at the end of the week.  If you heard about WOGstock then you know what a great time Prine Fans have when they get together.


THE FESTERS...  see who came.....donna's pictures have been added
THE STORIES..... letters and notes
DIARY............. Notes of what we did along the way.......
TEE SHIRT.........  Official Crush...fest tee shirt and Prine Shrine hats we wore
THE SONG Thanks to Prine fan Rick Vanover who couldn't be there, he took our fun and turned it into a song!

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