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Sun 08/30 - St John's, NL - Holy Heart Theatre with Carrie Rodriguez & Luke Jacobs - Support Band: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques - sold out




By: Pete
I saw John for the first time in St John's Newfoundland of all places. Only a 1000 seat venue so the acoustics were nice. Just a fantastic show. I had high expectations and it was just as good as I had hoped. So many classic songs and some new ones. Opened with Spanish Pipe Dream. The set included (cant remember the exact order): Glory of True Love, Illegal Smile, Sam Stone, Paradise, Pretty Good, Your Flag Decal, Angel From Montgomery, Donald and Lydia, Six O'Clock News, Fish and A Whistle, Bear Creek, Storm Windows, Blue Umbrella, In Spite of Ourselves, She's My Everything, The Moon is Down, Aint Hurtin, Nobody, Lake Marie, Souvenirs, Unwed Fathers, and I might be missing a few but it was quite a list. Some of the crowd didnt seem to know any of the songs so I am not sure why they were there but other than that it was absolutely great

By: Todd Skinner
All I can say about the show was"awesome"That man can can sure put off a good performance for his age.His leg twists were an highlight for me.The stories about his songs were amazing.He is truely an amazing man that I would love to personaly meet someday.Jason Wilbur on guitar was also great and Danny on that base.I would have loved to see Iris Dement there with him singing but Carrie did an awesome job as well.My favorite song at the show was"Lake Marie"and six O'Clock News"I almost forgot"Hello In There"Keep it up John and the rest of the group.

Sun 08/29 - St John's, NL - Holy Heart Theatre with Carrie Rodriguez & Luke Jacobs - Support Band: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques - sold out


By: Ken Simmons

Prine wows full house
Folk veteran plays resume of hits
Read and comment here: here
   There were more grey beards than ballcaps staring at the Holy Heart stage around 9 p.m. Saturday night, but they were restless nonetheless.
   The full house applauded and cheered fiddle player Carrie Rodriguez, a Texas girl who gave us a shiver of Lucinda Williams, without the extra bourbon. She could fill a theatre here in her own name now, that's how good she is, but Saturday belonged to the legend. ... And the crowd was ready.
   It's no secret St. John's appreciates its folk music, and the ovation - the standing, roaring ovation that greeted John Prine as he walked across the stage proved it doesn't have to be Irish to be loved.
   Prine started with the familiar, a tune from his self-titled debut that had the crowd whispering along, itching to sing the songs they love, but holding back to give the master his due. That would change, but for now, everyone hung on his words.
  "I told you I'd come back," he said after "Picture Show," "so I came on back." There is a lot of the old south in John Prine's drawl, which might belie his Illinois birth, but matches what we believe we know of his life and music.
   A live show promises much more than a recording can ever offer. We see how artists handle their music, how they have settled into songs written years or even decades earlier, how those songs have settled around them. From the best performers, we also get the stories to fill in the blanks our imaginations have not been able to cover.
   Prine provided all that, too, with self-depreciating humour and sometimes dry wit, speaking about composing "Souvenirs" with "the same three chords I always use," or how 1978's "Fish and Whistle" was written to be the worst thing a producer had ever heard. <> "After I sang it a couple of hundred times, I started to like it." <> Fact or fable? That doesn't matter. We love a good story, and whether it is truth or fiction is secondary.
   And it is John Prine's stories that fill the halls. At 62, his voice wavers a little from time to time, the frog creeping into his throat. But it fits, as if these songs were written for this time in his life. It might be hard to think of 20-something Prine introducing us to the "Angel of Montgomery," but today we know she is an old friend.
   Prine's poetry can take much of the credit for drawing us into those stories. Few have turned a phrase with his kind of beauty, and those words have imbedded themselves into a million psyches, and more.
   Guitar player Jason Wilber and bassist Dave Jacques (say "Jakes") left the stage for a solo rendition of "Christmas in Prison" and "Bruised Orange."
   And then "Illegal Smile," when we were given our voice, the audience welcoming the invitation to sing the way they do with the radio, or their recordings, claiming Prine's stories for their own.
   The sidemen returned for "Sam Stone," first Jacques bowing the lowest notes on his standup bass, then Wilber's sad slide. Prine strapped on an electric for some country blues, his own version of "Bear Creek," and then "Ain't Hurtin' Nobody." Then back to the acoustic for "Hello in There," and he closed the show with "Lake Marie," a spoken-word piece from 1995's "Mixed Blessings."
   And the crowd stood to cheer him back, reluctant to stop even as he returned for three more tunes.
Prine played another sold-out show Sunday night, wrapping up a sold-out tour of Atlantic Canada.
John Prine played a single, two-hour set Saturday night, with a short break before a three-song encore. Joining him then were Carrie Rodriguez, who opened the show, and Luke Jacobs, a pedal-steel player who accompanied Rodriguez during her set.
Spanish Pipedream <> Picture Show <> Speed of the Sound of Loneliness <> Please Don't Bury Me <> Souvenirs <> Far From Me <> Fish and Whistle <> Glory of True Love <> Long Monday <> All The Best <> Angel From Montgomery <> Christmas in Prison <> Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) <> Illegal Smile <> Dear Abby <> Sam Stone <> Saddle in the Rain <> Bear Creek <> Sweet Revenge <> Ain't Hurtin' Nobody <> Hello In There <> Lake Marie <> Encore (with Carrie Rodriguez) <> In Spite of Ourselves <> Unwed Fathers <> Paradise <>

