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June 5, 2009 John Prine at Vienna, VA Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA with Steve Earle. JP's back up band: Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques.

By: Garrett Faulkner (read more here)

  Thanks to the folks at Wolf Trap in Vienna, I was secured a couple press tickets to the John Prine and Steve Earle show on Friday. This was my third Prine show since my uncle introduced me to his music, but I saw him last when I was a sophomore in college, that age where guitar solos held more aesthetic magnetism over me than lyrics. That was a while ago, before I even became an English major, and between studying the quiet nuances of wordcraft and losing faith in (or maybe just becoming more realistic about) the power of the blues and electrified pentatonic notes, I’ve managed to land myself in a state of musical stoicism in which I neither scrunch my face nor pump my fist, but just let the words wash over me. It gave me a fresh perspective on the show.

  Prine is a consummate performer, his on-stage charisma both honed through assiduous touring and mellowed, bourbon-like, by his age and gregariousness. He parries hecklers (however loving) with grace, and his gentle self-deprecation makes him, ironically enough, an object of deep reverence to his spectators. Then there’s the music. The familiar folky tinkle of his hollow-bodied Gibsons is supplied depth by bassist David Jacques’ subtle percussion and guitarist Jason Wilber’s steely country slide tones. Prine’s good ole boy drawl is growing a bit haggard these days, owing especially to his throat cancer surgery a few years ago, but his lyrics – tongue-in-cheek, gritty, sometimes hilarious, sometimes as sobering as heroin or coal mining – have lost none of the relevance or keen insight on the American life and psyche. His own personality shines through them and makes you smile, makes you think. Not bad for a funny-looking former postman.

  Anyway, I made it through the concert without getting antsy for a face-melter or twelve bars. Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy Earle’s rendition of “Brand New Companion.” It just signals that maybe, just maybe, I’m learning to see beyond notes to that which a gifted musician said “lies between the notes.”

By: Gerry
John Prine is my favorite artist. He sounded awesome. Wolf Trap has an 11pm curfew and the opening act should have ben curtailed a bit. I paid to see Mr. Prine. I thought his portion of the concert was too short. He did play a few surprises. Once song he played that mentons Jesus. I had never heard that song before. If anyone know the name of the song, please post it.
Gerry, I believe the song you are referring to is "Everybody" from the Diamonds in the Rough album. ~Euell

By: Kevin
As usual, John was great. I've seen him numerous times and have yet to be disappointed. Speaking of disappointment though, Steve Earle was certainly that. I enjoy a lot of his music but he was boring and tedious Friday and way too full of himself. Thirty minutes of him would have been quite enough and would have left far more time for John and the boys.

By: Kdog
I've been a fan of John's since the first album came out in 1971. I've lost count of how many times I've seen him in concert. Last night's concert was one of the best. He played Everybody and The Torch Singer from Diamonds In The Rough. First time I've ever heard those two live. Anyway, it was a great show. Lake Marie was especially great. Shadows! Shadows!Venue: Tennessee Theater Nashville, Tennessee

By: Loyal Fan
I've seen John 20+ times over the past 15 years. Although he sounded great, this show was a disappointment. Steve Earl opened for John and played what seemed like the same song for an hour. Earl dropped some political banter here and there, and even told an audience member who booed, F*** you. When John finally hit the stage at 9:20 PM, he played his usual classics with a few surprises here and there. He was in good spirits and good humor, but Wolftrap has an 11PM curfew. I'm used to 2+ hour Prince concerts, 1:40 seemed far too short. Purposely or not, John raced through the songs. I walked away feeling a bit short changed.

By: Jason Holiday
Have been a fan and attended concerts since 74. I've never seen anyone who seems to enjoy performing more than JP does. His songs ALWAYS hit a chord (heart) and never fail to keep me up 3-4 hours playing his songs when i get home. Steve Earle was a novelty act. I've always thought that he'd have not been a real star had he not taken up the mantel of a stellar Texas legend like Townes Van Zant. His suggesting that a member of the audience attempt a nearly impossible act of self-gratification would fit in on 6th St. in Austin, but it was not really something to do at Wolf Trap. May Mr. Prine live forever and his songs continue long afterward (like his friend Steve Goodman) to inspire, instruct, and amaze.a


By: Euell
My wife and I have seen JP 7 or 8 times live. He always puts on a great show with lots of energy. I was disappointed he didn't play Bear Creek as that is always tremendous. I was also hoping he might have a new song to unveil, but he didn't. I have long been a Steve Earle fan, but I wasn't overly impressed with him live on this night. Wolf Trap had an 11:00 P.M. curfew. I thought the show was shorter than the last JP concert I attended. Now I am REALLY not happy that Steve Earle pissed away all of that time!

