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Wed December 16, 2009 - Room at the Inn, Nashville, TN

These are excerpts - read and see the full story here
   Because Whit Happens - Saturday, December 19, 2009
   Nashville Unlimited For the last 10 years, one of Nashville's most prominent musicians, bassist Dave Pomeroy, has organized and emceed Nashville Unlimited.
   The diversity is in the music. Dave books three solid hours of music with the only breaks being minor stage changes from band to band, microphone adjustments, and an update or witness about Room in the Inn itself. Some performers are book-its - they've been there every year. Some are announced in advance. And many are "surprise guests". This year's surprises included Emmylou Harris and John Prine
- the set list and of course some commentary along the way.

  1. Dave Pomeroy - Stargazing - He said the writing of this song was influenced by the three wise men - bass solo with bass #1
  2. Dave again - Not Forgotten - Dave said it was written years ago, but it finally became relevant to him in 2009 because of a year of personal losses - bass #2 used
  3. Don Henry - My Favorite Things
  4. Lori Ann Patera with Henry and Pomeroy (on bass #3) - Pretty Ribbons
  5. Will Smith - medley of Christmas songs on an autoharp
  6. Joey & Rory - apparently they were on CMT's Can You Duet show and have been featured on commercials - can't say for sure because I haven't seen either - but their Christmas song got a lot of applause so Dave asked them to play a 2nd one So they did...a song about the hardships of the long-gone folks who built their 1870s-era house where they currently
  7. Coral Bay Steel Drum Trio - Frosty the Snowman on steel drums... I can honestly say I've never heard Frosty quite that way. They continued with a reggae version of Go Tell It on the Mountain They capped off their three-song list with Silent Night
  8. 18 South - Santa Claus is Back in Town - a bluesy number
  9. 18 South again with a gospel number - it jammed but I have no clue about the title
  10. Emmylou Harris - Beautiful Star of Bethlehem - holy cow, is it even possible Emmylou is 60?
  11. Emmylou - Home Sweet Home
  12. Riders in the Sky - Christmas Time Is Coming
  13. RITS - Let It Snow
  14. RITS - Give Thanks
  15. RITS - I'll Be Home for Christmas
  16. Music City Baroque - a Handel composition - We got our culture on!
  17. MCBE - More Handel - Rejoice
  18. Steve Wariner - Christmas in Your Arms
  19. SW - Let It Snow, Christmas Morning, Our Savior Is Born
  20. As Wariner finished and Pomeroy walked him off the stage, Dave returned chuckling, shaking his head, and said something to the effect of "Well, you never know about these surprise guests. This next singer-songwriter has just surprised me by being here. Here he is - perhaps the best singer-songwriter around." With that, he introduced John Prine.
  21. John Prine - Crazy As A Loon. After he finished, Prine quipped "well, the only thing Christmasy about that song was I didn't even say Christmas in it." . Hello In There
  22. Nashville Mandolin Ensemble - Carol of the Bells ; Christmas in County Kerry; Dance of the Mirlitons from the Nutcracker Suite; NME with John Cowan singing - Ava Maria.
  23. Sweethearts of the Rodeo - Get Together
Two additional humorous moments:   Before the show: Because seating is based on first-come-first-served, a line started forming on the sidewalk out side the church several minutes before the doors opened. As I stood their...outside a church...waiting to hear a multi-hour music support the cause of the homeless. Yet a handful of folks near me wearing nice fur-lined coats started bitching about having to stand on the sidewalk in the cold. Oh the irony...
   After the show: I heard one guy explain to another: "No, it was Henry, Don Henry - not Don Henley. (Speaking to others) He thought he was going to hear and see Don Henley from The Eagles."

February 20, 2009 - John Prine at the Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN -Guest Artist: Carrie Rodriguez. Back Up Musicians: Dave Jacques & Jason Wilber

By: Vandy86
John was great! This was my first time to hear him in person and it was awesome! He sounded so good and his band was also great. My favorite was "She's My Everything" and" Paradise" with Carrie Rodriguez and someone whose name I didn't get. I thought it was Chip Taylor but I wasn't sure. What was this guy's name? He was really good also. His duet with Carrie was also a hit with me. It really showed how strong her voice is. Can't wait to see him again. Maybe i'll drive to Asheville in March.