By: ptebenson at
Simply put the best concert I have ever seen. A truely life changing event that I will never forget. It actually made me more of Prine fan than I was going into it. There were entire songs that the audience sang every lyric. John seemed to enjoy the concern even more than the fans. He was smiling that wiley smile of his where he looks like he knows something you don't the whole night. I truely love the man, I think he is a modern day poet, philospher, and maybe even a prophet of sorts. Long live the great John Prine his soul will live on forever because he pours into every song and they are all immortal classics!

By: v myers
loved every minute of the concert my husband introduced me to john prine and i've been listening to him ever since ...there's so many more songe of him i haven't heard but i'm looking them up every day on kids love him too and sing his songs
By: dvb
This was the best concert that I have ever seen. What a truly gifted songwriter and performer. I would love to say more but I can't describe how amazing it was to see. Thanks for playing our little corner of the world. Please come back again, you'll always be welcome.

By: Rob Squires
Mr. Prine thank you !! What a performance. I have been a long time fan of yours but I now understand why you are listed as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. From your opening chord to the last note you were simply amazing. Thank you for Picture Show and off course Lake Maria, what a tune. Please do come back soon and all the best to you. Keep on rocking buddy!!!!

By: newfie
Can't believe it. Was the best show i have ever seen and would definately like to see him come back again perhaps a tour of all newfoundland guaranteed to be a success.


Thu 08/27 - Corner Brook, NL - Arts & Culture Centre with Carrie Rodriguez - sold out

Wed 08/26 - Corner Brook, NL - Arts & Culture Centre with Carrie Rodriguez sold out
with Carrie Rodriguez - Support Band: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques - sold out


By: Darrin in NL

What can i say it has taken me a week to get over the concert. It was everything i had expected. I have been a Prine fan for almost 30 years I was introduced to Dear Abby and Please Don't Bury Me by a freinds father's guitar playing buddies. I learned to play guitar about ten years ago and immediately started learning my favorite John Prine songs. Back to the Concert. It was in a word AWESOME!! his stage presence was unbeleivable, he made one step on the stage and the audience erupted in a standing ovation before he even played a single chord. He fed off of the crowd and for the next two hours and 20 min it was just pure heaven song after song after song. I wont go through his set list. I only wish he would have played Great Compromise and Unwed Fathers two of my favorites. But hey he could have played for four hours and not did all of his songs. My only wish with apologies to Barbara Lewis HareKrishna Beuaregard is please "Come Back to us John Prine" We Love you !!!!! I am so glad that he came through this small corner of the world

By: Ray Beastall

A truly great performance here on the west coast of the province. He received a standing ovation before he even played a note and that set the tone for the show -fantastic. Jason and Dave were truly outstanding. John is playing 2 sold out shows here and in St John's - I know he could play at each venue for a week to full houses. Someone called out 'John you're welcome here in Corner Brook and every bum on every seat was thining the same. I cried 3 times and I enjoyed every second. Carrie was excellent. Forgive my spolling I have huge fongers.



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