Fri Apr 3, 2009 John Prine at the Harrison Opera House, Norfolk VA with special guest Gove Scrivenor. Back up band: Dave Jacques: electric and upright bass, backing vocals; Jason Wilber: guitars & mandolin, backing vocals

By: MTBar Farm

My Telepathic Connection with John Prine
read more --> here
This is a real thing, people. I am not some crazy groupy-stalker. I'm married. He's married. But I'm telling you: I totally have a telepathic connection with Singer-Songwriter John Prine. How do I know? Well, it all started like this...
  Our two oldest kids, R and Eli, gave us tickets to a John Prine show for Christmas. Best gift ever. The show was last night at the Harrison Opera House in Norfolk, VA. Great venue for this concert-roomy enough, cushy enough for the aging crowd, not quite a smoky bar but still with a vibe of intimacy that made us instant friends with our neighbors on either side. Oddly, the HOH allowed flash photography and video taping which was distracting, blinding, and really robbed a lot from the show for which we/the kids, paid $62.50 per ticket. Anyway, we had good seats and the show opened right on schedule. It's good being old and sober. I googled around a bit and still have no idea who his opening act was but the guy sounded like the inside of a bar room and had great hair. His feet did things that were completely independent of his body or the instrument he was playing. I love seeing someone that is comfortable in front of an audience. He was. I really enjoyed the harp thing he played one song on, about rivers in Montana, one of which I used to live by. In a car.
  There was an intermission after the first act and Mark and I decided to have a drink. We waited in a long, slow line and finally got our $6 drinks which included 2 shots of liquor and 1 shot of mixer. It seems they were trying to save money on mixers or something but damn. I tossed mine in the trash but still had a shitty taste in my mouth. We should have just walked around for a few minutes. Lesson learned. Lights blinked. We sat back down.
   John Prine walked out with 2 other guitarists. 1 was a bass player, the other with an electric guitar which did amazing things and also with a mandolin. Beautiful. They played. I thought two thoughts regarding which songs I wanted to hear:
  Donald and Lydia

  Green River, Green River, please play Green River, Green River. Yes! Green River.
  Yeah. It's on the list of all-time favorite songs and is very near to the top. It reminds me a bit of when my kids were little and we camped all of the time.
  John told a lot of stories with his songs. He told the stories of how the songs came into being. I liked hearing the stories about his music because the songs are like old friends and I thrive on hearing people's stories. And then? And then he played Donald and Lydia which is not the name of the song. There aren't many people who can concoct a song about a young Private First Class and a fat girl, both masturbating to the same fantasy, which almost has them making love, and then sing it out loud in front of an audience and have it work. In fact, this is the sole case I'm aware of. I was thrilled. They closed the show and then came back for the requisite encore, now more of a ritualized scenario than it used to be, and the opening act man came back with his hair and played and sang along. They played a song, what it was I can't remember, and then they played Green River. I squealed and bounced almost out of my seat! Normally, I'm pretty reserved and have never squealed without meaning to before....but I admit it. I squealed like a grandma at a Tom Jones show. Ah. Satisfaction. I rode home on a cloud.
  So, there you have it. I telepathically messaged John Prine and he performed my two requests. I rock. He rocks.

