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Venue: Gateshead Tyne and Wear England
Date: 17/10/07
By: Dick and Lesley
We had waited years for the chance to see John Prine and this was worth the wait. His music, stories and personality on stage were a real pleasure. Looking forward to seeing John again but when will he be coming to England ? Soon I hope.

Date: 1980?
By: Donald Wilson

The concert took place in a small lounge off of the Industrial parkway. It was so crowded we left the bar and went to our house to get kitchen chairs to sit in. (we lived right around the corner) It was great. Being a musician myself and a big fan I was in heaven. John played every tune that you could think of and more. How can I put this, he was especially frisky that night. It was just a great show and one I'll never forget. Small venues are the best for the fans. If he comes down Mobile, Alabama way I'll be sure and see him again. Keep it up Mr. Prine!!!

Venue: Derry arts center
Date: 7/6/07
By: Liam Magee
Hi Folks, My name is Liam Magee.I play folk music and John songs here in the west of Ireland.A couple of years ago I went to Johns concert in Derry Northern Ireland.He and his band were mesmirizing.Afterwards I was Introduced to John and he blew my mind when he asked 'are you the same Liam Magee who plays my songs in the west of Ireland?Talk about taken aback.I was dumbfounded.Apparently a couple of days earlier John was in a taxi in Dublin when the driver told him that the first time he ever heard John Prine songs was from a guy called Liam Magee who now lives in the west of Ireland.John and I had a great chat about that and I must say that just as nice of the stage as he is on it.What a regular guy and lovely person to talk to.

Venue: The Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri
Date: many years ago ??
By: Don Hicks

I saw John Prine with Steve Goodman at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri many years ago. They blew the crowd away. Just two guys and their guitars. It still rates right up there with my favoirite concert.

Venue: Tivoli Theater, Chattanooga, TN
Date: 2006?
By: jarz87
I grew up listening to John Prine, and I have to say that the concert my mom and I went to a few years ago was the best concert I have ever attended. The music (of course) was superb, and we stayed well past midnight listening to John sing. I couldn't love you more John Prine - wish I could have seen you again when you were in Bloomington, IN - I'll make sure to pay better attention!

Date: 04-2008?
By: Chopper
We've seen Mr. Prine several times, but this was by far the best! Much to my delight, he played all of my favorites,especially Spanish Pipedream. He was in excellent voice, and his sense of humor shone throughout the evening. I find so many of his songs so poignant and moving that I was near tears for half the night! Kind of sappy for a 49 year old, but it doesn't matter. It was simply a treat to get lost in the music. And as I've learned thru the years, you just never know who'll turn up at a show. I saw people I haven't seen since high school. I had no idea that they were so smart back then.....Can't wait for the next one!!!!!

Venue: burlington vt
Date: april 08
By: Woody & Alesia aka A&W
Very good show. Chris knight opened for John, and know my wife and I are hooked. We hope to see John with the full band sometime.

Venue: Tennessee Theater Nashville, Tennessee
Date: ~1979
By: thewizofoz
A friend was the manager of the theater and we went a few hours early and got to hear the band as they were practicing before the concert. It was like having a private concert. It was awesome!!! Then the show that evening was icing on the cake.

Venue: Memorial Hall Dayton,Ohio
Date: early 80's
By: Theresa Kaluga
We saw John and Arlo Guthrie together and WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!! Memorial Hall is not a very big building and it was like he was right beside you and the music was wonderful!! Thanks John for such a great show!!

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