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Venue: The Apollo theater, New York
Date: 9/23/09
By: JerseyBoy

Elvis Costelllo will be recording new episodes of his excellent TV series "Spectacle: Elvis Costello With..." at The Apollo Theater in New York. On Wednesday, September 23rd his guests will be Mr. Prine, Lyle Lovett and Ray Lamontagne. There are free tickets available, check the site 1iota.

Venue: levon helms house, woodstock, ny
Date: 5/16/09
By: Dusty

I saw John do 4 songs at Levon Helms midnight ramble. He was unable to stay and had to be somewhere else so he missed the usual Finally of the Band's "the weight" .......he seemed to have a great time and as is usually the case he engaged the audience and the other musicians. He did "aimless love" and I have not heard him do that in years. Hope he stops by another Ramble as a guest and does a full set

Venue: Station Inn, Nashville, TN
Date: Wed, June 10, 2009
By: Trout

Well, last night was the monthly show of Jim Rooney & The Irregulars at The Station Inn.  
  I almost didn’t go, the CMA Festival (fan fair) started Thursday, and I avoid anything near downtown. But since The Station Inn is mostly a “bluegrass” club, and “”The Irregulars” is usually a band of some of the best musicians in town.. I decided to give it a shot.  
  Around 11pm they took a short break and I decided to leave early to try and get home before the storms hit. When I got near the door the lady who takes the cover charge money said.. “You’re not leaving?”.. “I think John may stop in later.”
   Sure enough when I came back in, after getting a breath of air, the first person I saw was Billy Prine. (He’s kinda hard not to see.. towers above everyone else, with a great shock of white hair.)
   John played the entire second set with the band. Mostly the same songs as last month.. but added a couple “Bad Boy” and since Pat McLaughlin was in “the band” he did “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin” (McLaughlin co-wrote the song).. That was my favorite of the evening. John would sing a verse, then in the bluegrass tradition, the musicians in the band would solo a little. Then McLaughlin would do a verse.. musicians.. then a verse for Prine. It made for a very long version of the song, but was really a treat.
   Best laugh of the evening
   Señor McGuire (who took the great photos for “Aimless Love”) was in the audience. He left for a while during the break and when he came back he was just soaked.. It looked like he had just came out of the pool.. clothes and all.. The young man and woman with him were the same. They were laughing like crazy.. having a ball.. just went to their table and enjoyed the rest of the show.
   That’s Nashville.

Venue: Conversations With Elvis
Date: Saturday, August 15th, 2009
John Prine (1971) album & Sweet Revenge: Musicians To Appear During Elvis Week Conversations With Elvis on Saturday, August 15th, 2009, at the Cannon Center. They might be surprised to see some John Prine fans there, & you might get some stories from them about working with John. I wonder if they've been interviewed on that subject before. Read more at the Prine Shrine message board here

Venue: Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock, NY
Date: May 16, 2009
By: Ima Prinefan
found on: Singer-songwriter John Prine played a short set of music with the Levon Helm Band Saturday night in Woodstock. At Helm's Midnight Ramble house concert, Prine sat in with the Levon Helm Band and played, "Aimless Love," "Spanish Pipedream," "Paradise (Muhlenberg County)" and "That's the Way the World Goes Round." Prine performed Friday night at the Beacon Theatre in New York City; and he will share a bill with the Levon Helm Band June 13 at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Helm, the former drummer and vocalist for The Band, who has lived in Woodstock for decades, also performed several songs from his upcoming release, "Electric Dirt," on Saturday night. "Electric Dirt" is set for release June 30 and the Levon Helm Band will hit the road for a series of shows, including several in Helm's native Arkansas, throughout June. The Midnight Rambles are held at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock and continue Saturday with a sold-out show marking Helm's 69th birthday on May 26. Rambles are also scheduled for May 30, which is sold out, June 27, July 4, July 11, July 18, Aug. 1, Aug. 8 and Aug. 22.

Set List ~ May 16, 2009
Midnight Ramble

Drivin’ Wheel
Battle Is Over
Simple Twist of Fate
Bye Bye My Love
Drown In My Own Tears
Long Black Veil
Got Me A Woman
That’s Alright
Did You Love Me At All
Deep Elum Blues
(John Prine)- Aimless Love
(John Prine)- Spanish Pipedream
(John Prine)- Paradise (Muehlenberg County)
(John Prine)- That's the Way the World Goes Round
Anna Lee
Rag Mama Rag
Mardi Gras Day
Everybody Loves A Winner
Tennessee Jed (Electric Dirt)
Heavens Pearls (Electric Dirt)
King Fish (Electric Dirt)
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Electric Dirt)
The Shape I'm In
Chest Fever
The Weight