By: Linda Thornton - John Prine's #1 FAN from Tennessee
This is the 10th time (or more I have lost count) I have seen John Prine in concert, I am never disappointed. The crowd liked Carrie the opening act, but everyone was there for John Prine. He played for 2 hours and I don't know if the break over the holidays had anything to do with it, but he seemed so rested and I have never seen him enjoy himself as much as he did this night. The only bad thing I can say about a John Prine concert - it has to end. John, if you read this - we love you and you are the only artist my husband and I have faithfully followed year after year. Can't wait to see you again. Awesome concert...till next time.....

By: pougles
John began 2009 with another super-show in Knoxville. It has become difficult to describe these presentations because every time I see a show, I want to say it was better than the last one. Not sure that is true, but this one ranked quite high on the list for me because of a couple of things. My daughter, Faun, and I attended the show together. This was my tenth and her fifth. And what really made the show better than the others we have attended together was that I had purchased the tickets through Music Fans Direct and our seats were in the "pit," third row on the aisle. It was like being at a personal presentation and it was an experience that neither of us will forget. I realize that i haven't said a lot about the show itself, but for those who have attended a Prine concert already know, words cannot convey the emotions released by this man and his music. Thanks, John, for a wonderful evening.

By: Country Girl
Once Again, it was "Prime-Prine"
Outstanding John Prine Concert in Knoxville, Tennessee
   After going so long without fresh John Prine music, I can say that he is back and better than ever before. It seems that the old songs have taken on a fresh sound and the new songs may even surpass the popularity of the old ones. http://www.associatedcontent.comarticle/24009/outstanding_john_prine_concert_in_knoxville.html
   I was just one among many die-hard fans who watched as Grammy Winner John Prine took the stage at the Tennessee Theatere on March 3, 2006, in Knoxville, Tennessee. This was not my first John Prine concert, yet it was by far the best one to date. Prine once again captured his audience with his heartfelt tunes of life that everyday men and women can relate to.
   To understand the music of John Prine, you have to get beyond the actual words of the tales he weaves and listen with your heart. Each of his songs are genuine and truthful, and on the surface they may seem simple. However, John Prine’s music is anything but simple. It is genius. Prine’s clever phrasing and rhythmical storytelling evokes feelings in listeners who have an ear and a heart to hear. Prine has said on different occasions that the songs he writes are simply a means to express an emotion he is feeling at the time. To understand John Prine’s music is to have an inside glimpse into this word master’s deep well of thought.
   I was curious if John Prine’s recent battle with cancer had diminished his spirit, voice or stamina. I was pleased to see that it had not. If anything, I saw a spark and liveliness inside him that spoke volumes of his gratefulness for being given a second chance at life. I also saw the usual humbleness that is attributed to Prine when he is surrounded by people who appreciate and “get” his music.
   Prine put on a performance that many artists are unable to do. He held the attention of everyone in the house from the moment he walked on stage until he exited after giving the crowd an unforgettable encore. In all, his show lasted an incredible 150 minutes and he seemed as enchanted with his audience as we were with him. Before the night was over he and his band had performed nearly 30 songs. People were still calling out songs they wanted to hear as the house lights went up.
   John Prine kicked off the show with Spanish Pipedream, followed on the heels by Flag Decal. Prine said that Flag Decal had been retired, but the "Iraq War prompted him to resurrect her". This statement was met by thunderous applause. While no one can say that Prine beats around the bush, I do not regard him as a “protest” artist. Prine simply has a way of getting to the point about issues without making anyone feel they have been insulted.
   He sang the oldies that everyone loves including Dear Abby, Angel from Montgomery, Paradise, Donald and Lydia, Sam Stone, Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody, Lake Marie, Christmas in Prison, Storm Windows and more. He also showcased songs off his new album, Fair and Square. My favorites were Some Humans Ain’t Human, She’s My Everything, and Taking a Walk.
   After going so long without fresh John Prine music, I can say that he is back and better than ever before. It seems that the old songs have taken on a fresh sound and the new songs may even surpass the popularity of the old ones. If you do not have John Prine’s music in your collection, you are encouraged to go out and get it. John Prine is America’s poet and like a fine wine, he is only getting better with age. If Prine is coming to a town near you, you should treat yourself and and go. He truly is a legend in his own time.



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