By: Pat Pilgrim
John's part of the show was GREAT, as usual. I've seen him before. We treated my twin brother and his wife and after a real slow [ hard to follow] intro, crowd warm up, along came John and all was great. At the end I got my brother a cd and as he is my twin he attempted to one/up me . He got me a Prine baseball hat. Sorry to let you know, but its time to switch vendors. I know how to preserve a hat [ i've got some over 15 years old. Well my new one got worn about 15 to 20 times and the bill is coming unstitched " Oh I hate it ,when it happens to me". Just to let you know..... My wife cannot get over the energy level John puts into his concerts.It's what keeps us coming back. Thanks , Pat


John Prine at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre, Roanoke, VA - Saturday Feb 21 2009 8pm - Special guest Carrie Rodriguez. Back up band: Dave Jacques, electric and upright bass, backing vocals Jason Wilber, guitars & mandolin, backing vocals


John Prine Set List:
Roanoke, VA Feb 21, 2009
With Dave Jacques, electric and upright bass, backing vocals Jason Wilber, guitars & mandolin, backing vocals
 1. Spanish Pipedream
  2. Six O'Clock News
  3. Souvenirs
  4. Grandpa Was A Carpenter
  5. Storm Windows
  6. Fish and Whistle
  7. Glory of True Love
  8. Long Monday
  9. Far From Me
10. Angel from Montgomery
11. Dear Abby
12. It's A Big Old Goofy World
  13. Please Don’t Bury Me
14. Sam Stone
15. Bear Creek Blues
16. That’s Alright By Me
17. Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
18. Hello In There
19. Lake Marie
20. Killing the Blues
21. In Spite of Ourselves (duet with Carrie Rodriguez)
22. Paradise (with Carrie Rodriguez, vocals, fiddle)


:: setlist provided by the Bantering Bibliocrat: John Prine in Roanoke

By: Tad Dickens
   After just about every song John Prine sang Saturday night, at least one audience member yelled, "I love you, John Prine!"
   He took it in stride. It's not like he hasn't heard it before.
   And there's a reason for that. Prine -- an archetype of the American singer-songwriter -- seems to genuinely enjoy his time onstage, smiling when he gets to the best-known parts of his deep catalog, enjoying the response.
   At the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre, he told the audience one reason he was happy to be on stage. He had been off the road about three weeks too long, and his wife kept thinking up chores for him to do, he said.
   "I'm glad to be out here in the safety of the spotlight," he told the estimated 1,250 people in the 2,151-capacity hall.
   They were glad to see him up there, too, with his two backing musicians and nearly cliche-free songs.
   Not that Prine doesn't have a formula. Introducing "Souvenirs," he told the crowd how he wrote it in Chicago, when he was delivering mail by day and occasionally playing out. Driving to a gig one night, he realized "the same 12 people would probably be there," so he decided to write something new -- while still at the wheel. But without his guitar, he was afraid that he'd written a melody he couldn't play. He got there and took his guitar into the restroom to work out the tune.
   "It was just the same three chords I use all the time," he said.
   He has come up with a few more chords since then, but the music is just a framework for his image-rich lyrics. This audience had been listening closely over the years.
   After playing "Glory of True Love," people shouted out a dizzying number of requests.
   "I know 'em all," he said to laughter, then broke into "Long Monday." The crowd responded as if that were the one it had asked for.
   Opening act Carrie Rodriguez, a multi-instrumentalist, had some decent songs and a sweet voice of her own. Her ridiculously talented sideman, Javier Vercher, played drums and keyboard, sometimes simultaneously, and took one wicked soprano saxophone solo.
   Read comments on this review here


American Music Legend - - - JOHN PRINE
There are very few treasures that arrive with a battered acoustic guitar and open up the windows on basic lives with passion and grace. But when John Prine hits the road, the darkest corners and smallest joys get illuminated by the light of his gravelly, utterly American voice, his way with the plainest of language and the vintage Guild and Martin guitars he plays.
   Among the numerous awards Prine has won throughout his extensive musical career, he was named the Artist Of The Year at the 2005 Americana Music Awards, and most recently, he took home the Grammy Award in 2006 for Best Contemporary Folk Album for Fair & Square.
   Prine has most recently released Standard Songs For Average People, a cover album of duets with the equally legendary Mac Wiseman.
   Reserved seats are $50.50 & $40.50 Purchase tickets at the Ticket Office, charge-by-phone 888-397-3100; or online at Please note additional charges may apply to purchases made online or by phone.
   For more ticket information, contact the Civic Center Ticket Office at 540-853-LIVE (5483).
   more info here


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