Venue: Station Inn, Nashville, TN
Date: Wed April 8,2009
By: Trout

  Wednesday night in Nashville.. Where shall I go.. Where shall I go…?
   Every month or so Jim Rooney does a show at The Station Inn with a band he calls “The Irregulars”. The reason for the name of the band is that you simply never know who is going to be playing in it..
   Rooney is a producer/music executive (and a damn fine performer) who has produced for Prine, Iris DeMent, Nanci Griffith and many more.. Every once in a while he calls up other music executives, who like to play, some musical friends, and they all head for The Station Inn. It’s always a magical evening because there are even more “musical” people in the audience than on stage.. he always draws a crowd of the “insiders”.. Last night in the crowd I saw one of Jonell Mosser’s guitar players, Senor McGuire (Who did the photography for Prine’s “Aimless Love” recording). Suzi Ragsdale (One of my favorite singer/songwriters) and several other songwriters from around town.. There was also some rock group sitting together over in the corner that everyone was “abuzz” about, but I didn’t recognize them.. When the show was over I saw a few “big wigs” getting into a limo to leave.. Didn’t recognize them either, but the car sure was nice…
  The Band.. I’m gonna try and tell you about some of the band. I knew a few, and there were a few I didn’t know, and there were probably a few that I will never figure out who they were.. And sadly, I’ll probably forget a few.. At one time there were so many musicians onstage that if you weren’t going to play on a certain song, you went out and sat in the crowd so there would be enough room for the musicians onstage.
   Jim Rooney – Vocals & Guitar – enough said.
   Shawn Camp – Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle (co-writer of the current # 1 country hit “River Of Love’)
   Dave Pomeroy – Bass (Great bass player, recorded with everyone, President of the Nashville Musicians Union)
   Dan Dugmore – Steel Guitar (ACM Award – Top Steel Guitar Player)
   Tim O’Brien – Fiddle (Grammy Award Winner and IBMA Award Winner)
   Bill Kenner – Mandolin (Brooks & Dunn, New Grass Revival many others)
   Pat Alger – Guitar (Songwriter. . “Unanswered Prayers” “Goin’ Gone” “Once In A Very Blue Moon” many others and a GREAT guitar player.)
   Richard Bailey – Banjo (The Steeldrivers)
   Pete Wasner – Keyboards (Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Maura O’Connell, Sawyer Brown.. many more)
   Pat McInerney – Drums (Played with everyone in the business.. Including Mr. Prine)
   I know I’m forgetting a few.. The stage was simply packed with musicians.. coming and going.. all night..
   After a few songs Jim said he was going to have a special guest.. “A singing music executive”. Since I was sitting at the back wall, and John & Billy Prine were sitting next to me.. I knew I was in for a treat.
   John’s first song was Merle Haggard’s “Ramblin’ Fever”. John Prine singing Merle Haggard.. could it get any better than that? Just to see John there, with a stage full of world class musicians, just playing, having a good time was something I’ll never forget. He then did “Aimless Love” and because of the great bluegrass musicians onstage, the song took a little “bluegrass” tilt.. it was wonderful.. He then called Billy onstage and they all did “Paradise”. Every musician onstage was smiling ear to ear.. You could tell it was a special moment for them.
   They then took a break and I figured that would be all I’d see of Prine. When he “pops up” at one of the clubs here in town he usually will do one, maybe two songs, and he’s gone.. But after the break he was back onstage. He sang Haggard’s “The Running Kind” and Hank William’s “They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me”. Mostly for the rest of the evening, he just sang and played along with the others and you could tell he was having a ball.
   About 50-75 people in the crowd… The cost.. $10
  Only in Nashville.
For more Nashville Highlights and Life around Nashville, read Trout's blog  "Nashville Ramble"

My Name Is Earl
Date: 7:00 Thursday March 26 "Pinky" episode
By: Ima Prinefan

... About 7 minutes into the show a note is read that says "Do you like me?" and pretty much is the first few lines of "Day is Done" then Prine's first verses are played in the forefront. The whole is scene is about young love and wishing, wondering what happened. Later it is found out, and at the last 5 minutes of the show "Day is Done" picks up again and plays for another couple of minutes. Seems like the show was written for the song, because the song was so perfect for this airing tonight! ... So proud of Mr Prine, and what a refreshing thing to hear on a Thursday night! Way to go Mr Prine!! ... At this writing tonight's episode is not listed, but I think it must be ep421 and should be online at this link after tonight - -

Venue: Abbeville, Louisiana
Date: 1979
By: captain dave

i was an deckhand working on a crew boat out of inter coastal city. i borrowed the captain's car to take a wonderful cajun woman (becky leblanc, i'll never forget the music of that name) to her first prine concert at a small, packed honky-tonk somewhere out in the swamps. she and i had a great time, as did all the cajuns doing those things we all loved in those days: drinking, dancing, listening to good music, and whooping it up. when a finally got back to the dock, the boat was gone. no problem, they're on a run, just nap in the car while awaiting their return. well, they returned, i slept through the crew change brought down by the big boss. expecting to be fired, i made it back to the boat only to learn i'd been given a raise and promoted to engineer. i'll always be saddened not to have been able to make the john prine steve goodman concert on the riverboat president in new orleans.


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