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SATURDAY 12/12 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues with Iris DeMent. With Back-up Support by Dave JAcques and Jason Wilber

By: Big Easy Sama

John Prine and Iris Dement were great! I was standing 2nd row in the middle of the stage next to Ritchie Montgomery. John pointed this out at one point saying that it's not often that there is a movie star in the crowd, but he has been stared down all night by the preacher of Daddy & Them. John was in a great mood. He was laughing, joking, and smiling all night long. Iris did an excellent opening set. From memory, she played Surely I Will, Lord, Legle's Hill, Mama's Truth, He Reached Down, Pray, Mexican Home, and Morning Glory. I'm not sure of the order, but she is still as cute as can be and sounded great. Then John and the band came out and played a long set. Some that I remember were Spanish Pipedream, Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore, Souvenirs, Grandpa Was A Carpenter, Storm Windows, Fish & Whistle, Angel From Montgomery, Clay Pigeons, The Sins Of Memphisto, Christmas In Prison, Illegal Smile, Donald And Lydia, Please Don't Bury Me, Day Is Done, Sam Stone , Dear Abbey, Saddle In The Rain, Bear Creek Blues, She Is My Everything, Hello In There , Six O' Clock News, Crooked Piece Of Time, Lake Marie, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Some of these John did all by himself without the band. In the middle of the set, Iris did some duets with him. They did Milwaukee Here I Come, (We're Not) The Jet Set, Let's Invite Them Over, We Could, and In Spite Of Ourselves. For the encore Iris came out to do Unwed Fathers with John and John had his brother and guitar tech come out to help with Paradise. It was a great ending to a wonderful show. Many people in the crowd were highly intoxicated, which I found pecuiliar being in New Orleans, a city well known for tee totaling. There were also many illegal smiles. That scent was all over the place and I think I had a contact illegal smile. One strange thing happened after the concert. A highly intoxicated woman started yelling and poking a very large man. He kinda pushed her away and was telling her to keep her hand to herself. Some arguing took place and the guy walked away. Next, the lady ran and took a swing at the guy's head and fell on her behind. Next, someone else sprayed pepper spray and security took her into custody. That was bizzare. Never seen nothing like that at a John Prine concert. It's like I was watching the Who or AC/DC. I bet the alcohol had a factor in that. It was a very entertaining night until we had to cover our faces and exit the show. I look forward to the next one. Great show, John!!!

FRIDAY 12/11 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues with Iris DeMent




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