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Sat 10/17 - Victoria, BC- University Centre with Sara Watkins. Back Up Musicians: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques. sold out

By: John Thorp, Prine devotee
It's like this, you polish the silver and the next time you need it's shining; you get to go to a Prine show and the next time you put him on the jukebox you're smiling. The Victoria show was great! Sara Watkins warmed the audience up with her great talent and easy-going charm. John and Jason and Dave came out to the first of several standing ovations. I think the ovations were more about the love this city has for John Prine first and the quality of the show second (although I did think they all did a stellar job). Some minor mix issues and tempo issues aside, the show seemed intimate despite the size of the venue. I especially appreciated John doing a solo stint to play all the old chestnuts. Didn't mind too much the folks behind me singing all the lyrics until they started getting to the punchline before John. That's when I had to turn around and glare. We all know the words to all his songs, I wanted to hear John Prine sing them not my neighbour. I sincerely hope John Prine is happy and rich because he has made our lives so over the past 35 years.

FRI 10/16 - Vancouver, BC- The Centre For The Performin Arts with Sara Watkins. Back Up Musicians: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques. sold out

By: MA
   Having previously bought Pre-Sale tickets through the Web site we knew we would be sitting in a good location, however we were surprised that the tickets were located in the front row. The perfect start to what would turn out to be an excellent evening.
   To no one's surprise Spanish Pipedream started the festivities in the standard raucous manner. The smiles on the faces of the audience members were matched by John, Jason and David. I've always maintained that a Prine audience is broken into two segements, "The Drinkers and The Thinkers". This night would prove to be no different. I am always amazed how certain people can hoot and hooller at the most inappropriate times. Why " Come on Baby Spend The Night with me " would elicit cheers is beyond me.
   Thankfully, as per the usual routine, some time not too far past the half way point this segment of the audience has worn themselves out, alcohol consumption no doubt being a factor. There are a number of songs which are performed virtually every show. These include but are not limited to Sam Stone, Six O'Clock News, Souvenirs, Angel from Montgomery, Donald & Lydia, Hello in There, and Lake Marie. The fact that Prine can play these songs on a constant basis and not have them come out as hurried and perfunctory regurgitations speaks to his professionalism and of course the quality of the material. Most of these compositions were writen some 30-40 years ago and yet due to the nature of the subject matter will never become dated.
   Fair and Square, John's last disc of original material was represented by The Glory of True Love, She is my Everything , Long Monday and Bear Creek. "Burnt Orange" contributions were Fish And Whistle and That's the Way the World Goes Round, complete with an extended version of the Happy Enchilada story. It was good to see performances of Please Don't Bury Me, Sweet Revenge, Storm Windows, Crooked Piece of Time and Ain't Hurtin Nobody. I had not seen these performed in quite some time. The real surprise however came when John trotted out Illegal Smile. Perhaps this was a result of an audience member suggestion that he should play it as he was in the home of "BC BUD". The full theatre sing along was priceless. After some two hours of classic songs we were treated an encore of Paradise.
   Opener Sarah Watkins joined John for the song. The performance also featured a surprise apppearance by Canadian veteran musician Colin Linden. John related the story that he had first seen him at a Mariposa Folk Festival playing his guitar at the tender age of 12 years.
   The show's end of course came much too soon. Once again two hours with the master had flown by all too quickly. I would be remiss were I not to mention that Jason and David once again provided outstanding back up licks.
   John had mentioned that his first show in Vancouver was with Steve Goodman back in 1972. I know that is true since I recall being at that show. I am now left to ponder how it is the years have gone by so quickly. We have gone from being intimately familiar with what it is that would cause the Illegal Smile to now nudging uncomfortably up close to The Old Folks territory. Thankfully however my kids have not moved to Omaha
   The opening act Sarah Watkins was unfamiliar to me, however she quickly won me over, as I'm sure she did the rest of the audience with a set containning both original songs and a couple of familiar covers. She exhibited a certain amount of show biz savy by choosing to play Early Mornin Rain early in her set. How better to strike up a rapport with a Canadian Folk crowd than by paying homage to Gordon Lightfoot.
   In summary it was a fantatastic evening of Prime Prine and a helluva of a good way to escape the Wet Coast Weather.

By: Beverlee Traxler/jpparadise
John Prine on the evening of October 16th, 2009 was Prine Time, he was the best. His voice was crisp - seemed to me that he was eager to be back on the road, hell - he even ripped off the tie. Jason Wilber and David Jacques were outstanding! Two incidents I noticed - only because I was sitting so close, I could have been Diana Ross and reached out and touched...were when John came too close to the microphone - he smacked! I laughed. Also noted - it seemed David had lost his bow during the last set. Immediately, it was found. Storms Windows, Souvenirs, Illegal Smile - John Prine outstanding! In my area, there were no drunks - the loudest was some lady from Wisconsin, next to that - a lady from the Interior of British Columbia. Thank You - John, Jason, and David.

By: Rob from the Great White North (Wet on the Island)
Again, It was like going to visit John. As always a great visit! Enjoy Canada John as much as we enjoy you and your music. Cheers Rob Peters One Happy Canuck

By: Don
I have been a fan of John Prine and have seen him in concert many times since the early 70's. The Vancouver concert was as usual, fantastic. Old and new songs were covered and the magic remains. I cannot understand why the drunks seem to follow John Prine concerts. The Seattle concert a few years ago, was very civilized. It seemed that, certainly for last night in Vancouver, the drunks came out of the wood work and tried to be annoying as possible. But fortunately, the talent of John Prine was louder and didn't ruin the concert for most fans


Tue 08/18 - Saint John, NB - Imperial Theatre with Carrie Rodriguez sold out

Mon 08/17 - Fredericton, NB - Fredericton Playhouse - with Carrie Rodriguez sold out

By: James Douglas - Fredericton


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